Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero look at the battle and the sea of people killing and motes of light rising up to the sky and he know this is the perfect place to show and use all of his savageness.

When they return back to Vilajeri Continent, there would not be many occasion where he could let loose like this.

He could train his body and remember back how to fight. There is nothing for him to be afraid of.

He has his invincible body and there is no Zeus or Arianna here. There is no rival that could even made him sweat.

He is practically matchless here.

Since he did not have to worry about those people, why would he not try to confirm what is on his mind right now?

As he was thinking of all this benefits and reasons, Kyle was thinking for a while about Aero plans and then he asks Aero.

'What is in it for me?' Aero smiles. He likes people like Kyle who is easy to talk to.

'The sabretooth.' Aero replied. Kyle eyes widened

'You would let me kill it?'

Aero nodded. Kyle then think about it for a moment, then he nodded slowly.

'I'm in' Aero let out a chuckle.

'Good. Then you try to kill the sabretooth while I sneak into the battlefield killing as many people as I can. Do remember that don't kill the sabretooth to early. When you are about to kill, I bet everyone will want to stop you killing it. At that time, you just have to retreat and let them fight among themselves. I want you to create chaos so my presence in the battlefield could not be identify.  I will sneak among these people and kill them one by one. By the time they realized I was there, it would be too late'

Then laughing Aero said coldly.

'By the end, it will only be you and me on the battlefield' It was a pretty optimistic conclusion.

Kyle then look at Aero and ask

'Will you betray me?' He said ta very calmly like he was talking about the weather.

Aero smiles and said

'I could kill you right now' Aero said calmly and Kyle laugh. He understands what Aero is saying. Considering his strength, he did not need to lie to him right now.

Even if Aero wanted to betray him could he stop him?

Kyle do not underestimate himself and his power but facts are fact. He knows for a fact that if he fought with Aero, he would be dead.

Since Aero said that, then Kyle instead of feeling mad or cautions, he felt at ease. Since he knows it is worthless to worry about, he could be at ease.

That is why Aero said it like that.

Because he knows Kyle could understand.

Even Aero himself do not know why he was so sure that Kyle would understand what he was trying to say and the meaning behind it.

He then thought to himself. Maybe before the calamity, he and Kyle is good friends or something

Kyle nodded and said

'Fine. I'll do that' Then he did not say anything else as he rushes to the battle. Aero on the other hand quickly move away from the battle and disguise himself

It is his most basic skill

He uses two of his skill points to level up his disguise skill. Out of the three skill points he had got from choosing his noble house, now he only has one

He checks the Disguise skill status window.


Able to disguise to be a monster and people that you have encountered or defeated. As the ranks increase you can learn to disguise to other thing even lifeless things. It would be better if you train using this regularly to accustom yourself with the transformation.

Restriction: Must defeated the monster that you want to disguise. Helps if you can focus the feature of the thing you wanted to disguise.

-Require three skill points to rank up the skill-

Then he disguises himself perfectly to a generic face. It is one of the soldiers he killed in the battle in front of the gate of Veva.

Smiling and satisfied with his disguise he rushes to the battlefield.

As he rushes to the battlefield he notices that a warrior had seen him disguise himself. And form the look of shock on his face, that person recognize who he really is.

Aero of the East face is not a secret to many people.

He is one of the most recognizable face in Vilajeri Continent and that was the reason he disguises himself.

If they knew Aero of the East is among them, then without a doubt, fearing him and his power, all of these people would turn their target to him

That is why Aero take the time to use the Disguise skill on himself. Lizhu Gerard must also have such difficulties in his rise to power

No wonder Disguise is a legacy skill

Aero heart constricted before he changes his direction.

He made his decision in a split second

He had to shut that man up. And the only way to shut up such a person in this battlefield of greed is to kill him.

 With a lightning speed movement, he instantly appeared in front of the man and before he could even say his name and spread it to the rest of the battlefield, Aero slash down his saber and split that man into two.

As his blood spurted out from his split intestine like he was some kind of a blood bank that is leaking its content, he turned into motes of light that rises up into the blue skies.

Then as the screams and the explosion sound echoes and reverberates in this battlefield of chaos, Aero moved like a ghost among people as he killed them swiftly and efficiently.

Not ten second have passed and he already killed seven people

He moved about in the battlefield, his existence seems to be hidden by the chaos and death, while the sound of his footstep is drowned by the screams and shouting.

He was so calm walking on the battlefield that it was almost like he was walking on the park. With every move he will swing his saber to a person.

And each time, his saber will cut cleanly and quickly.

By now he had killed twenty people, each of them did not know who kill them and why.

The explosion in the distance as magic power distorts the air drown the noise of the scream and despair of those who were sacrificed to his blade.

He saw a person about to kill someone from behind. It was clear that this sneaky killer is the friend of that person.

That other person is also stupid to show his back. Aero could see the smirk on that sneaky person and Aero smiles.

He moves swiftly, his feet sidestepped a corpse as his feet rushed toward that person, his eyes glinted with killing intent

Aero possess a large amount of killing intent that would create a mist of hazy red fog if he ever unleashed it.

But he manages to restrain all of that killing intent into his eyes.

If anyone see his gaze their mind would be attacked by an illusion of death and never-ending torture of pain.

Because his gaze contained all of his killing intent and the hell of that battle in front of Veva Gate.

All of his experience and memories of killing people in the Vetten war and in Veva, all of that killing intent nourished by the resentment of the dead were all condensed into his gaze.

It would be no surprise that whoever saw his gaze, unless they possess powerful will would be instantly thrown into a hell of bloodshed


If you alos notice, the skills before that was more gamelike, in this new world, the skilsl they have seems to be more real. It wa slike they truly posses the pwoer and it is even affected by many other factors insated of only stats and levels. Even emotiosn is a factor.  I won't give too much spoilers. After all the story is just beginning.

Anyway, see you all tomorrow. Don't forget to leave some gifts, commenst and please vote for the stroy if you enjoy it.
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