Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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As the man body fall back and landed butt first onto the ground, his right arm which had been amputated is still holding tightly on the large hammer.

Brett could now move, like the pain broke out through that intent and suppression. He quickly gets up and take a step backward.

As he stepped backward, Aero move forward.

He closed in on him like he was talking a leisure walk on the park and then seized Brett throat and without wasting any time he crushed the man throat before he could even speak any words and thrown his body to the front as it slowly disintegrates into golden lights.

At the front, the battle is also ongoing with Kyle once again appearing in the fray, fighting a great magical battel with all kind of spell being thrown around.

Fire magic, ice magic, earth magic, metal magic, forbidden magic, all kind of magic spell involving the elements was used since it was the easiest to perform in this kind of battle.

The area around this great battle of magical spells was fill with earth shaking explosion and colors.

Brett body flown to the front and landed on the middle of the magical battle even as his body is slowly disintegrating.

The moment his body fall down onto the ground, his body was accidentally hit by a bulk of stray magical attack.

His body exploded into thousands of meat pieces scattered all over the battlefield as he turns into a golden motes of light and disappeared, giving his life for the green robed woman

This time Aero did not want to delay this any more than he has to.

He rushed forward like lightning, no longer caring to increase his killing count since he could saw the green robed woman just in front of him now.

This time another person turned back from the green robed woman no doubt trying to slow him or delay him again.

'Tch' Aero clicked his tongue.

He made use of all the power on his feet as he pushes the ground beneath his foot and like a meteor he shot forward.

That person who was waiting for him was shocked to see such a fast movement that seems to goes past normal human limits.

His eyes were wide as a saucer at that moment.

'This person must not have been a nobody. But who is it that possess such skills and prowess?' the man asked himself.

The man could not even react as a strong life threatening sense of danger shot up in his heart liek sharp needed piercing every part of his body

For a moment, he had the thought of hastily fleeing for his life That is how much pressure Aero in his state of savageness brings to other people.

To Aero, with his speed and power, the man movement look like the movement of a snail, too slow.

Aero speed pushed the limits of the human normal speed as he turned into a long arc and moved past that man in a flash of light.

The sound of saber slicing something could be heard.

The man could not eve see Aero before he felt a sting on his neck.

He felt a brief pain before he felt something sticky is coming out from his neck.

He put his hand on his neck and then almost immediately, blood is gushing out from his neck as he slowly felt the world is tilting in a weird angle.

It was then that he realized, tat unknown man has cut his head and moved past him. It did not even take him one second to kill him.

He died with his eyes open as his head fall down into the ground, his body is still holding the sword and standing still before it slowly falls on his knees first and the head and the body turned into motes of golden lights, signifying his end

There were no screams of pain nor shriek. He died almost instantly and he was too shocked to scream.

The pain was brief. But just because the pain was brief did not mean it was not painful. But even before he could express his pain, he had died. 

Now there is only two guardians left beside the woman. The woman did not stop running forward, no longer interested in increasing her kill count.

She only wanted to survive now and seek her opportunity after she escape from that man. After all, she is carrying the hope of reestablishing back the Federation.

 but those two guardians had stopped and they made this decision almost like they planned it.

They look toward Aero and there was this stunned look on their face.

Their companion who could fight many people at once and an accomplished warrior was so easily killed by that unknown man.

They look at each other, nodding as they decided to risk it all. They let out a roar and rushed toward Aero like a murderous demon.

They no longer care about their death or lives. They all know that if that unknown man is allowed to come near their lady, she would be killed.

While her lady is a powerful tracer and her battle skill is also excellent, it is clear to the eyes of these two people that she would not stand a chance against such powerful person.

On the other side of the battlefield, the battle for the beast life is intensifying as Kyle keep attacking the beast and the beast is at its last leg.

But the few thousand people in the crowd would not let Kyle easily get what he wants.

Especially considering that some of them were his enemies. How could they endure if their enemies get the skill points that they wanted.

