Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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That group of people was fighting another group, each of them wanted to be the one to kill the beast. So, they decided to thin out the competition by killing anyone that is not on their side.

Aero on the other hand is searching for that woman but that doesn't mean he could not kill as he was looking for her.

The group was around a dozen people and they were full of life even after fighting each other for a few minutes.

They could be considered middle level fighter. Murderous air filled the area around them and their eyes is crazed. Like they were suppressing their fears and anxiety. The more they suppressed it, the crazier he looks.

They both surrounded each other and no one knows who started the killing between them but now they have no other choice but to kill each other.

They did not know that a bigger calamity is approaching them. Aero eyes are red like a pair of demon eyes in the darkness of Hell.

His hair ruffled like there is a force field around him.

Aero had made the right decision to disguise himself.

If people could see how devious and evil his expression right now with dark red aura billowing from him, they could not reconcile the image of that scholarly divine strategist that waves the feather fan on his face with this slaughter god

The battlefield has always been full of people who were bringing their bloodlust and madness as they attack.

But none of them could match the thick aura on Aero body right now. As he passes a few people, they all died of a heart attack.

He passed another people and that person drown in a personal hell before he kills himself.

These people are low level warrior and combatants. Aero right now is like a might force that could not be stopped

The saber on his hand is like the grim reaper scythe.

Whirlwind sweeping across the area he passes by and as his saber moves, it disperse the lives of people on his range of attack

He might look like a demon right now but Aero attack were calculated perfectly, severing life in the most efficient way possible.

Some people have noticed the commotion on the back but they did not have the time to check it out. Not to mention, they are not on anybody side.

Like Aero have surmised they are all fighting for their own benefit.

Even if they wanted to pay attention to what is happening on the back, Kyle would always appear at the opportune moment and distract the sea of people with his antics of trying to kill the sabretooth.

They could not afford to concentrate on the back and lose their prey right in front of their eyes. By now, Aero did not even keep count of how any had fallen under his saber.

His killing intent only gotten stronger and stronger and it suffocates anyone who have low will power.

Bloodlust shine in his eyes and each step he takes, is like Death walking on the mortal ground, taking lives with each step.

But as his kill count is increasing the people have also started feeling suspicious. Before they felt it too. And now they feel it too

True, everybody is fighting for their interest and benefits. But for some reason…. why couldn't they stop killing.

They too felt that there is something wrong that is happening. How could a simple quest turn into a full blown out war and why hasn't it stopped.

Aero was also weirded out in the beginning. It wasn't until he knew that he wasn't the only one stoking the flame that he finally understands

But while the killing is continuing in the field of battle, somewhere else in the Plain, there is another development that is happening.

In the distance while they were fighting for the beast, the people that did not participate in the large war for the skill points run on the other directions of the Plain.

Some of them run to the north, and some of them run to the east.

And those that have run away from the beast and the war, they have found something shocking because of that decision.

Leading a group of people from his old domain was Marquis Dan. He was tall and muscly. He was wearing a white armor with the crest of a lion roaring standing on top of a mountain.

He is from House Merovech. Like Aero he is the few people that got the privilege to choose one of the kingly noble houses

If Aero had met him they could have teamed up together but it seems fate was not kind to both of them.

Dan appeared far away from Aero position. Then he also made a different decision then the others

It is because of that he never met with Aero.

When other run to scramble for the skill points, he instead chose to bring some of those people he knew when he was Marquis away from the battle and death.

Who would have thought that his decision would give him an edge of advantage over the others in the quest to seek the Gate?

When he run to the East with other people of Western Heaven they run away fast and they run away far

They are not like some people who joined the battle and then retreated after finding out that there is no hope for them to compete against the many elite people.

Dan from the very beginning could see how that beast is a bait.

If he had powers or abilities like Aero he would not have mind participating even though if he knew it was a bait, but he knows while he is strong, he alone could not fight a tide of men.

And while he did not kill the possibility that he could still get the skill points, there is one stark difference between him and the other people that have equal power to him

And that was, he is not greedy.

When he saw the people of Western Heaven that resided in his fief, also scattered nearby him, he gathered them and promise them that he would protect them.

They trusted Dan because he is the Marquis of the Empire of Vanheim, and he was also a formidable warrior and general of the army.

He even met many of his officers.

They all followed Dan orders when the battle started. They went away and instead of focusing on the quest of killing the beast, they focused more on surviving the beast.

They run so far east until the finally reached the end.

And what is the end?

It is the end of the Plain. It wasn't until he reached the edge of the southernmost point he realizes that this plain is not a normal plain.

Because right now Dan understand where he is now. They are not on a plain where there is only hills and mountains. They are on a large plateau.

And the area they come from was a curved area.

So from their vantage point, they thought on the other side was a mountain range and more hills and even the sea in the distance when instead it is large flat land and if you walk to the end of that large flat land you will see that you are on a large flat plateau with a curved area on the middle.

No wonder he felt the skies was so close to him before. He felt an incongruity before. But he had no time to think about it too much.

Dan look at the scenery in front of him. There are clouds flowing just a few inches from him. And he looks down and saw the large forest beneath the plateau.

He could see clouds just a few feet below him. He takes a deep breath and then look at the skies above him

Al of it is not real. Anything real is beyond the Gate. He wants to go home. He wants to return to Vanheim and met his friends

Dan then look at the people that trusted him and said

'Would you all believe in me and follow me to seek for the Gate so that we all could return home?'

They all looked at each other and smiling at each other they turned to their lord and nodded

'We believe' Dan smiles and then he was the first one to climb down from the plateau.

All while this is happening, the battle in the middle of this plateau doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon as only a golden skies fill with death aura could be felt all over the plateau


Will not be talking to much. Just hope you guys like the chapter and leave some chapter and vote for the story. See you tomorrow.
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