Age of Adventure
224 CHAOS 3
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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224 CHAOS 3

Kyle on the other hand sense an opportunity.

He knows that Aero would not reveal himself like this unless he is experiencing some difficulties in hiding his identities.

Kyle knows what Aero intend to do and he knows he is probably short of people to kill. Then Kyle looked at the crowd of people around him

'I think this people are enough right?' And there is an evil smile on his face

It is quite peculiar the relationship between General Kyle and the Chancellor of Vanheim. They look like enemies, yet for some reason they matched each other very well.

Kyle then put his hand on the ground. Golden light is rising from him and suddenly from the ground golden light erupted as pillars of light appeared on all sides of the battlefield

Kyle smiles a she throws a great fireball from his hand into the confused crowd.


A great explosion happens and as the dust settle Kyle is attacking other people on the side. Sound of shrill screams echoes again in the battlefield.

They did not ye realizes the effect of what Kyle was doing before. Even as he is running away, on top of the sky the laws of this area is slowly being changed.

If one looked closely they could as string of numbers rearranging itself between zero and one. Kyle has used one of his trump card.

The killing and the data of those who were killed is being absorbed by the vortexes of strings of numbers on top of the sky

No one notices this not even the green robed woman and not even Aero.

Inside that vortex there is an eye. That eye is looking at all of this with indifference. Then the arrangement of strings of numbers is completed and the vortex closes on itself.

While all of this is happening and Kyle is running away, his chaser did not just give up. Even after they knew that Aero of the East has shown himself, they did not lose their hatred and desire to kill Kyle

Instead, their killing intent is brimming even more.

'Get him! Fuck all of this! Fuck Aero of the East! I will you Kyle even if that is the last thing I would do before this quest ended. I will not let you get the reward!'

'If I have to die, I will drag you down with me!' Some of Kyle old enemies shouted as they charged forward.

Kyle must have done terribly horrendous thing to them for these people to hate him that much

This time by doing all this the entire battlefield is uniting together to kill Aero and Kyle.

But this time both of them are not that worried. If they notice them in the beginning they might have a chance.

But after repeated clashes between themselves, there are many that have retreated from the battlefield and some of them even lost their morale and only trying to think about how to get out from the cage Kyle have created

They won't stand a chance. This time Kyle is not holding back anymore. Aero himself even though they are speared by a large distance also knows what Kyle is thinking.

Kyle will no longer hesitate to kill the beast. Aero after all only using the beats as a bait for people to keep them in one crowd so his movement is not noticed.

Kyle himself at that time did not have enough confidence to create the sealing formation so he did not mention it to Aero

But he had an epiphany when he saw the golden lights. Like Aero, he too has the skill of Killing Intent.

So while people who doesn't have the skill could only see the golden lights he saw the dark red aura in the sky.

The resentment of the death and their yearning for life but most importantly the energy of mana.

It was then he had the idea of using them as an external source to power his sealing formation. He had confidence about sixty percent that it would work and now his guess it right

It worked.

So, now Kyle no longer have to restrain himself since Aero could now hunt how many he wants without fearing they would run away.

And there is that justification of his.

Killing these people to help him.

If people think a little bit deeply they might not think that Aero is that kind of person but everyone have a set image of how Aero of the East is.

After all Aero of the East sacrifice his freedom to save one of his friend when he fought with the onslaught of forty thousand soldiers in Veva.

He has this image of a cunnings strategist but also at the same time a person who values brotherhood and comradeship

So, even if he kills many people, these crowd of people might attribute it to Aero helping his colleague Kyle.

Kyle even felt like he wanted to laugh when he thinks of how sly Aero is in using his reputation to his advantage.

Kyle is dashing through the changing terrain around him as the Druids is launching their spells to slow him down

He also felt a little bit tired after using that spell. He could feel his man is low right now. One warrior jump in front of him and thrusted his spear at him

'I will kill you, traitor!' shouted the man.

Kyle snorted and then dodges his body as he spins around and uses his backhand fist to hit that person face.

The man immediately lost his balance, his spear was unconsciously flung back

The moment he stumbles Kyle punch his head as his veins bulges out and a large explosion happens.

Blood drenched Kyle fist as his fist penetrate the back of that man head, creating a hole in what supposed to be his face.

 'Ah' Kyle felt himself gasping for breath.

Behind hi there is still a lot of people chasing him.

'I never fear a fight!' he shouted it to himself as he felt that his body is feeling lethargic. Someone is casting a spell on him making him feel slow.

He brought out his sword as he began slashing people in his way. He hides behind large boulders and fought his way without even a hint of pain and fear.

Explosions and blood fills the area where he passes.

Kyle is a combat magician and that means he is not only proficient in magic; he is also proficient in close combat.

On the rear of the crowd, Aero has not stopped his pursuit.

The only difference right now is that he is no longer wear his disguise.

His white robe and his handsome face revealed to the people of the battlefield.

And with it his aura was released.  The moment the people saw Aero face and that imposing momentum, like he is an unstoppable force, they wanted to retreat.

He kept shouting

'Kyle I will help you in eliminating your enemies! Go take the beast head!' To the crowd, it truly seems like Aero of the East is helping Kyle in having the glory.

While he acts as a vanguard and clearing Kyle competition. To them this demonstrated the selflessness of the Aero of the East they know and respected.

The green robed woman hearing that shouting declaration could not help but felt the image he thought of the Aero of the East is crumbling.

He is helping General Kyle? Isn't he helping himself to the kill points? It was then that she knew she had underestimated the cunningness of Aero of the East

And while some people try to resolve their anger o Kyle and some group banded together to try to kill Aero of the East and maybe get the appreciation of the Veva kingdom after this trial ended, not all people is delusional.

