Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero put the encounter on the back of his mind as he continues trying to confirm his suspicion.

Aero smiles as there is a chilling glare that appeared in his eyes. He is hunting now.

He walks in the battlefield with a moderate pace, unruffled by all the deaths and the deafening sound of screams.

Roars of the beast and the sound of battle rose and feel in his ears. But none of it could arouse that desire to rampage or join them.

He was not swept by the emotion of the crowd, instead his heart is like a sheathed sword.

Only when it is unsheathed that blood boiling feeling of wanting to kill would surge out.

He is conserving it.

He also did not feel excited in the least. This war is a simple war. A messy dirty war. There is only greed in this war.

There is no good rival or a challenge. To him, he was there to just confirm something. An unexpected variable thrown into the world of greed.

In this kind of world, he thrives as he manipulates their greed.

Kyle did his job well.

When he wanted to kill steal, the people would try to stop him and in that chaos he could kill anyone he wanted.

And because there is no comrade here other than a few people, nobody noticed that these people were killed and even if they are noticed, other people won't care. To then, that is one less competitor.

He only had one goal form this battle. To confirm his guess. And he is using the lives of all these people to prove it.

And his plan could not be executed if that woman keep checking his movement. Aero kill count now has reached seventy-five people.

The Killing Intent around him is roaring and his eyes is feeling heavy and turns red.

It wanted to be released

'It is not enough!' Aero thought.  Aero keep killing but when he reached eighty people a spear flew to him again.

Aero dodged it effortlessly like he was stepping on the wind and glide to his side. Aero quickly identified who his attacker was.

This time it is one of those five people that guard the woman. However, this man seems to venture a bit far from the woman and his four other companion.

Aero had a murderous glint in his eyes. He is slightly getting annoyed of this constant disruption.

'He could only track me because of that woman' he thought to himself.

 It seems that woman is really guarded against him.


Then in the distance with his eyesight he could see that the woman is doing the same thing as he did. Killing people secretly. Then something dawned on him. Is that why?

And he smiles

Aero had thought that if he killed at least ten people, there would be an achievement.

But even after he killed eight people, there is no such announcement or voice of heaven sounding out inside his mid.

Seeing that green robed woman, Aero think of a reason why.

The most plausible reason was because someone else have taken that achievement.

And the reason why she keeps interfering with him is because she is aiming higher kill count but maybe her killing speed is not as fast as him and she fear that he would surpass her and get the next achievement

Which is why she sent his people to slow him down.

Aero think of all this in a second and once he forms the conclusion, he did not hesitate to move. Especially as he saw the tide of the battlefield has changed again

The crowd of people is moving again as the sabretooth once again break the encirclement and the crowd of people move with it.

It was during these chaos of people moving Aero rush forward like fierce tiger and then with one graceful slash of his saber cut apart that person right arm and then before he had the opportunity to scream in pain Aero followed up with an upward slash from his crotch to his head, splitting him apart from bottom to top.

He died almost instantly.

Aero smiles.

Now there is only four he thought to himself, as he closes one of his eyes. The moment he opens it again, there is this sharp glare.

'My hand is shaking in excitement. I really should not let this side of me known to the world or my effort of cultivating an image of an elegant scholar would be a waste'

He moves again, and as he swings his saber, lives were reaped, and a seed of fear was sown, killing some people who were slow in following the crowds.

Now he has killed around ninety people.

In the distance, the woman eyes turn cold but there is also a trace of anxiety. She seems to be pondering something.

Then she asks herself a question, hoping that her mind could find the answer. Like voicing the question out loud could help her thinking process

'That person…who is he? Did he know about achievement too? Why is someone doing all this if they didn't know about the achievement feature by the Heavens?'

She said it out loud. The Four people guarding the woman did not offer any answer, only loyally guarding her while looking coldly at Aero.

One of their guards had just got killed almost instantly by a slash. They know their friends. He is a powerful warrior.

Whoever that man is, he must not be an unknown.

He must be famous in Vilajeri Continent but none of the four people including the woman ever remembers seeing such face

'Whatever the case, we must not let him get one hundred kills. If he gets it, then I won't get it'

The other four people nodded as the battle in the Plain continues.


This chapter is a little short. I had to cut it at this part because I was swamped and the next chapter was still under constrcution. I then decided to release the next chapter with a slightly longer chapter tomorrow. Do be patient. And like always, leave some comments and don't forget to vote.
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