Age of Adventure
211 LET’S GO
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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211 LET’S GO

Aero look at the man as he restrains back his Killing Intent and quickly release his grip. That person hand falls lifeless into the ground.

The man snorted as he aligned back his bones as the sound of loud cracking could be heard from that person arm.

'Throwing people, huh. This is new. This is not how you treat the people that save you, Aero.' that man said snorting derisively.

But it was also familiar.

This man is close to him and Aero knows him. The moment he saw that face in front of him, memory come rushing back into his mind.

Though there are still some vague memory about this person, it did not stop Aero from recognizing who this person is.

Aero while he was shocked seeing a familiar face, it did not take long for him to regain back his calmness

Aero then sighed and replied with

 'Well, I did repay you already'

'Aero' He said his name with a hint of displeasure. The man is patting his purple robe ass grass fall down from his robe.

He shakes his head like could not believe what just happen.

Behind his back is magic staff and the appearance of this man is handsome. He has long blonde hair that reached his neck.

His hair is slightly messy but that was to be expected after being hurled and slam into the ground.

It would be impressive if his hair stays at it position even after all that. That man is tall around six feet four and his body is muscly but lean.

He radiated power of authority.

'Kyle. It has been a long time' Aero said, his face smiling. He clearly didn't feel guilty doing what he did.

Kyle only smiles bitterly

'Is it? Has it really been that long. My memory is still blurry' Kyle replies. 

Aero nodded in agreement. Truth is he didn't know whether it has been long or brief moment since they used to meet each other

What is happening toward them right now is a mystery

'Me too' Aero said. And Kyle shows a sad smile.

 Then there was a little bit of silence between them.

They look at each other with bitter smiles.

They remember each other and the feeling between them is complicated. To Aero it might not be that complicated but for Kyle, his heart has always been complicated when he is with Aero.

As Aero remembers his past defeating Vetten invasion force Kyle too remember that event.

But he also remembers how he defected to Vanheim and gain glorious appointment into the military.

Fall because of Aero, rise because of Aero. What an ironic fate! Aero then said

'Since we are granted new life, then let us treat bygones be bygones'

Kyle nodded

'Yes. It is better we sort all these feeling after we get out of this purgatory'

Around them there is chatter all around. People are beginning interacting with other people and talking. Everyone have different reaction to this sudden weird event.

The wind of the Plain blows slowly but one could feel the slow tension that is building up.

'You still remember the war?' Kyle suddenly ask

'Which one?' Aero still did not remember everything.

One of the most recent memories he remembers was the Feats of the Western gate and his identity and a few of his quest and journey

Other than that, his memory is still full of fog of mystery and uncertainty. Kyle look at Aero and it is clear he still didn't remember everything. He too did not remember everything

'I guess I remember the war and you remember other things' Kyle finally said. Aero nodded. His eyes are scanning his environment

'Still have all your magician skills?' Aero asked.

Kyle flick his finger and fire forms on the tip of his fingers. He smiles and nodded with that smug smile. Aero just shakes his head, there is a smile on his face.

His mind is already thinking about the quest. But there is one thing that is still nagging on the back of his mind

It is better to clear it up before he made the next move

'What is the memory you remember?'

Kyle sighed

'I guess it is not that important to treat it as a secret. Since sooner or later you will remember it, it would be better to just say it to you now.'

Then he come closer to Aero and explain to him what he remembers

'The march to Duvar. King Edward march to Duvar and was elected as the Holy Emperor of Vanheim by the Holy Capital of Duvar. We fought a battle when there is some Niovar rebels that tried to attack the King. You surmise it was Veva intervention but we never found any proof. We were together fighting side by side in the battlefield though you hide my merit from the King'

Aero still did not remember about that particular memory but he said

'That does sound like me. But if I do hide your merit, don't you think I have my own reasons?'

Aero knows one thing about himself. If he had done such thing and Kyle knows about it and still stays in the Imperial Court, then that only means he still treats Kyle as his ally.

If he really thought of Kyle as his enemies, he as the Chancellor of Vanheim would not let him live in the same realm as him.

He would either be dead or stripped so much of his power that he couldn't even resist. Kyle nodded and said

'I know. After I calm my heart and thinking about the matter for a while, knowing your normal methods, there must be a reason why you did that. Because even after that, in my memories, we still get along just fine. I just couldn't remember why

'Well, you and me both' Aero replied. Then now that his curiosity has been sated, he asks

'Did you get the quest too?'

'To find the Gate?' Kyle asked back. Aero nodded

Kyle then could understand immediately why Aero is asking him this

'You want to team up?' Aero smiles and said.

