Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The moment that large barrage of attack hit him he felt a jolt all over his body.

At that time, he frowned as he jumps backward dodging the larger explosion that engulfed the space and the wind.

Aero had to retreat and lost his opportunity to kill that last guardian. He clicked his tongue when he saw that guardian run farther away from him.

That guardian seeing that he was just released from the jaws of death rushed further away with wound all over his body.

He might have escaped Aero grasp but he also suffers a bit from the attack of those people targeting Aero.

After all the attack did not differentiate between friend and foe. He survives only because he was not the main target of the attack.

Aero felt a little pain but it did not show on his face. He must not. That is why he endures it even though it felt like his skin is being pulled away from him.

That is how painful the pain one had to experience to gain such powerful curse like the Curse of Styx.

One of the sparks of a fire slip through the protective anklet that covered up his ankle.

Just a little bit of power slip in and Aero already felt such pain.

But he could not show it in fear that his weakness would be recognized. This is why he hated fighting with a crowd and why he would prefer his existence is not revealed.

And he knows Deria is not in this crowd. If he was one of them, if he is one of the Western Heaven people, Aero would have started the quest with finding him first.

Deria is the people of that world. And he is the only one Aero trusted to know about his ability and his weakness.

And the only one he would have allowed to create his protective coverings for his ankle.

Aero stand there on that battlefield alone, unchallenged. But this time these people would no longer just look at him and be entranced like before.

This time their mind is clear and the moment they saw that Aero is still unharmed, even though, they still fear, even though they still feel awe and admiration, their feet move forward and their weapons is thrusted forward.

They attacked without hesitation. It is either them or him. The battlefield once again thrummed with life and their attack become even more ferocious.

Aero did not bask in his glory for long as the attack once again comes for him

Aero then dodges another attack but his eyes is trained on that guardian running away in the distance, his eyes is chilling.

'You will not escape' Aero muttered to himself.

Then he pushes himself forward, kicking his feet off the ground, as the wind around him break away from his body

Sonic boom sounded that rings through the entire battlefield sealed by a rectangular dome

Aero is turning once again into a long arc of light. The presence is like an unsheathed saber strike that pierces through Heaven and Earth

The entire land trembles and the sky above the battlefield seems to be changing direction as the clouds churned like it could affect it.

If the people look closely at the skies, there is sometimes across the clouds, there is numbers Zero and ones.

It changes alternately like it is trying to make sense of it. It also looks like it is slowly melding into the sky of this world making the ones and zeroes to slowly become transparent and illusory

Like it is becoming complete

As Aero turns into a long arc of light, he also executed one of his deadliest sword technique which is the Autumn Slice.

It was that strike that create the phenomenon of clouds churning on the skies

It slices anyone that is in the vicinity of that long arc.

The warrior who were lifting their weapon and was about to charge to Aero had their entire body cut into two.

Their upper half of the body all slid down to the ground the moment that long arc of light passes them by.

They first feel the saber light domineering pressure before they feel something else.

They feel the pain of having their entire body sliced into two.

The moment their upper half body slid down they felt like someone is grating their intestines with some kind of sharp stones.

The pain was indescribable as they screamed before they die, their upper half body twitching in pain before finally released from their suffering by dying

Aero had killed one thousand people.

 Before the announcement could announce the achievement to him, Aero had already arrived in front of the guardian

Graham who just thought he had survived with his life intact was shocked when he saw Aero of the East in front of his eyes.

But he did not think about retreating anymore. That is because his lady is just near him. He wanted to lift his weapon when a cold voice enters his ears

'No one could escape with their lives when I already sentence them to death. Now die' And Aero casually swings his saber to him.

That one slice of his saber kills everyone behind Graham and slices him into two.

Both side of his body were pushed apart to different parts of the battlefield because of the lingering force of Aero attack

Around him right now it was empty.

behind him golden motes of lights are rising up to the skies.

The heaven looks indifferently at all of these death and sacrifices, at all of these stories and emotion as these battlefield is now no longer the battlefield of greed.

But of survival.

They thought they were hunting a beast before. And they thought that the beast is the sabretooth.

Who would have known that the beast has always been hunting them?

And that beast is Aero of the East

Now this battlefield is the battlefield of survival.

Aero smiles as he looks at the empty space around him.

He was the only one bathing in the golden lights like he is some kind of a holy man sent by the Heavens

If not for the fact everyone knows that the golden motes of light mean that people around him has die because of his saber strike they would surely think so.

The War God of Vanheim! This title was not in vain.

Countless of swords, shield and staff is lying all around him like it was some kind of tribute to him

Then finally that announcement sound sounded in Aero mind. And he could not help but smiles widely

'Finally!' He muttered to himself.


Aero Carlingian have unlocked the achievement of Slayer of One Thousand Lives

Requirement: killing one thousand people in the Purgatory

Title received: Slayer of One Thousand Lives

Title has evolved from One Hundred Man Killer to Slayer of One Thousand Lives

Title Perks: Increased killing intent and if fought against thousands of people, strength will increase against your enemies as their resistance against you would be lowered with Heaven helping you to suppress them

* New requirement: Killing ten thousand people and you will be given a choice of walking the path of killing or you could shed it all later.

