Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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With a resounding explosion sound, he catches the head of that hammer and the impact of that collision between his hand and the hammer create a shockwave ripples as the dust around him were swept away by a violent gust of wind

The area behind him, a small boulders and a few exposed raised up soils suddenly exploded.

The force of that throw was neutralized around Aero body causing the wind stream and the shockwave to affect the area behind him and that was the source of that explosion on his back.

Aero smirked and he looked at Jason with a complicated expression.

By now he is slowly remembering who Lady of Vanan is. It took him a little time but he remembers reading a report on her.

If he is not mistaken, she is one of the figures of the rebellion against Ariana of the South. He sighed and then Aero shouted to Jason.

'You are a formidable warrior, Jason of Vanan! As a sign of respect, accept this full powered punch!' Aero said as he throws that hammer away as it landed upon a hill.

The hill explodes the moment that hammer fall down into it.

Aero while the hammer is flying in the air charges toward the eight feet tall Jason.

He then punches out towards him.

Piercing howls that shook the sky and earth rang in the air as the space around his fist were destroyed and even showing sign of breaking.

Loud rumbling sounds shot up into the sky! The scene was very shocking and terrifying and make anyone think twice before trying to attack him again.

The moment it reached Jason, there is a loud bang. It shook the entire battlefield as Aero punch was also bolstered by the force of the killing intent around him

His fist has a red mist that shrouding it and it is growing thicker by the second. It spreads a feeling of malevolence as Aero infused his killing intent into his fist.

He is slowly gaining the right way of using his skills.

Even those who were fighting Kyle in the front could feel their heart shaking and trembling because of that powerful malevolent force but they did not have any time to care about what is happening on the back.

Kyle did not make it easy for them and they could not afford to be distracted.

Jason did not even have the time to react. He was still just lowering his body after throwing that hammer.

Aero punch reached Jason and before it even reached Jason, he knew he would not survive it.

'Die' Aero said flatly as his fist is only inches from Jason stomach. Then as Aero statement reach his ears, the fist connected.

The moment it reached Jason, all nerves and veins in Jason body exploded out as blood is coming out from his pores.

From his ears, blood come spurting out. From his mouth he could feel life is being choked out of him.

His lung exploded and his ribcage cracked before turning into broken pieces as his heart explode and blows all of his ribcage in his body.

 Life instantly vanish from Jason eyes and cracks started spreading rapidly through his body.

His entire chest caved in and all of his bones from his chest crack and broke in succession like there is a force drilling itself into his body.

In three second, the eight-foot-tall Berserker shattered all of his bones and had his life taken that easily.

His entire body then exploded into mass gory scene of meat spluttering apart. Aero then saw that Berserker companion in the distance trying to get to his lady.

'You will be my one thousand kill!' Aero muttered. He charges his way forward to that man as his eyes is showing excitement

Even as the exploding flesh of the Berserker Jason is still flying in the air, Aero is already chasing the man other companion.

He was so fast that even when he was done killing the Berserker, and the body of that Berserker exploded it still hadn't yet fallen to the ground when Aero was charging toward that man

This kind of speed could only be achieved because of all the thick killing intent around the battlefield.

The Curse of the Styx has its origin in the Underworld.

It is a place of the death. And Killing Intent harness that death to strengthen oneself.

The Curse of Styx combined with Killing intent synergistic effect, Aero speed is now reaching almost at the realms of Hermes speed.

As the flesh of the Berserker falls to the ground, Aero reached to that man. Dazed expression and fear could be seen on all those that is spectating Aero attack

Their eyes could not even keep up with Aero speed.

Just a moment ago, they saw he is punching the Berserk Jason but as they blink their eyes, he was already in front of another person.

Right now, for some reason, those people that are looking at this battle between Aero and the two bodyguard of Lady of Vanan forget to move.

It was like they forgot why they attack him before. They only look at that figure, looking domineering and confident even amidst thousands of people.

There is no trace of fear or tiredness in him. He looks as lively like he had never fought. There is no sweat on his forehead or any signs of exhaustion.

Aero of the East, the new War God of Vanheim!' One of the Vanheim citizen in the crowd of people who attack Aero before mutter under his breath.

That person is just a kid and there is blood dripping down from his ears no doubt from the previous roar from Aero

Some people heard that kid muttering and they nodded their head unconsciously.

To the people of Vanheim when they saw Aero fighting all of these people, thousands of them and killing them so easily, that word is what comes to their mind.

Before Aero arrival on the world stage, Duke Bradheim was the War God of Vanheim.

His existence in the border area is what kept the Vetten ambition in check.

But in the Vanheim- Vetten war, Lord Aero had defeated the forces of Vetten and with his divine planning, he paved the way for its eventual annexation by Vanheim.

Since then, the commoner have been saying that Lord Aero is the new War God of Vanheim.

Even after Prince James defeated Niovar forces, his reputation could not outshine Lord Aero achievement.

But to the people of the Northern region of the Vilajeri Continent, the invincibility that Aero is demonstrating is bringing a bad memory to them.

The killing of forty thousand soldiers of Veva come into the people minds. And there is complicated expression on their faces.

The thick mist of killing intent is spreading but in Aero area, it was slowly thinning as it was concentrated around him.

For the people on the back the sound of explosion that is happening in the front could no longer be heard.

Like they were entranced and were tuned out from all the chaos in the battlefield that they even forgot to attack.

It might not be fair to say they forgot. It was like the force that Aero has shown them made them not to have the courage to take another step.

Zeus of the North possess this kind of charisma. Arianna of the South possess this kind of charisma too.

And if those two possess such charisma to stop people from taking even one step forward because of fear and awe, Aero of the East, the most powerful out the three of them would also possess such charisma.

Aero of the East with his untainted white robe and his hair that moved with the wind, it was an image that filled the eyes of these people with an indefinable elegant air.

His figure become even more clear as the fog is slowly becoming even more thin. But these people that are looking at him would never forget such scene.


Will be posting chapter until the last day of the month. Or maybe I woudl stop on the 30th because everyone want to enjoy the New Year Eve.

If I post mass release on the 30th then it menas I will not be posting anything on the 31st. Anyway, see you all tomorrow.
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