'I like smart people' He then added

'It is better than doing it alone. And looking at it, we are not the only ones that think of such ideas'

Aero then pointed to other people in the distance. They walked to each other and they too seem to all know each other.

Kyle was a decisive man and he said

'Fine. It could be worse' Aero smiles.

'Where should we go?' He asked.

As Aero is about to answer, Aero saw something in the distance. A large figure walking with four legs.

Kyle did not see it but anyone that is looking at the same direction that Aero is looking right now is also shocked to see it.

In the distance is a sabretooth tiger appearing out of nowhere in the horizon. Its height is around eight feet

A monster! He thought to himself. Before Aero could even exclaimed, the sound of screams could be heard.


People are running around in the distance as the monster dash forward, to the crowd of people, killing the unprepared easily with a swipe of its paw

Kyle immediately turn his head and saw the beast in the distance

'What the hell?'

A voice sounded in his mind


Kill the sabretooth monster or survive until it is killed or moved away.

Kill reward: Four skill points

Surviving reward: Two skill point

Aero then look at Kyle and ask confidently

'What should we do?' But when he asks this question to Kyle, his eyes are already brimming with the intent to fight

And Kyle could also feel it, that fighting desire and the killing intent that is slowly being unleashed by Aero

'Should we try to kill it?'

Kyle ponder the question for a while.

He looks at Aero and while there is still many he did not remember he remember that this Aero that look like a weak scholar, having lean body and look gentle on the outside, have some divine power that enables him to fight off forty thousand soldiers by his lonesome.

He could be considered a one-man army.

Even though he was the Chancellor and respected by the scholars of Vanheim, the military hardliners respected him more and his status in the military is the same as Duke Bradheim

The fact that small body could radiate ferociousness that would overwhelm even the most powerful beast is not something that Kyle would forget

And Kyle himself is not too shabby. He is a General of the army and his skills in magic made him formidable and famous.

His magic could bring heat from beneath the world and change water into spiking snow.

While his skill is not considered Supreme rank skills, he is still able to keep toe to toe with the many other great magicians in the Vilajeri Continent

He snorted and look at Aero with that intent to challenge.

 Aero smiles and laughed.

Kyle look at the beast in the distance and there is no trace of fear in his eyes.

He too got the quest and he too wanted the skill points. If he could raise his Fire Magic skills to Advanced level, he would gain more power.

So, he laughed with that fearless attitude, and he brought out his staff. 

the staff behind his back turns into a flash of light and appearing on his palm and instantly morphs into his staff again.

Aero could already guess his answer and he smiles. Kyle look at him and said with an excited tone

'Let's go'

Aero nodded but he did not yet move from his spot. In the distance some people who were late to responded was instantly being eaten by the sabretooth tiger

Those people turn into motes of light before disappearing to the boundless blue sky above.

They did not immediately resurrect and they did not appear and that is when Aero had a hunch. He had a hunch that they would reappear after this matter is concluded.

Whether the sabretooth dies under the hands of the people, or all the people here dies and the sabretooth went away.

In the end, if you do not fight you would die and lose your skills. Aero eyes shines with a killing glint, like a predator looking at his prey.

If the only choice is that, then it is better for me to fight.

'Should I use the saber?' He asked himself

He looks around at the chaos that the monster is wreaking right now and he said to himself with a sly smile on his face.

'I guess it would be a little cooler to use my saber instead of my bare hand' Aero could also see that not all people are as defenseless. Some people are coming forward to kill the monster.

After all, if they all work together, it probably would be easy to kill the monster. Aero then take one last look and he saw there is no Zeus and he smiles as he nodded to Kyle.

Then looking at the sky he said

'If there is no Zeus here, then I have no match!' Smiling he unsheathe his saber and the cry of dragons could be heard.

Then he shouted

'Let's go!'

Kyle and Aero rushed forward to the battle that is ongoing on the crowd of people.


Finally there is action. This world is not yet the Viljaeri COntinent but kind of like Purgatory. If you ntoice no one was weirded out by the voice in their heads. You, the readers know that they are people from Earth Two (If you read Lord Shadow you know what I mean) and was transported into the game Brave World.

But waht you dont know is who trsnported them, what is this Western Heavens and the endgame of thsoe who send them to the world game other than the fact that Takashi wnated to save humanity from the meteor.

But is is really that simple? Anyway, hope you like the chapter. And if you like it leave some comments and please vote for teh stroy. You coudl also check my youtube channle and subscribe to show your support.

I jsut post thinsg about idols there so those who are not on those scene, you might not like it.

See you all tomorrow.
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