Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero smiles as he could see Kyle could see what he could see. Aero nodded and then said at Kyle

'Yes' Kyle nodded too and sighed.

'They are not confused' Kyle stated matter-of-factly.

'Not at all' Aero replies with a smirk on the corner of his mouth.

'They are obstructing each other' Kyle added. Aero nodded in agreement

Then he said

'And while they are obstructing each other, the beast is healing itself. Even though I expected this to happen, I still didn't like seeing it. Ah, the burden of always being right'

Kyle understood it when he saw the battlefield for the second time. It was not they were mistakenly attack the other because of the chaos of the battle.

It was they targeted each other intentionally.

Nobody wanted the other to kill the beast and get that skill points. Maybe the Heavens has also predicted this. Maybe that is why they sent only one beast.

With all of these people fighting to get that reward, who would be so generous to help weaken the beast so that other could get the reward?

Isn't that kill steal?

As the people fights each other, each other preventing the other from killing that beast and get that skill point, the beast tore through one of the other lines of people and escape the encirclements.

Beneath its paw is bloody red trails as the people stop their attack against each other the moment the beast broke from their area.

Like they have made prior agreement, they stopped attacking each other. Then they chased the beast and they did not hesitate to pour down all their attacks on it.

But weirdly enough, each time the beast gets weak enough that someone could kill it, the battle will once again turn its target to people versus people.

 No one wanted to sacrifice their hard earned work for other people sake. And each time they clashed ten thousand of them die and turned into motes of lights that ascended to the skies, like they are leaving this world of pain and deceit.

Even those that did not want to get entangled with this were swept by it.

What they are seeing right now is war!

Hundreds of thousands live disappeared in the few seconds of each clash.

But if this is a war, this a messy war. Everyone is fighting for themselves and only for themselves.

Someone beside you could stab you on the side and the those that stab you on the side will then get stab by someone behind them

Nobody trusted anyone and nobody could sacrifice themselves.  Of course there are some of them who are smart and form partnership with people they trust.

But even that trust is built upon the concept of benefit.

Aero could see that while the humans fight among themselves that one beast that should have been killed numerous times if they really focused on killing it, escaped again

It would then regain back its strength, break away from the encirclement and then the battle stopped as they changed their target back to the beast before the cycle of greed continues.

'This beast is very smart, logical even' Aero said it to himself. Kyle also could see the intense clash between people and he click his tongue in dissatisfaction.

Clearly what they thought an easy job is proving to become harder than they expected.

'What should we do?' Kyle said as he watched at this pitiful battle.

Aero smiles and then crack his neck a bit. Then he said

'You see; I don't like killing people with my hand. Do you know why?' Kyle look at Aero and he shake his head. He knows he is about to break out his monologue again.

But since he is used to it, he plays along with it.

'Don't tell me is because you care for the sanctity of life or some shit like that' Kyle said.

'Because if you said that, that is the funniest joke I heard from you'

Aero smirks and then reply

'That is rather crude of you but no. I did not like to kill because when I kill I look like a brute. I like my image. I have this image of a peerless strategist, determining the outcome of a battle from the comfort of my residence and a respected scholar that advises the King. If people see me killing people in the battlefield like a butcher of men, how could I maintain that image? And I hated feeling the splash of blood on my skin. It is sticky and one could not say it has a pleasant smell'

Kyle then ask

'You mean you will not participate in this battle?' He knows that if Aero really unleash his full power he could be very deadly.

He is like Aero. He did not recover all of his memory yet but he does remember a few vague memories of how Aero appearing to be invincible in the field of battle.

Aero look at Kyle like he could not believe what he said. Then he said.

'Who said that?' His eye glint with killing intent. Aero is doing his best to restrain his killing intent from coming out.

'There is no common people here. No people of Vanheim. We are all the people of Western Heaven. And this is not Vilajeri Continent. This is Purgatory'

Kyle laughed and nodded as he understands what Aero is trying to say to him

'Then should we target the beast when it escaped and kill it? Or should we kill it when these people are busy killing each other? Though that would make ourselves a target since they would surely not let us easily to kill their prey' Kyle asked.

Aero did not answer immediately. When he saw this chaos in the distance he had already thought of another plan.

He wanted to kill the beast but there is also something he need to confirm. And to him, that was more important than having that five skill point rewards.

He then asks

'Do you trust me Kyle?'

'Never' he said but he gestures for Aero to continue. Aero only shake his head and smiles bitterly.

'We can do that or we can confirm something. Let me preface this by saying, you would not come out of the agreement and find yourself wanting'

Kyle was silent for a second before he said

'What do you want to confirm?'

Aero look at the battlefield and his eyes is looking at all of the people fighting, clashing and killing each other like they were in hell and this fight is their eternal punishment

There is this one word that come to his mind when he was running toward the beast. Then he said to Kyle


'What?' Kyle did not understand what Aero is trying to say

'I want to know if our deeds would become an achievement that the Heavens would reward'

Kyle then think over it and he nodded

'An achievement that the Heavens would reward? Like what?' Aero look in front of him and said with a chilling smile.

'Like killing all of these people' And he smiles evilly.


Next chapter tomorrow. And let the savage side of Aero released!
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