Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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While there is a group coming down from the plateau, there are still a lot of people engaging in the battlefield.

Those people that come down from the plateau might not get the reward for killing the beast but they will get the reward for surviving the beast

Like Aero said before, this is a place of greed.

If only he was not as powerful he is now, Aero would have chosen to find a way to hide.

The only reason he was not that rushed to find a way out from this plain is simply because he knows how easy it was for him to kill the beast.

That is why he called this battlefield a battlefield of greed.

Those who knows their own abilities and judged it accurately and could let go of their greed would survive it.

But those who overestimates themselves and made the wrong decision would found himself in regret by the time all of this is over.

 The battle is raging fiercely as many more people dying in droves. Aero is accumulating his kill count as he seeks the woman in the green robe.

As long as his move is being tracked it would make him feel uneasy. Aero tries to not let his plan affected by chance.

And it would be a bad thing if people knows who they are.

They might attack him all together or worse, they would give up on the hunt and scattered. If that happens Aero had no justification of killing all these people.

Now, they are at war with each other. Everyone is a fair game. And no one has any guilt on killing anyone since they know they would be revived here after the battle

But if it was revealed that Aero of the East is among them, then knowing they do not stand a chance they would all would give up fighting it against him.

Not to mention no one would dare offend him since after this they still have to return to Vilajeri Continent.

They are still lines that these people do not dare cross.

Sooner or later when Aero had to use some of his signature moves, someone would recognize him.

that is why his saber moves lack the finesse and elegance of his attack, instead Aero looks like a barbarian berserking all over the battlefield.

He was charging forward with his saber with savageness, killing anyone on his path.

He was so quick it looks like a momentary lightning strike and he was the sudden illumination of the lightning.

And before anyone could react they would be dead. Those that are too weak would die without knowing why as they were shrouded by Aero killing intent.

Those that are weak in their will could not extricate themselves from the illusion of bloodshed and despair in Aero killing intent

The moment they are trapped in that illusion; their fate is sealed as they turned into one of the countless of souls dying in this greed filled battle.

He clashed with many people and the sound of his battle swiftly erupted into the air.

Aero fought the people, and Kyle attack the sabretooth.

Even though they do no coordinate their attack with each other, for some reason their actions complement each other.

'I need to kill more people' he said to himself.

Each time Aero clashed with group of people they would crumble in an instant like they were made from sand and Aero saber is the fierce wave of the raging ocean.

He just need to swing his saber and they all died.

This chaos without a doubt slowly become more obvious as the people decreased with each clash.

But those who have reached to this moment, are all greedy people and are all capable people with ambition.

They wanted to check what that sound was and who is inciting chaos in the back but at the same time they could not let Kyle kill the beast.

Some people even recognize Kyle and their wariness increase.

While Kyle served in the military, he is also known to be a combat magician. These people while they too lacked their memories, they still remember some facts and memories.

And Kyle also did not lack enemies. Which made him a target for many people. His action and deed of defecting to Vanheim have made him the enemies of Veva.

Those who suffers because of his action is also eager to kill Kyle, making him the perfect distraction.

This is not intentional on Aero part. It is completely coincidental that there is many high level warriors and magician that is enemy with Kyle.

But no one could have expected that the chaos on the back could be related to Aero of the East.

They did not even think of it. The frontline did not know and the rear also do not know who is killing people left and right at the back.

Whenever Aero went, shrill screams of pain would travel out and blood would spill everywhere.

Hearing all this screams and feeling that something is clearly wrong, some people decided to retreat and run from the battlefield.

The woman in the green robe however creased her eyebrows in the distance, as she surveys the battlefield, the anxiety in her heart is rising.

 Her eyes could still track the man and the speed at which he is coming for her is terrifying.

Even though she wanted to retreat she is too far in to quickly retreat and she also had the hope that the unknown man would be stopped by other people.

And the fact that he keeps killing without even once stopping to replenish his stamina only strengthen her fears.

On the other hand, while the green robed woman is keeping track of him, Aero kept killing but he still doesn't hear any new achievement sound.

As he slashes a person head who were on his path, he thinks to himself.

Around him golden lights are rising as all the people in his ten-meter radius of him, were all killed easily like he was a farmer reaping weed.

Could it be that now he has kill one hundred people, he need to kill more than just a few hundred people?

'Achievement could only be unlocked if you fulfil the requirements' He muttered to himself.

One person who had his friend die by his saber suddenly jumped out and is aiming his spear toward Aero chest.

Aero only sidestepped, his mind is still pondering on the matter.

The man changes his motion to a slicing motion. Aero jumped over the spear slash and then spin his body as he slashes at the man top of the head.

One could see his brain were cut on the top part.

One could even see the brain in the skull. The man falls down, blood pouring down form exposed top of his head, his brain matter splattering as Aero stomp over it and keep rushing forward

Aero is still thinking about the achievement matter.

The only frustrating thing about this feature is that, nobody is going to tell you what you must do to fulfil the requirement. It was like he is a blind man searching for light.

'Fine. Since that is the case, I would just keep killing until it shows up' Aero said to himself. He never had let loose like this without caring what people think about him

There is a something freeing about it as he did not have to mind about his reputation and image right now.

As he kicks a person in the chest, in the distance he saw the green robed woman. This time the green robed woman also saw him.

Aero smirks and he began running towards her, his saber on his right hand ready to slash using his Divine Sword technique.

The four people around the woman also realizes Aero and their face turn determined. They nodded at each other.

One of them seems to be saying something to the woman and then he rushed forward toward Aero.

It is clear that this man is tasked to delay him

'Oh. Someone to hold me back huh?' he smirks; his entire demeanor shows how confidence he really is.

 Around Aero were people turning into golden motes of light.

Aero dashed forward and almost an instant like he teleported himself, he arrived in front of one of the guardians of the green robed woman

The guardian who was about to rush toward him, stopped still for a moment as he was shocked.

He was himself an accomplished warrior and had powerful burst of speed when fighting but he did not think that as he was about to fight with this unknown man who is botching their plan, the unknown man could reach to him in almost an instant.

'This kind of speed' He think of this only in his mind because he now turned speechless

He was no prepared for this scenario at all.

Other than the few people he saw in the frontline of the battlefield, there doesn't seems to be any powerful or influential person in this batch.

That is why they dare do all of this, inciting chaos in the background of the quest.

'Could we miss someone?' he said.

Who could do what this unknown man just did?

This kind of speed is very unnatural as it forces the area around him to destroy breaking the air and wind around him.

It almost looks like this person is teleporting but he knows that was impossible because, the wind stream of the area moves.

Teleportation disturb the natural order but the area around the teleportation would not have this intense whirlwind produce by speed naturally occurring


Hope anyone reading this could comment. Only DragonRiderofHell is commenting. Oh, and a shout out to DragonRdierofHell for the dedication. Anywya hope you enjoy the battlesince we will be in all politcila mode when they retrun abck to Vilajeri Continent
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