Age of Adventure
223 CHAOS 2
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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223 CHAOS 2

While it looks like he is ignoring them and started killing again to increase his kill count, from their position right now they could see that the unknown man is using the fastest way to reach their lady.

And what is the fastest route to travel from one point to another?

A straight line.

The only reasons no one would think to use that path is simply because that straight line is full of people between them and their lady.

But this man is mowing down people, killing intent billowing out from his entire being, creating thick mist full of killing intent as he moves forward

The man wielding the blade could not help but felt fear for this man.

He is killing people to increase his kill count while at the same time he is chasing their lady at the same time.

'We must stop him, Jason!' The seven feet tall Berserker nodded as they rushed through the thick mist. Aero on the other hand is moving forward with more speed.

But sometimes there are a few people who are slightly harder to kill which delays him a bit. But in this thick mist of killing intent, Aero speed is not only increased even his perception is increased.

Aero saw in front of him there is a straight line to that woman.

Fortunately, this one path has no people around it since people are quickly moving away from the mist. And the green robed woman is also trying to run away from the mist.

Aero rushed forward but then he heard a scream from his back

'YOU WILL NOT HARM OUR LADY!' The shouts parted the thick mist as that Berserker once again appears, his hammer is on his arms.

Then he saw from the corner of his eyes that the one wielding the sword is also closing in on him

Aero lips curled into a cold sneer. He did not intend to dodge. The Berserker might be a powerful warrior but Aero doubt that man power exceeds him.

Unless that hammer is some kind of a godly or divine weapon, Aero have no fear.

His eyes had never left the woman. And the woman is still tracking him which is why she could easily ruin form him.

It was like she knew where he is going to move. This kind of feeling is very frustrating for him.

Now that these two people is coming for him, Aero only smiles.

His kill count has reached around five hundred people. In the mist, Aero did not have to hide many of his moves because those people could not see it anyway.

But the woman in the green robe has seen it and her eyes widened in the distance.

It is easier for him as he could even use Sacred Sword Finger.

With his saber on one hand, and his five finger in his other hand, a piercing energy would pierce the heads of the unsuspecting victim while his saber would kill the survivor.

In just a few moments he had killed almost a few hundred people easily. His killing efficiency could be said to be demonic.

Almost at the instant, that seven-foot man was about to attack him and as the ground beneath his feet started trembling, Aero lifted his foot and stomped on the ground.

Ripples of energy spread out from him as the mist scattered away from him, a gust of wind spreads out around him.

With it he shot up from the land like a long arc that had erupted from the land and charged toward that man.

This time Aero no longer wanted to hide.

Since that woman has seen him uses his move, she must have known who he is by now.

Even if he is mistaken and she is dense or stupid enough not to know who he is, Aero decided this was the right time to reveal his identity.

If he let that woman shouted to entire battlefield that he is Aero, then he would look like he was hiding all this while and taking advantage of the chaos to kill people and take the five skill points

But if he was the one that announce it would align with the image people think of him.

He is known as a scheming and that is his reputation.

There is nothing wrong with him hiding in the crowd.

But if people knows he slaughter people without reason, how could people think of him as that elegant scholar and the designer of the Empire of Vanheim?

Aero energy erupted from his body without restraint.

This time everyone on the battlefield could feel it as the energy around the entire battlefield ripples and the entire land trembles.

The hills in which the Druids stand upon slowly crack and some of those that is not sturdy is even crumbling down.

By now, everyone knows that I this batch of people there is some powerful expert hidden amongst them. Maybe some of them are from the Hall of Heavenly Fame

They did not know why they remembers the Hall of Heavenly Fame but they do remember that some famous people are in it.

And those that are in the Hall of Heavenly Fame are all great people that could move the world with their orders and cover the sky with their palm.

Aero laughed and his laugh reverberate through the entire battlefield. Some people widened their eyes as they realize who this laughter belong towards.

Some of them stopped fighting and looked toward that direction and gulped.

'Shit! Is that who I think it is!' One of them shouted out loud.

'There is no mistaking it! That is Aero of the East!' one of the people in the midst of battle suddenly shouted.

Some people went pale almost immediately.

Suddenly they feel that their decision to enter this battle was idiotic. They all wanted to retreat right now.

The feat of Aero of the East killing forty thousand solders in front of the Gate of Veva is the stuff of legends.

Aero of the East, Zeus of the North, Arianna of the South. The Three Great Pillars of the Vilajeri Continent.

To them when they heard that unrestrained laugh, they could not help but shiver.

Aero of the East is the unrivaled powerhouse of the world. Even Zeus of the North could not defeat him! How could they fight him?


Aero of the East identity is revealed. Anyway, hope to see you all tomorrow. The battle is still ongoing and when it ends there will be their journey of rteurning home. The Jungle region would be a qucik jounrye since I planned more of the story when they returned home back in the Vilajeri Continent.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the story and please vote for the story.
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