Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The battlefield is in chaos as the chaos keep escalating and the desperation is apparent.

Kyle is fighting with all of his power as the golden skies of this area did not bring them any feeling of ease.

They felt like a trapped animal. Some people are trying to break that pillar of light by using their magical spell.

But this kind of magic that could create disturbance in the Heaven and Earth, how could it easily be broken.

If they have people in the caliber of the Four Warlock of Veva then they might be able to break the pillar of light. But they do not have such people.

So they would not be able to break this cage. Explosion sound reverberated across the battlefield as the terrain look nothing like the flat land it originally was.

Kyle was laughing as his fist kills more people and flames dotted his steps. He was like a Fire Monarch as his mana is slowly recovering.

While Aero target is killing as many people as he possibly could to see a new achievement, Kyle objectives was always the skill points he would get after killing that beast

He had his eyes on the prize.

They are some spells and magic he wanted to rank up.

And it did not harm him if Aero become even stronger. After all, they are in the same camp and he is technically Aero subordinate.

In the rear, while Kyle is rampaging in the front and the people on the side is retreating, Aero is slowly beings surrounded by some delusional people that think they could kill him.

Around the area where Aero is on, the battle around him is getting intense. This time, they no longer attack each other.

This time they targeted him.

In the back, the people began targeting Aero.

 In the front, they targeted Kyle.

They could not care less about the beast right now.

As long as these two figure is alive, they would not have the chance to kill the beats.

Even as the beast is running around in the front and people try to kill the beats to steal the skill point from Kyle, Kyle himself is looking at the beast and would not let it get killed by any other person than him.

If the wanted to kill the beats, then they have to kill Kyle.

Then there is still Aero of the East killing people in the back and the thick mist of killing intent that is slowly spreading inside this sealed dome that is slowly making people become even weaker when faced with the already powerful Aero.

 In the distance a group of people is slowly banding up together to kill him and this does not escape his vision.

Aero did not forget his intention to kill the green robed woman. He is rushing from some of the people that tries to stop him.

They all were killed with one slash of his saber.

His saber is drenched with blood and around him one could only see only the aftermath of his rampage, symbolized by the golden motes of light rising up around him

Aero thought people would stay away from him which is why he try not to kill so much people. But who would have thought that the opposite would happen.

People started rushing toward him with a crazed madness.



Hearing all this Aero could understand their madness.

'Someone is really inciting them. Though, that is good for me'

Aero only smiles as he dodges a few of those spears hurled toward him. The sound ripped the air.

Aero did not stop even for a second. He deflected that spear with his Sacred Sword Finger technique, as an energy shot shoots out from his finger.

When the energy from his finger shoots out and collided with that spear, the spear exploded into hundred pieces as the metal fragment of the spear turns into a sharp small projectile embedded itself on many of the people.

Some even died when the metal fragment pierced their head unintentionally. Aero on the other hand keep his mind in killing people.

His saber began reaping lives as easy as he was weeding a few unnecessary weed in the ground. Head flown around him and bodies fallen to the ground with writhing pain

'Kill him! The Veva kingdom would reward us if they know we kill Aero of the East!' Aero could see that there are people inciting the masses to target him.

But he didn't know who is moving them.

He is sure Eric is not in here. Because Eric will not do such a dumb move. If Eric was here and he wanted to kill Aero, he would have been much subtler about it.

Eric might be his enemy but Aero sure do respect him. The entire battlefield is split into three groups right now.

There is one group that wanted to break the pillars and go out from this cage.

Then there is people who wanted to kill Kyle and take that reward of killing the beast for themselves.

They focused on killing the beast this time.

And unlike last time they no longer care if anyone could get the reward…as long as it would not fall into Kyle hands.

Then there is the last group.

The one targeting Aero and wanting to kill him. Aero understand the temptation of wanting to kill him.

Yes, killing the beast would get skill points. But that's it. But killing him?

One of the Three Pillars? Whoever killed him would surely get an everlasting fame! Aero himself knows how valuable he is

That is why the moment he remembers who he was he did not immediately claim who he was until he gets a good grasp of his situation.

Though he could not say he hated such attention.

After all he need to kill more people to get his target of killing one thousand people. There is a fire in his heart

He is quick and agile as his saber swipe around the area and killing those who stand in his way. He is like a machine at this point.

Since he did not have to defend, his attack to other people eyes seems like a crazed way of attacking

Behind him, the two guardians of that green robed woman did not let up.

They are drinking all kind of potions and using other items to boost their speed. They need to catch up to Aero as fast as they can.

Aero himself is not getting slower. The more he kills the thicker his killing intent become. One could even feel that the entire area become even more oppressive and forbidding

By now each steps he takes create a source of mist that slowly spreads. One could even see that some of the grass around his feet is aging faster.

It is thick and suffocating like one is trapped inside a poisonous fog. As Aero focused on his pursuit of the woman, suddenly someone appeared in front of him.

He thrusted a spear in front of Aero.

Aero did not recognize this man. But this man clearly recognizes him. There is even a certain excitement in his eyes.

'I am N-' he was just about to declare his name but before he could finish his sentence, Aero push the spear away with his palm.

Like his palm is made of steel, the spear broke into two.

Without missing a beat, Aero then thrusted his palm forward. The wind around his palm change course and the space around it crack, creating horrendous sound of glass shattering.

Then a sonic boom could be heard erupting from Aero palm. The palm strike hit that person right at the chest.

The second it hits him, his armor exploded out as his chest caved in. Some of the metal shards of his armor punctured his lung as it penetrated into his skin because of Aero palm strike

Red blood spurted out from his throat, the pain is indescribable.

This man is Nicholas. He is one of the officials of Veva. He and his friend when they noticed that Aero is in the crowd wanted to challenge him

They both think this is a good move and plan.

He wanted to challenge the famous Aero of the East and gain fame doing it. He thought he could at least trade a few moves before retreating away.

He didn't even have the notion of trying to win against him. He just wanted to do a few moves and retreat afterward.

That would be enough for him to be noticed by some of the people in the Kingdom of Veva.

Who knows?

Maybe the King of Veva himself would show interest in promoting him when he returns back to the Vilajeri Continent if he was able to trade a few blows with Aero of the East.

Everyone knows that the King of Veva hated that he was fooled in the Feast at the Western Gate.

What he didn't expect is how powerful his opponent was. With one palm strike, all of his body felt like he was burning and about to explode.

His eyes are full of regret and he muttered

'I should have run away'

Aero on the other hand felt thankful that someone just delivered themselves to him.

By now his kill count is reaching six hundred people. There are only four hundred lives more before he could confirm his suspicions.


This is not kid friendly chapter to read and it surely did not fit the holiday season. Anyway, I think some of you are just lazing around the house. But, hey, it is the holiday seasons.

See you all tomorrow and don't forget to leave some comments. And votes too. Gifts would be also be appreciated in this season of giving.
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