Gain the skill Slashing Through Life


The moment that title was written in his status window, Aero once again could feel that the energy he felt before around his body and his saber becomes even more pronounced and clear.

Even the pain he received before felt like it is being removed. The saber in Aero hand seems like it's about to howl with the roars of dragons.

He looks around him and while they are still people coming to rush him down, they are still far away.

And Aero could tell that their morale is low. After surviving their attack and barrages of magical spell countless of time, even they felt that trying to kill Aero is harder than becoming a King.

He decided to check the new skill he got.

'I could check what this Slashing Through life skills and what it does'

He opens his status window and saw that skill is listed under a new category. It is under the category of Achievement Skills.

He then read it.




A skill derived from your dedication to killing and bloodshed. This skill would gather all the killing intent around you to produce a strike that would take all the lives of people around you. The effect of this strike and its range of attack depends on the amount of killing intent that is around you. It could not differentiate friend and foe, so be prudent before using it.

[Powerful people who have measure of extra protection or powerful spell that could neutralize some of the killing intent around them might have the chance to survive this attack. Someone who is cursed to be Immortal by the Gods would not be affected by this strike] Because of its tremendous power to manipulate the killing intent, you could only use this strike only once before it could be used again next week.


Then another announcement sounded a few second later

The moment he saw it, his smile grew even wider

'I was right'

It seems his guess was right. The title of Saber Master and One Hundred Man Killer is connected with each other.

Aero thinks that if he uses sword he would have unlocked the achievement of Sword Master instead of Saber Master

Aero only hopes that when he returned back to the real world, these achievement systems would still be in place.

He looks and read the announcement of his new title.


Aero Carlingian have unlocked the achievement of Saber Monarch

Requirement: killing one thousand people in the Purgatory using a saber

Title received: Saber Monarch

Title has evolved from Saber Master to Saber Monarch

Title Perks: Increased comprehension of the saber and each saber strike would have the trace of power of the world

Gain the power to use saber intent


He then looks at the slowly decreasing people in the battlefield. He also sees that the pillars of light around the four direction is slowly getting to be more translucent

'It seems it would not be long now before this sealing magic would lose its effect' Aero is not the only one that notices this.

The people around the pillars of light that have not stooped attacking since they have been trapped have also seen it.

The expiration time for the pillars of light is only thirty minutes

But with many people attacking the pillars of light that time was greatly reduced. However even before that pillars of light expire Aero had managed to fulfil his objective.

Now, killing all of these people are just bonuses for him. He could see in the distance that Kyle explosion is getting more and more slower.

'I guess he had helped me greatly before. I will surely pay for such debt' he said.

The people who were rushing toward him also realized the change in the sealing formation but they did not stop their charge.

There are still thousands of them

Aero smirked and said to himself

'And I also like to try this Slashing through Life skill. From its description it is really a powerful attack and skill. The Special rank must be because its condition of power is depending on an external source.'

He did not hesitate at all as he lifted his saber and charges toward the crowd.

Then he yelled with his strongest roar

'Kyle! What are you waiting for! Kill that dam beast!' Kyle who was fighting in the front heard that roar that echoes in the entire battlefield.

And he smiles. Aero is about to make his way to the front.

And this time with saber intent around him, to the people that is charging to Aero, Aero felt like a saber itself, about to pierce through the Earth, like a heavenly saber shot down from the highest heaven to punish the world.

There is also the fact that even though there are thousands of people charging toward him, the pressure of their power did not make Aero felt even challenged.

His entire body radiated power and confidence of a man who have slayed countless of lives and reaped a lot of souls in the battlefield of war.

This time the pressure and power around him increased tenfold that it creates such an oppressing pressure that some people felt their entire body turns heavy.

Aero one slash killed a dozen people as all of their head flew into the air. Aero is rampaging as he made short work of the people, charging to him.

The golden rectangular dome becomes even more translucent and once could see it is cracking and about to break.

And the hopes of those people near the pillars surged. They wanted to get out from this hell scape as quickly as possible

On the other hand, those that have retreated earlier and those that were outside the sealing range have already found out that their place is not a plain but a plateau on top of such a large straight land.

They all chooses to climbed on the plateau and went into the jungle region.

When they arrived on the jungle region some people decided to seek their fortuitous encounter but there are also people like Marquis Dan that wanted to find the Gate as fast as possible and return to the Vilajeri Continent as fast as possible.

Because some people knew that Aero of the East is among them.

What fortuitous encounter?

If there is a fortuitous encounter or a treasure coming out, then they have to compete with Aero of the East.

Unless one could ambush him or trapped him it is pointless trying to compete with him.

But while they are people that think like this, they are also people who are brave and would take risk searching for the jungle regions for treasures or a new legacy.

While the search for the Gate in the jungle region is intensifying, on top of the plateau. Everyone felt that this battle would end now.

