Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero kept moving on this path of blood and death, that scholarly demeanor has all dissipated, leaving only the savage part of him that he had always keep hidden

His eyes are the eye of a predator. It is blood red and it is calm. Each time Aero eyes turns red, he restrains his heart.

One could go insane if they don't possess a powerful willpower to restrain his killing intent.

As he arrived behind that unsuspecting victim, Aero lifted his saber with an aloof expression and swiped at his head.

A scream of pain drowns out by the roar of the beast in the distance hide his pitiful death

That person head flew up and he died with his eye wide opens.

While other people could not hear the scream, the person in front of the man Aero just killed, hear the scream.

He turned around swiftly ready to attack but Aero deflected that sword heading to him by using his saber.

The man arms felt like he just punches into a wall of metal.

Before he could organize his next move, Aero hand moved forward and grabbed that man throat.

That man tries to struggle and break free from Aero grip.

But to his shock, he finds that the grip on his throat is as hard as metal as he could not budge that grip no matter how he struggles.

Shock and despair appeared in his eyes. He could not understand why this person targeted him. If Aero could hear what this person thought right now he would laugh.

Everyone in this battlefield targeted everyone.

The fact that this person still survives after leaving his back to someone else in a battlefield where everyone is out for themselves is what dumbfounded Aero.

Aero only shook his head looking pitifully at him and without mercy squeezed with his left hand and a bang sound rang in the air.

That man head exploded turning into a firework of blood and meat and Aero moved away quickly, his white robe was stained with red blood.

Melding into the chaotic background of this battle, Aero stalk his next victim

He keeps killing people and by now his kill count has reached fifty people when Aero sense senses something and he turned around.

Someone is looking at him with killing intent. Then he felt that change in the air and his eyes narrowed, and his body moved.

He dodges to the side as a spear whistled past him. If that spear hit his body, it would be nothing for him. But it would reveal his identity. Everyone who knows Aero of the East knows that had that peculiar ability to be immune to normal weapons.

The moment that his identity being revealed, Aero had no doubt that the entire Plain would want to kill him.

It is also why he wanted to kill these people other than trying out his theory of achievement.

When he kills them they would turn into motes of light and when this quest ended, they will return back to life.

But they would surely be weaker with one of their skills erased.

At that time, even Aero had his identity revealed he would at least suffer a little bit less considering that others would probably be weaker than him.

He is just taking precaution. Now, someone had targeted him even when he is wearing a disguise and nearly destroy his plan.

He looks toward a distance and saw a woman.

She was wearing green armor and she was surrounded by five people.

'Who is she?' Aero thought.

If Aero was not so high in his status, he would have known this woman. In Aero journey in Vilajeri Continent, there was only a few people that is worth his attention.

There is Zeus in the Northern Region, one of the strongest warrior in the world and possess the love of Olympus and its Gods.

Then there is Arianna of the South with her divine ability from the Church of Light. Other than these two person, no one could make him concerned.

But to many people of the battlefield and the other people, there is many heroes and heroine in Vilajeri Continent.

If Aero, Ariana and Zeus is called the Three Great Pillars then this woman in green is just below them in status and recognition

Of course if the woman knew she just provoked one of the Three Great Pillars she would be running for her life right now.

But Aero is wearing a disguise and his face is as generic as it was. There is nothing extraordinary and striking about his feature. It is a forgettable face

This woman is the so called Lady of Vanan. Vanan federation is one of those regime that fell when Ariana of Zun expand her conquest eastward.

She is one of the rebel leaders fighting the occupation of the Church in her land.

For the people of Vanan she is a hero and she is also very powerful figure controlling many of the rebel factions in the South.

The three people protecting her is none other than her companion. They remembered each other and they immediately offer their services to her.

But many people don't know her Legacy.

She got the Legacy of Fiore.

Fiore is a legendary tracker.

She could track everything and no form of concealments, disguises or hiding formation could hide from her eyes.

But clearly she did not master her skill to ultimate level yet considering she couldn't see Aero real appearance hiding behind that generic face.

Aero on the other hand look at that woman with killing intent.

It is clear when he hides the only one that could see him was her and not the other three people.

The other three people is trying to catch up to his speed but their eyes and perception is not fast enough.

That woman for some weird reason, even though her reaction is slow and she could not follow his speed, she could always pinpoint where he was.

Aero felt like every path he took is revealed to her. And that is not a good feeling for him.

He tries to think who this woman was and whether his memory has her in it.

Aero actually read once about her. While Aero did not recognize her, if Kyle was here he would surely recognize her.

Of course Aero also got her information from his spies but he couldn't remember her.

Not to mention, even his memories did not return in full yet.

Other than those he had met and feel strongly about, he did not remember a person who is, for lack of a better word, small fry.

All he knew that woman could see him even when he is trying to hide himself among the crowd

'I need to kill her first' He decided in his heart. He could see those five people are guarding her very tightly.

Around her anyone that near her, would be killed by his three bodyguard. This might deter other people but to Aero this kind of thing is just a mere decoration.

Aero killing intent is roaring to get out but he stays calm and did not himself be controlled by his emotions right now.

'I will kill you' A person was about to attack him and Aero did not even spare that approaching person a glance as he just swings his saber casually as that person entire body split into two and flew into two different directions.

His left part of the body flew to the left and his right side of the body fell to the right.

'The moment I arrive in front of you, you will die' Aero said without uttering a word.

He knew the woman could see her so he spoke without a word so that woman could read his lips.

The moment that woman saw it her face turns pale but there is also this trace of defiance in her eyes.

Aero snickers as he decided to let off that woman with warning. That is enough he thinks to himself.

He thinks this is enough to intimidate that woman as he once again melded into the battle ground.

The woman in the green robe look at that area her eyes narrowing and she said to her bodyguards

'We need to keep a look out for that person before. He is catching up to me' Her bodyguard nodded as the grip their weapons tighter.

This woman eyes could still catch the figure of that man while her bodyguard has lost him.

Her eyes turn cold as she said

'People who talk big, always die first'


A new character has apperead as Aero is slwoly accumulating his kill count. Would not say too mcuh on this chapter. Though, I still hope to read your comments. And like always leave some votes and gifts. Hehehe
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