This place, in the end, is not Vanheim and while some of the people in the crowd is from Vanheim and fear the repercussion of goings against one of the highest persona in the realm, some of them are also from Veva and from the South.

And they are not afraid of offending Kyle.

The people are only grateful that Zeus of Veva is not in their batch or they would not even have the chance to compete.

The people seeing that Kyle is close to killing the beast could not stand still. Some of the warriors ignore their defense as they rushed through the magical explosion to prevent Kyle from killing the beast.

Kyle looking at this could not but have an ugly expression on his face

He even thought to himself

'Did I do so many bad things? Why do I have so many enemies?' he thought to himself bitterly as he dodges a spear directed at him.

They were like raving lunatic as they ignore all defense and would rather die than let Kyle kill the beast

'Fuck. This people are persistent' They did not even retreat even as the explosion landed around them.

Some of them were even engulfed in the flames of the explosion but the other were not even deterred by death.

They keep rushing forward and there is madness in their eyes. Some people even promises that those that killed him will be rewarded when they return back home to Vilajeri Continent.

'Kill Kyle! Don't let him get the reward!' But even while some people are targeting Kyle, there is still crazed slaughter going all around.

Some people have begun to thin out the competition

And it is clear with each clash, the people on the battlefield is decreasing. Some of them were killed in the battle while some decided to retreat out from the battlefield.

Kyle himself is not a merciful person

He shouted in the middle of the battlefield.

'Since you want to fight…let's fight! He roared as he had his fist shrouded with flames.

Kyle is always known as a combat magician.

That is not a legacy.

But his study of magic had enables him to combine combat and magic. His entire body is a magic weapon as the man around him distorted and seems to follow his moves.

He began fighting those warrior coming toward him. With one punch he burns people to ash. He moved dangerously like he was the embodiment of fire itself.

His feet are also shrouded with flames as the ground beneath him turns hot. Sand and dust turns to shiny surfaces and the armor of metals melts the moment it even grazes him.

Kyle is burning people left and right. It was like he is a burning sharp knife cutting through butter. Around him shield of fire sprang up as it defended against the magic spell.

'use Water Spells' Many of those magician shouted as clouds on the sky descended down.

It was like a tiny part of the clouds were ripped apart and is being used by the magicians as rains fall down on one part of the area.

But Kyle flame is not easily extinguished. If it was so easy to extinguish he would not be one of the rising star in the military faction.

The effect he brought to the battlefield is apparent. His flame fist had caused fear to spout in the heart of these people.

Even though they know they would be revived when this quest is over, that does not mean dying is not painful.

 If their current pain teaches them something, they still could feel pain even though they could be revived. And one of the painful way to go is by being burned alive.

Some of the people even decided to retreat making the few thousand people eft in the battlefield to slowly have even more chance of winning this bet.

By now, all the people that are left in the battlefield are only elite people that enables them to sand over all the rest

The Heavens look upon all of them indifferently from above no matter what happens to them. In the front, Kyle is tearing up the people with flames scattered all around.

In the back Aero is coming closer to that green robed woman.

It is clear to Kyle this will not last long anymore.

By the time he has the opportunity to kill the beast he would take it now. He had given enough time for Aero to kill people and confirm what he needed to confirm.

And Aero on the back also knows it which is why he is rushing faster. Aero could only kill all of these people undetected when he kills that green robed woman

But he also saw that many more retreated and he frowned. he did not think Kyle could be that intimidating.

Aero eyes turn colder. He wanted to kill more. A Hundred Man Killer. Then maybe, the next achievement will be unlocked when he reached killing one thousand people.

But…if he started doing that, it would not be long before his identity is exposed. As he looks at the distance and saw the flames rising up from the ground to the clouds above, Aero smiles

'I still could do that' he said to himself as he looked at the two person charging toward him

Killing intent shone in Aero eyes. The two men is leaping in the air as they tried to slash Aero from above.

And Aero only smirks


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