Some people has already bene thinking of how to retreat.

It was at this moment that the rearranging of the string of number has completed. The golden light exploded both in the sky and from the ground.

Heaven and Earth resonated with each other.

Some people have made up their mind to retreat. But even before they have the chance to retreat, a golden light soundly exploded out from the bottom of their feet.

Above their heads, golden scape fills the entire skies, changing the colors of the Heavens.

Even those people who have already descended the plateau and step their foot on the Jungle region could see that the sky is turning golden above the plateau

Pillars of golden light appeared on the four cardinal direction, illuminating the entire battlefield with golden light.

Aero saw Kyle in the distance and he smirks.

Kyle then shouted

'The Sealing of Four Direction completed' On his face, there is a smile.

If not for the fact that it takes a long time for this spell to be activated, Kyle would have estimated that this magic to be of a Supreme Rank.

 This is Kyle most powerful magic.

From the description, it is a magic that could create a phenomenon that affect the Heavens and Earth and could even be powerful enough to seal a God.

He found this spell in one of the ruins of the Holy Capital of Duvar when he was stationed there.

 It is a sealing magic he got in one of his quest.

As Kyle look at the Kyle he pointed forward

'SEAL!" he shouted and the sky was blanketed with flat golden sheet of light.

The clouds churned and dissipated to serve as the blanket sheet of the large cube area of sealing

The four pillars are the pillars of this sealing formation and they are on the four direction of the battlefield with each one of them spread about around ten kilometers radius.

Those who were outside the sealing range quickly gulped and they run away from the battlefield as fast as they can.

They even felt grateful that they did not venture too deep into the battle. If not, they would be one of the people that is trapped inside the large sealing formation.

Thousands of people on all four cardinal directions were trapped inside a box-like sealing formation.

Aero smiles at this and shouted

'I have come to aid you, my friend!' And he smiles

This was Aero plans to make sure he could keep his reputation.

His reputation will not be tainted by this. People would have thought that his killing people on the back is his scheme to help Kyle.

Whatever they found out later, Aero could always deny. After all, the one knowing the truth is only him and the few people on that green robed woman side.

Aero did not stop as he now has enough victim.

His desire to make sure that his deduction is correct motivate him to keep killing.

The green robed woman is pale on the face as she now knows who have been chasing her all this while.

Even when she was in Vilajeri Continent she did not dare to fight the Three Pillars. how could she get tangled with one in this Purgatory?

She knows now that whatever she does, if she gets caught by Aero of the East, she would be dead.

So there is only one choice for her. She runs even faster employing all of her methods to make herself invisible.

Yet Aero himself is no normal person, his perception is top notch and his instinct have been honed in battle. He is like a predator chasing the scent of his prey.

And once he locked on a smell, he would never let go.

Behind him, the two guardian is also chasing Aero but it is not an easy task considering how fast Aero is travelling to kill their lady.

hearing that their opponent is Aero of the East make them felt hopeless.

They know they could not survive if they fight with him, yet their feet still move forward and they still keep chasing him

But they still want their lady to survive, it is why their feet is still moving forward.

 It is why even though the very mention of the name of one of the Three Great Pillars shake their confidence, they keep chasing him

They did not care about what will happen to them and they don't mind losing the opportunity to gain the skill points as long as their lady could gain more power

Because their lady is the hope for their nation.

Aero if he knew how loyal these people to that woman, he would surely try to recruit such person into his camp.

After all, strong people is easy to find. But people with true loyalty is hard to find. Aero would even admire them.

Unfortunately, even if he knows now, he did not have the time to care.

Right now the only important thing in his mind is to kill the green robed woman.

Of course this time, the reason for wanting to kill her is slightly different than before. After all, his identity and location has already bene revealed.

Before, he wanted to kill her because he fears that she would expose his location and his conduct.

Now, he wanted to kill her because she is the only one that could point where he is hiding.

That is important because right now, even as he is chasing that woman there are many people that have forgotten all about the beast and targeted Kyle and Aero.

Aero is invincible, that is true.

But he is not entirely invincible. It is fortunate the whole world did not know that he had such weakness.

Which is why Aero rarely relies in his invincibility to steel stuff. Because he fears someone would figure it out.

He only uses it as a means of intimidating people and establishing his mighty reputation. Being invincible have its upside after all.

The only reasons no one has ever been able to know his weakness is because he has been clever in hiding it.

One shot to his ankle and he would be dead.

It would only take one lucky shot to end him. That is all it would took.

Because of that Aero would prefer that no one could pinpoint his location accurately while he massacres them

Who knows if he needs to hide?

And if he hides, if that woman is still alive and pinpointed his location, who knows if bad luck will strike him and one of the attack hit him in his ankle?

Wouldn't that be a joke?

And for some reason he felt fear that maybe if this woman could pin point his location, she too could pinpoint his weakness

That is what he fears the most.

Aero did not know how correct he is in his guess. If Viola had all the legacy of the Legendary tracker Fiore, she could even see the fatal weakness of a person.

Fortunately, she did not ye reach such level. If she did, she would not be someone unknown in Aero memories.

Right now on the rear of the battlefield Aero is chasing Lady Viola, the Lady of Vanan, the two guardians of the lady are trying to chase after Aero to slow him down, while Kyle is fighting his enemies and in the distance, a group has banded together to kill Aero.

And while all of this is happening there are also some people who were attacking the pillars of the spell formation to get out of this hell

Right now, there is only one word to describe the battlefield.



Aero is quite shamelsss dont you think? Hehehe. Annyway see you tommorow. though I think some of you are going to be bsuy with the holidays coming. Don't forget to spend it with the people you love. leave soem votes and comments so I won't feel too lonely
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