Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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On the other hand, Aero once again follow the crowd of people from behind as he stops killing for a while and calm his beating heart full of killing desires

the battle now slowly moving forward east as the people is chasing the beast once again.

It was like the beast is the bait and the fish is these people lives. Then the fisherman is none other than the Heavens.

Then as they attacked the beast, Kyle once again appear out of nowhere and attacked the beats nearly killing the beast.

At that time Aero felt his heart beating fast. If Kyle accidentally killed the beast, then his plan would crumble to pieces.

Thankfully one of the warrior shielded the sabretooth from its attack.

They all glared at Kyle. Like Aero their heart was also beating fast when they saw Kyle nearly kill the beast, though their reason is different.

They have been fighting this battle from the very beginning, each one of them wanted to kill the sabretooth and claim the skill points.

How could they let anyone get their rewards?

In their minds, they are the one that should kill that beast. This war, this battle is like a sieving net, filtering those who are unlucky and weak.

Kyle brush the attempt on his life with a smile as he jumps back into the fray of battle and a large explosion erupted with him as the center.

Many motes of light flew into the skies as the fire claim any victims that had burns.

Some of those powerful warrior takes their knife and cut away the burning meat on their body without hesitation.

They gritted their teeth withstanding the pain as they keep fighting others. But Aero eyes is focused on that fire flower blooming in the middle of the battlefield.

'It must be one of his skills' Aero thought to himself.

'Huu' Then Aero heaved a sigh of relief. Kyle once again managed to hide himself among the crowd of the people as he went to the other side of the battlefield.

Then the people once again started fighting each other and many more people died in droves.

The area of the sky seems glittering with gold fireworks as those motes of light keep flowing to the blue skies.

Booming sound kept coming continuously from all directions as these people fought against each other

And while people see golden sky color Aero felt different. Maybe because he has the skill Killing Intent, the feeling he felt from that sky is a little bit different than other person.

He felt despair, resentment, and many other emotions swirling in the skies and this oppressive feeling that is hostile towards life.

All of it was full of anger and dissatisfaction.

People see a golden sky but Aero saw a bright red dark skies that seems to expand in four directions. The more people get killed, the larger that red dark skies become.

It seems like it could almost envelop the entire sky of the plain.

'Killing Intent' he muttered to himself.

On the battlefield, warriors fought each other as loud booming sound that shook the sky and earth reverberated in the air.

The wind howls and space distorted.

Magicians fight using the elements of the world while Druid uses the terrains to confuse and even buried their enemies with their ability to control the element of natures.

The clash and battle between all the people grew more intense as they are many people that tries to kill the sabretooth before being bombarded by thousands of attack spells.

They could no even approach the beast before turning into ashes.

The land ripple with heat distortion as large flame erupted in the middle of the battlefield claiming the lives of thousands of people.

Aero did not linger much time looking at the sky as he rushes to another part of the battlefield, his saber ready to take more lives.

Aero charged into the flames and he kills people in the flame and then as his saber cut the one hundred person he killed today, a cold voice sounded in his ears

Aero Carlingian have unlocked the achievement of One Hundred Man Killer

Requirement: killing one hundred people in the Purgatory

Title received: One Hundred Man Killer

Title Perks: Increased killing intent and if fought against one hundred people, strength will increase against your enemies as their resistance against you would be lowered with Heaven helping you to suppress them

It was then Aero could feel that there is some kind of energy around his body and his saber.

Then before he could continue his killing another voice sounded in his ears.

Aero Carlingian have unlocked the achievement of Saber Master

Requirement: killing one hundred people in the Purgatory using a saber

Title received: Saber Master

Title Perks: Increased comprehension of the saber and each saber strike would have the trace of power of the world

Why did he not get Ten Man Killer or fifty-man killer before? He asks himself and he smiles as he could guess the answer.

Someone else had got the title! Then his mind quickly recalled about that woman in green, and his smile turns dark.

'So, it's you. No wonder you keep trying to interfere with me' Now that he knows Aero no longer could ignore that woman.

Ripples of power is gathering around him. His killing intent is almost too much for him to bear

His eyes sparkled with the desire to do battle and then he push the ground beneath his feet as the ground beneath his feet exploded and he hurtles forward in a speed that is akin to a lightning bolt thrown from the Heavens itself.

He looks like he was about to engage in a mass slaughter. He lifted his saber and swing it to a group of people who were fighting against each other.

Aero killing intent was unleashed at that moment, his eyes sparkles like silver as dark red aura surrounded him, his hair turns long and even the blue skies above him seems to be affected as dark clouds seems to be gathering high above him.


First achievement. Anyway, the story is just beginning. They are not even in the Vilajeri Continent yet they are alrady fighting.
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