Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The beast roars as its roar reverberated across the Plain.

It then rushes toward the crowd of people and started slashing them with its claws and eating them like they were some snack of food

as its body is being pricked by many weapons but like its fur is made of metal only the sound of clanging metals could be heard.

In the distance, some Druids raise up the terrain underneath the feet of the beast.

But it seems like it could not even slow the sabretooth. It is agile and swift. As the terrain was raised up, it follows the flow of the area, jumping down and sometime using the terrain to its advantages as it keeps attacking the people.

The warrior was the first one that attacked it.

People wielding spears, and sword rushed forward. One swipe of the sabretooth beast, it slices them into two and they disappeared into motes of light that rises up to Heaven

But their death did not deter the fighting spirt of these warrior. Some of them are weak, but the weaker they are the more they wanted to kill the beast and get the skill points.

Behind them some magicians are sneak attacking the beast. Winds, water, fire and ice are all intertwined as it tries to attack the beats.

But the beast is not some unmoving target.

While some of the magic landed on it, it is quick on its feet as it mowed down the warrior and targeted the magician that is known to have weak physical body.

Just by ramming its gigantic massive frame it is enough to kill those weak magicians.

Archers in the distance tries to aim at its eyes. But to their surprise their arrows is not effective against the sabretooth tiger like its fur is made of metal.

The beast while being attacked by hundreds of people and had many wounds, it is after all still a powerful beast

Some of those that are weak to begin with had been trampled underneath its large paws while some other experience death by its claws.

Each time it smacks its paw to the ground, the ground trembles and the earth crack apart.

Each time it slashes its paw horizontally sharp wind gust follows that attack shredding the body of those who were to close or to slow to dodge or jump away.

Aero was on the back and he would be joining later but it won't matter. After all, the beast is not yet dead. As he run forward, his speed is like the wind.

Aero had the fighting spirit skill and that is a Superior rank skill.

His strength was already godly and as his fighting spirt burns, each time he took a step, the wind around him is on the verge of breaking creating a powerful gust that spiral around him as he run forward with the speed of lightning.

The ground around him cracked into a web like pattern as it spread from the point of his feet impact

As Aero rushed forward there was also a few people that wanted to gain the reward and trying to participate the battle.

Aero passes them by and they were thrown backward by the surrounding force surrounding Aero at the moment he was running.

The moment they felt that gust and saw that there is person running with wind gust spiraling out of control around the trails he left behind, those people change their intention to join the battle.

They only sighed regretfully as they look at Aero back

Behind Aero, is a man riding a ball of fire underneath his feet.

'Fuck!' He cursed as he looks at his companion His companion also sighed.

'It is not worth it! It is not like we are going to win if there is a person like that joining the battle' His companion nodded in agreement

He then said

'It is better we find a place to hide and survive until the end. If we are too greedy then we might end up as those warriors'

The other friend nodded

They were about to go to the other side to avoid the hustle and bustle on the center area when suddenly he stopped.

'What? Why are you stopping Westley? We need to hurry up. It seems we are not the only one thinking of only surviving. Let those people bet their lives. Don't change your mind right now'

Westley shake his head and said

'I am not changing my mind. I am just wondering about something'

He looks back at the two figure that was about to join the battle with the monster and suddenly his eyes widened.

'Don't you think that man wearing the white robe look familiar?'

'Hmm?' His other companion said as he too stopped his movement and look back behind him. Then like he realizes something, he gulped

'Aero of the East!' They both said at the same time.

Then laughing at themselves they said

It is better not to provoke him. Who doesn't know Aero of the East, Zeus of the North and Ariana of the South?

His friend nodded as they quickly move away from the center of that battle.

The booming of the magical spells and the sound of metal clanging echoes in this plain as the wind bring the smell of death and the atmosphere around the plain turns murderous and full of death

Aero did not realize he pass those two people as his fighting spirit was brought out to the maximum.

His eyes now have a certain pressure that could made a person tremble from their souls and the aura around him is getting stronger the closer he is coming to the beast

His body could endure the speed that his body is moving because of his Divine Endurance which is at the Supreme Rank.

Basically he has an unlimited stamina.

He could even bear the weight of the world that Atlas have been punished for. Behind him Kyle is having difficulties following him but then Aero suddenly stopped.

They finally arrived at the area of the battle. In the distance battle raged on with no sides discernible.

Kyle dispel his magical fire wheel and floated down beside Aero.

'What? Why did you stop?'

'Look' Aero said.

Kyle look in front of him and all he could see was chaos all around.

There is magic thrown around, spears and javelin thrown about. Some of them did not even reach the sabretooth.

Because of the chaos, their spells and thrown weapon instead of attacking the beast, it attacked them. In the fog of war and the chaos this is understandable.

But for some reason Kyle felt like there is something wrong about this battlefield. Something very wrong.

'They should have been calmer.' Kyle said.

As they were talking, a spear suddenly comes out from an explosion of the ground. The spear is made from the combination of stones and soil and its tips is so sharp that the reflection of the plain could be seen on it.

It is an offensive magic attack. And it is clear that magic attack is aimed at Kyle head.

Kyle did not even have time to react to this sudden unprovoked attack before the spear is in front of his eyes.

He closed his eyes waiting for his death but he did not feel anything.

Opening back his eyes he saw the spear stopped short only a few inches from his forehead. He took a step back and saw that Aero hold the end of the spear.

Aero was smiling as he was holding the spear.

'You should have been more cautious, Kyle' Aero said. His eyes seem to be shining with a glint of murderousness

His eyes seem to be looking at some direction of the battlefield.

He saw a man in a magician robe quickly hidden himself into the chaos of the battle after his attempt at assassination failed.

Then he grasps it tightly as the spear of earth exploded and turns into debris of stones and soils falling to the ground

Aero closes his eyes for a moment, taking a breath as he soaked up this atmosphere of death and despair. He then opens his eyes again and pointed at the battlefield.

'Look again' Aero said. Kyle nodded and then look at the battlefield again. He saw the same thing he sees before. Death, killing and a new scene.


'Ah' he said. He finally understands why he was targeted. He finally understands why he felt so weird when he saw the battlefield before.


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