Age of Adventure
222 CHAOS 1
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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222 CHAOS 1

Aero sidestep to the side and jump backward.

Loud bang echoed from the ground and the earth trembled as that slash split the ground into two as crevice is formed all around the area where he used to be

Aero look at the man, his eyes is analyzing his opponent

 This man is taller than anyone he ever met in the battlefield.

He was around seven feet tall. He must have used some kind of potions or spell to change his physique.

It would be impossible for Aero to not notice if there is a seven-foot-tall man guarding beside that woman.

Then there is another person who slide toward him.

Aero jumped and glide himself away from the feet tackle as he positioned himself on top of a large boulder, that fallen form the sky when the magician was battling each other and changing the terrain around the battlefield.

ARGHH! He roared.

The sound was piercing to the ears and this time the whole battlefield could hear it. Even amidst the earth shaking explosion in the front line, people could still hear the man roar.

Aero frowned.

'Oh, so that how it is' and there is chilling light in his eyes. It was then that he knows what these two is trying to do. They are trying to expose him.

Aero gritted his teeth. Just then Aero saw some people looking at his general direction attracted by the sound of the roar

Aero harrumphed.

'Fine!' he had made his decision right then. Kyle would no longer hastate to kill the beast so he had no choice.

He thought to kill the woman first but since he is pushed to this situation, he could only rack up kill points as he hunts that woman.

Now, this is no longer just because that woman could track him. Now, this is personal.

After all, he did not disturb that woman plans.

But that woman time after time, is testing his patience.

This time, she even uses these two to make people pay attention to him.

Now, that there is only a few thousand people in the battlefield, it goes without saying that Aero movement is slowly easier to see.

Since that is the case, he had to kill as much people as possible before his true identity is found out.

There is a way for him to kill all of this people openly while at the same time retaining his reputation.

He had prepared a plan before but it would not work until Kyle is at certain point.

But for now, he would kill all the people around him first before he proceeds. Aero changed the direction of his attack.

He is attacking the dozen people that notices him.

That group of people who were fighting each other a second ago, now saw Aero is coming towards them. They stopped their battle as they tried to run away.

Aero charges to that group of people and ram onto them.

At this time Aero is using his powerful physical body to kill people. With each step he took, the ground would tremble and the air around him would break.

A monstrous wave of murderous aura is coming out from him that fills the area around him creating a thick red mist that is slowly enveloping the entire battlefield.

It made some people could not even see Aero face. It was like there is a mist covering their eyes from looking at Aero face.

There is only a red gaze inside that thick red mist.

Some people have felt that something is wrong with this battlefield and some of them even remembers the feeling they felt before of how the battlefield felt like it is being moved by an invisible hand.

Those who were a bit wiser quickly retreated from the battle silently.

Some people are wiser than the others while some are greedier than the others. The wise retreated and the greedy stayed.

The moment he rams his body to that group of people, they exploded into bloody mist as the black red aura around Aero becomes even thicker.

The mist coming out from Aero body spreads even more further and it has covered one third of the rear of the battlefield

The front line is still busy fighting Kyle so they did not yet realize the terror that an unknown man has brought the people at the rear.

Aero in the back is slashing his way forward with his saber. Saber light cut through the thick mist and people would fall down split into two or hacked into exploding pieces of meat

It was an eerie scene as the red thick mist spread forward like some kind of Cthulhu creatures

 In just a few second of clashing around twenty people have died, each of their death are gruesome and painful

Aero did not stop as he changes his direction again.

The thick mist is getting thicker and everyone is panicking inside this sudden obstruction to their vision.

There are some people who are calm, but compared that to the people who are panicking, there is a large disparity.

In these chaos Aero is the only one that could see clearly in this thick mist of his own killing intent being materialized out in the real world.

He saw through the mist a group of five people who is fighting against each other even in this thick mist. They didn't seem to care about the beast as their battle seems personal.

He smiles as he moves through the mist and he was close to them but none of them could notice him.

Their swords and spear clashed, sparks are produced and moves are being exchanged.

Aero suddenly jump out from the mist as he slashes down with his saber toward the spear wielding man

'Wha!' before he could finish what he was saying, his spear was broken by one slash of Aero attack.

Aero did not hesitate as he slashes toward the spear wielding person.

He died, his head is flying in the air.

Then he slashes to the other direction. Saber light sweeps their lives as they all fall down, one straight line of blood appeared on their neck before their head slowly slid down from their neck

Aero was like a fish in the water.

He keeps killing with such efficiency. One swipe to the left kill five people, one swipe to the right kills ten people and his kill count increases as he rushed forward.

Around him blood flows and limbs are scattered about before the golden light rises up around him, like he is bathed in the unholiness of war and bloodshed.

While Aero is killing people, the two people who decided to delay him look at each other.

'Are we being ignored?' said the seven feet tall man to his companion. The other man wielding a blade frowned.

'Hmm. This does not necessarily mean it's bad for us'

Did the unknown man is giving up on killing their lady? They both ask themselves this question. They look at each other in confusion but then as they look at the unknown man path.

Even though the mist is thick, one could deduce the man path by looking at the golden motes of light that is slowly rising up

It formed a trail

Then they gasped as they noticed something.

The seven feet tall man and the man wielding the blade paled in their face.


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