Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The man died almost immediately after as Aero flung his body away. He died turning into golden motes of light.

In the distance he could see the green robed woman running across the people that is charging toward him. Aero take a smirk

'I am sorry but I could not let you live'

Before he could even take another step a barrage of weapon is flying toward him. It was like the entire sky is raining down sharp weapon.

'Hah' Aero sighed but his eyes show his excitement.

On the distance, He could see flying spears, swords and javelins all directed at him. Behind those projectiles, is magic spells.

There are fireballs, sharp icicles, piercing water in the shape of a large needle and many other attack spell.

A great wave of pressure fell on him but he only snorted with derision.

'This is it? Only this' he muttered.

Aero took a deep breath and then he lifted his Howling Dragon Saber.

The moment he lifted it up, the killing intent around him congregated in his hand and slowly shrouding the saber too.

An earth shaking momentum is slowly building up around his saber.

The mist around him thinned considerably.

'Crimson Strike' He said flatly.

Then he slashes forward


The roars of dragons could be heard the moment he brought down his saber down. Red aura intertwined with black aura merged to create an awe inspiring saber strike

A great saber strike appeared and the saber light cut all of the rain of weapons into pieces while the magic spell was sliced into two and dissipated into nothing but a faded energy

All of that attack instantly crumbled and shattered by one saber strike. The people in the distance was shocked of that saber strike.

Aero looked at them with a chilling glare.

Then he charges toward them, his feet are still in the direction of that green robed woman.

With a calm expression, he swings around his saber, as the wind around him dispersed away and the space around him seem to distorts.

Ripple waves of his slash crack the armor of these people. Unless their items on the rank of Rare, they would have their armor and items crack just by the ripples of his strikes

His saber light is rushing forward in a horizontal line as the group of people head are all severed from their body, flying in the air before tumbling down onto the rugged terrain and turning into golden notes of light.

All the while Aero is laughing. His footwork avoided the attack and his speed makes him able to doge a few fast attack against him.

He charges again at the second group in the distance, who are preparing to barrage him with another magic spell bombardment.

Aero push his speed to the limit as he turns into a long arc of light and appeared in front of them.

Aero did not hesitate as he punches them, his fist connected to their leader on the stomach.

Booming sound immediately resounded before his fist penetrated the man stomach. He died the moment Aero took of his fist from that person stomach.

'You all will die!' Aero said as punch one of the people running away from him on his face.


His fist makes a hole in what is originally that person face as viscous thick liquid drenched the ground red.

The scene was very terrifying and bloody. Aero did not stop as he pulls out his hand from that person face, pieces of meat and the vein of an eyeballs latched itself onto Aero arms like some kind of weird creature

Aero shakes his head as he could still feel that sensation his hand pushing through the flesh and skin of this person.

It is not a pleasant feeling. He even felt a bit disgusted with it all.

He waved those meat flesh and the skin face away from him as that body slowly slid down to the ground.

He turned into golden motes of light before anyone could know his name. Aero on the other hand is still full of life and his strength seems to be ever increasing.

He is brimming with energy right now and his blood is boiling like never before

He could not help but feeling the great energy that the killing intent is bringing him. It is making his strike becoming even stronger and his enemies even weaker.

Aero did not stop as he keeps killing and the mist that surrounded him become even thicker.

His saber is like the grim reaper scythe and slowly his kill count is increasing by the seconds in an unprecedented rate.

People keep throwing themselves at him. Aero on the other hand keep yelling that he is doing this to help Kyle.

His voice is loud so everyone could hear it and no one is suspecting him in the least.

Because of the people obstructing Aero moving forward, the two guardian who was chasing Aero back is now slowly approaching Aero trails.

They then reached him but they did not immediately jump in to fight with Aero

After all, their objectives are to delay him and protect their lady.

They are observing the battle and would only come out when they felt that there is no other way to protect their lady safety.

Around him Aero body is shrouded with killing aura that was so thick that everyone could see it and sense it even without high perception or having the skill of killing intent

By now Aero has killed around eight hundred people though he could not be sure since he stops counting long time ago.

All around him is attack directed at him as he slashes his saber without stop.

All around him people falls down and die in all gruesome manner that would make anyone have nightmares if they were to see all manner of brutality around the battlefield that is being inflicted on each other right now.

Aero is using all his skill now to kill droves of people quickly. One could see that the amount of people is quickly decreasing.

And there are even some people that no longer wanted to fight and retreated back which only makes it even easier for Aero.

He uses the Sacred Sword Finger with one hand and the other hand he uses his saber.

Dozens of people were killed by the shooting of energy from his finger, piercing their forehead and the slashing of the saber that seems to be unstoppable.

It cuts through everything and those who clashed with Aero all of them only have one conclusion: death.

The more Aero kill people, the more the woman in the green robed women feeling fear.

She is using all of her abilities to try to hide herself from Aero eyes. But Aero himself is not some normal person. He would not be misled.

He is like the predator and she is the prey and he has her scent. And he would never let go of her

Then he arrived finally. The wind blows slowly and the woman in the green robed woman could no longer run away. He is too close to her. Viola look at Aero with a complicated expression.

There are only one hundred steps that separated him and that woman.

As they look at each other, there is admiration in Aero eyes. The fact that she has managed to run away for this long even when he has his eyes trained on her is something very incredible.

Around him there is no one. There is only red mist that has spread all over the rear and is spreading to the front.

Standing there in that mist, Aero eyes seems to be red like some demon that was summoned from the Netherworld.

Aero lifted his saber and it was then that the two guardians that have hidden themselves shows themselves to Aero.

Aero smirk

'You are finally coming out!' Aero shouted.


Ending it on a clifhanger. See you tommorow. Some of you are still on the holiday high. Please leave some commensta nd vote of you like the story
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