Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero did not hesitate when he appears in front of that person.

 His eyes shines with killing intent and he used the Opening Blow technique, as his saber is about to split of the guardian head from top to bottom.

However, this man is not like the people before him. If the people is considered as a low level people, then this man is around the high level people.

He parries the attack with his strength, making his feet to dig down on the ground as the ground around them cracked and depressed a few inches deep.

Aero chuckles a bit as he saw the sweat on the man forehead. His veins are all bulging and his hand is trembling with some of his veins bursted out and exploded.

But Aero had expected this parrying. He let his saber graze the edge of the man sword and follow the motion until the end.

Sparks of fire flew from their clash but Aero quickly changed his saber positions as the parrying move form that man succeed.

Aero was not flustered in the least

He closes his distance with the man and the man eye widened as he takes a step back to return back to their previous distance.

Aero chuckles inwardly as the moment he takes a step back Aero come forward, his saber momentum slowly increasing and the killing intent around him slowly solidified.

Combined that with the pressure of his body, the man sword cracked and his entire skeletal bones in his arm cracked and broke, the sound could chill the hearts of anyone.

The man however possess an iron will as he gritted his teeth and blood is dripping down from his mouth.

The moment it cracked Aero did not hesitate to slice his body. He died with his face looking in disbelief. It did not even take Aero three second to kill him.

It was at this time as the man is losing his consciousness and his body turns into motes of golden light, he knew that his lady would surely die without a doubt.

Hidden in this deadly battlefield is a more monstrous beast than then sabretooth. A beast disguised as a man.

As he turns to the golden motes of light, he laughs bitterly, his laugh is a silent laugh, a laugh that nobody could hear other than the Heavens who look down upon all of this with indifference.

The green robed woman was already running from the moment that one of her guardian volunteer to delay the enemy.

But only three second is needed for Aero to kill her guardian.

She only had a seven seconds head start. Four second was the time it took for Aero and the guardian to clash.

Three second is the time used for Aero to kill that guardian. Now, the woman only has three guardians.

It turns she is the one who talks big.

The woman in the green robed is regretting right now.

if she had retreated from the very beginning, then she might not have reached to this moment.

But it is clear toward her now, that even if she retreated, she would also probably be hunted by him considering her ability of tracking someone

'Let me stop him, my lady' One of his guards said, his eyes are determined and full of loyalty.

The man is bulky and his height is around six feet six. He was tall and bulky, with body of muscles. He was holding a large hammer.

She is the Lady of Vanan. Her name is Viola. But people called her Lady of Vanan. She looks at this guardian of hers with a complicated expression.

'Brett. Are you sure?' Brett tap his chest and said with conviction

'My lady, I would still be revived in the end. What is important is that my lady keep living and improving in this battlefield as it would help our cause to reestablish Vanan Federation' he said his eyes shows no hesitation as he changed his direction, turning back to face that unknown man.

Viola shed a tear as she keeps moving forward.

Aero was about to resume his chase when another man is coming towards him wielding a large hammer.

As he holds it above his head that hammer slowly grew in size and the wind stream around him seems to be broke forcefully by the force of his body

'A Berserker. That is rare indeed. A brutish approach, huh? I can do that too' Aero said as he smirks.

He took a step forward and the killing intent around him swirled like a tornado, making anyone who is weak willed on his one-hundred-meter radius all fainted and trapped in an illusion of a slaughter hell.

The man reached toward Aero and with a shout was about to bring down the hammer onto Aero body.

Faced with the large weapon, Aero look very small. But even in this situation he still looks calm and there is a smile on his face

'Not enough speed' Aero said as he casually dodged the hammer.

The hammer falls down toward the ground as that hammer brought down a powerful impact causing ripples of energy to exploded.

The impact is shaking the ground and causing the are to shake violently like there is a giant worm wriggling below the surface.

The ground cracked as the terrain around the area was changed drastically

The area around the force of impact went into a depression of six feet below the ground while around it, the ground split apart and flew itself high into the air before falling back down into the ground as large debris and stone

Some of the people in the front who were fighting with each other was suddenly being crushed by a large debris that is falling down from the skies

The people around Aero and Brett were all thrown back a few meters away.

Aero who was the closest to the impact however only had his robes fluttering, like there is only wind around him and the energy and the wave impact could not move him like he is an eternal mountain, unmoving

Aero smiles as he swings his saber on that man right arm.

He looks like he was performing the slowest slash because anyone could see he was taking him time, unhurriedly executing that slash.

But even if he was slower, the man could not avoid it.

Because the moment he slammed down his hammer, he was seized by this powerful intent and suppression power that was so overbearing that he could not move his muscle

Aero slashes it with ease like he was chopping something that was already on the chopping board.

With one slash, the man arm was severed as blood gushes out from the veins and the meat around the bones.


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