The beast is cornered and Aero of the East is coming forward to the front battle lines.

The Vanheimneian people all retreated showing their intention of not wanting to side with the others and not make it hard on the Chancellor.

They could see how this would end and after the battle ended, the Vanheim people knows that they should stick together.

And there is only one person that could be the unifying force for their people in this plain.

The battle is about to end and they are making the smart decision.

If in the beginning they could still fight against Aero since it is a quest and he would not mind it after they revived.

Everyone knows the magnanimity of the Chancellor.

The Chancellor killing all these people with such disregards is also because he knows that all of this people will be revived later.

At least that is what these people thought. Aero effort of creating a reputation and a persona for him have benefited him greatly.

Even after killings thousands of people, to the mind of the people he is still that honorable and elegant scholar.

That is why they dare to compete against the Chancellor before. But not now.

Now, that the conclusion is obvious, they would distance themselves, else they attract the ire of the Chancellor and one of the General in the Vanheim army.

Aero is rushing forward to Kyle direction killing anyone that is around him, his hand is swinging around that saber

No matter what divine abilities they shot at him, Aero now feeling like his entire body were strengthened in all kinds of manner dodges all of them without fail.

He keeps killing and killing as the thousands of people now decreased in an unprecedented rate.

Like a flower blooming in the battlefield, golden lights rise up from the ground like the ground is the sky raining down golden light toward the sky who is now the ground.

It was like the order of Heaven and Earth was reversed.

The ground become the Heavens and the Heavens become the ground. And the lives of people become the rain that makes the heavens wet.

The crazed killing creates thick killing intent that spread all over.. The thin killing intent that pervades the battlefield become thick once again.

This time, there is some weight around it. It became so thick that the mist once again was formed, covering the eyes of the people and in some cases their senses.

By now Aero had lost the green robed woman track. But now he had other things to worried about. Kyle need his help right now.

He run around the mist but the attack on him did not stop

They keep rushing forward like they too were infected by the killing desires that Aero now possesses.

Aero saber slashes forward and it clashed with his enemies and those who clashed with him will die a few moments later.

Aero is moving fast to the front. Kyle is busy holding both the attack people on him and the attack directed on the beast.

Kyle could not let them kill the beast when he had done all the work.

At the same time, he also had to dodge a lot of the magical spells directed at him. It is fortunate he had a lot of potion in his potion bag.

No one could see anything other than their struggle to fight and survive.

Aero even felt like he is forgetting himself as his hand moves unconsciously, chopping, stabbing, slashing, piercing all those that stands before him.

One could only hear a loud bang every few second and the echoes of shrill screams of pain and suffering.

People on Aero path and crashed into him would turn into scattered flesh or have their own weapon shattered into pieces.

This time Aero killing speed become even more faster like he was being aided by the killing mist full of the intent of killing and slaughtering all beings.

 A large amount of ground and broken remains of swords, shields and spear exploded and shot outward the moment their weapons clashed with Aero Howling Dragon Saber.

The mist covers a lot of people vison but sometimes the mist would distort when powerful force is being exerted.

It was then that they sometime could caught the glimpse of Aero running forward killing all in front of his path like he is a mowing machine of life.

It was a dazzling sight to behold. Aero was unstoppable.

In the mist, Viola is also searching her way.

This time, the purple glint in her eyes could no longer see Aero. And as such, she filled with dread and nervousness.

before she could at least get the general sense of where her pursuer is.

But in this thick mist full of killing intent, she could not see anything other than the path in front of her.

Though, she thinks that this mist surely would not obstruct the vison of Aero.

Which is why she is being anxious right now.

Because he can see and she couldn't.

Exhaustion is also apparent in her face. She has been running with the threat of death looming behind her. Now that she had escaped, she is once again in a disadvantageous position.

As she was about to started running again, suddenly her expression changed drastically. She saw a fast approaching shadow rushing toward her.

She did not even have the chance to do anything before that shadow appeared in front of her. She lifted her foot trying to get away.

She felt a premonition of danger the moment she saw that shadow but before she could retreat, a hand suddenly shot out from the thick mist and grabbed her throat.

The mist around her parted away revealing a hand on her throat and the person holding her by the neck

Shock appeared in her eyes as the veins on her neck is about to explode. The one holding her neck is none other than Aero. He looked at her and smiles

There is also a hint of admiration in his eyes

'I got you, Lady Viola of Vanan. You are a hard lady to find. You don't think you could escape from me right?' Then he brought her face slowly to his mouth

Then he whispered something to her. Her eyes widened for a moment. Then she laughed and then she nodded. Aero then squeezed his hand as her head exploded and she dies.

Aero did not linger for long as he keeps moving forward.

As he finished killing Viola, the rectangular dome on top of all the people head cracked and then a second later it broke.

The four pillars dissipated into thin air and the area is no longer sealed.

They are free now. In the front, Kyle is about to kill the beast and Aero is fast approaching. People near the pillars was the first one to run away.

Then the people who do not want to fight anymore who scattered all the way running from this plain.

The end of the battle is just moments away.


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