Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The seven-foot-tall man punch himself in the chest.

He coughed up blood but Aero could see that man veins suddenly bulges out and one could hear the cracking of bones like it is undergoing some kind of transformation.


 A booming sound sounded like an explosion as that seven-foot-tall men suddenly experience another growth

'What a peculiar skill' Aero thought

That man grows to have the height of an eight feet tall with bulging muscles and his entire body appeared to be red like the blood on his body in in hyper drive.

Heat is coming out from his entire body 

His entire being radiated power and the wind around him faces powerful resistance like it could not flow around him.

Space distorted and the ground cracked and districted itself like something heavy is oppressing the earth

The hammer in his hand look like a small toy. Aero nodded and smiles

'I am the Berserker Jason from the destroyed nation of Vanan. Please stay your hand, Chancellor of Vanheim!'

Jason shouted as he throws the hammer towards him.

Some of the people in the crowd look at that green robed woman and they all exclaimed, 'Lady Viola! Lady of Vanan!'

Mostly those who recognized her is from Veva. Lady of Vanan is one of Veva allies.

After all, while Vanan federation itself did not like the King of Veva they had to cooperate with Veva if they wanted to oust Ariana of the South from occupying Vanan.

As the hammer was flying toward him, Aero was calm as his small figure erupted with a world shaking power.

The hammer is not the only threat that is coming for him.

As Jason throws that hammer, like that attack acts as a signal, suddenly all kinds of people with different kind of legacies, Thieves, Assassins, Stealth master, all kind of people suddenly turns into a long arc of light as they thrusted out their weapons of choice to kill him.

Behind the hammer is magical lights of magical spells.

A few meters behind him, there is another barrage of weapons arching down toward him

Jason did not intend for it to happen but the moment he declare himself and throws that hammer toward Aero, the other people waiting for an opportunity to attack Aero follow suit.

They all know how tough it is too kill one of the Three Pillars.

If they did not unite against a common enemy, they would not even have the chance to fight the famous Aero of the East.

While some people fear to offend the Chancellor of Vanheim, not all fears it that much.

After all, not all of them have desire to serve the kingdoms and many of them are also wanderers.

Those who retreated and those who do not attack Aero is either too scared to fight him or respect and one of the aspirant that want to serve in the government and the people of Vanheim.

But not all the people in the battlefield come from Vanheim. There are many people form Veva, some are from the South and there are even a few people from the West.

'This is not enough!' Aero shouted, his roar reverberates through the entire plains.

This is one of his Supreme Rank skill Divine Roar.

The moment he roars the entire area seemed to be assaulted with a great whirlwind.  The wind changed direction and space crack and break around his mouth.

Ripples of shockwave exploded out as the soundwave hits through all the weapon that is flying toward him.

The people who were rushing forward to kill him was assaulted by the sound waves as they were flung hundred meter away.

Their armor cracked and broke while their weapons could not even cut through the sound waves.

All they hear right now is no longer the din of the battlefield but only ringing sound echoing endlessly in their ears.

They landed on the ground with their ears bleeding and scratches on their skins. Some even had their bones broken. Other are coughing up blood.

They felt like they got punched in the gut.

They gulped and look at that figure in the middle of the battle with disbelief.

Could he truly be an invincible monster! They all thought. After all, even when all of them attack him together, with one roar he pushes all of them back!

The sound waves did not stop as it swept through all those magical spells.

The moment the sound waves hits their magical spell, their magical spells loses it stability and exploded into mist of energy that once again melded with the Heavens.

It ripples like an unceasing waves of the ocean.

Out of all the weapon, there is only one weapon that withstood the sound wave and the shockwave ripples

The hammer.

It cracks in a few parts but it still able to break through that sound wave ripples and keep hurtling forward like it is trying to fight against the unceasing waves of the ocean.

Aero roars shake the earth and the Heaven above seems to tremble.

His shout, if it were performed in the Vilajeri Continent would reach Olympus. In the distance, many people close their ears with their hands as blood is seeping out from their ears.

They all suffered from some kind of powerful dizzying effect and they had the urge to hit their head on the ground.

Some had their eardrums ruptured and some fainted as their heat beats so hard it burst out a vein

One could even tell that the morale of the attacking party is at its lowest point. Aero felt a little parched after using the skill

He knows he could not use it infinitely. He could only use such a roar three times in a day. This is the first one.

The hammer is still hurtling forward and it is coming closer to Aero now. Right now, there is no longer anyone else around Aero other than Jason.

He had withstood the pressure and the shockwaves to stand where he is.

Aero could see that Jason is gritting his teeth so hard it had chipped itself and saw the bloodshot eyes of that Berserker.

His entire body seems to be trembling in pain but he still stays there.

Aero sighed.

'This man…is loyal' he thought to himself.

To others seeing the scene they could see that the hammer is swiftly approaching Aero of the East. But to Aero, the hammer speed is slow.

Then the hammer arrived in front of Aero. It is about to struck down on Aero head when he pushes his hand forward.

Wind breaks away the moment he thrusted out his hand.



hehehe. I am som ecrule perosn. Keep giving you all this cliifhangers. Anyway, see you tommorrow and leave some comments
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