Age of Adventure
210 A QUEST 2
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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210 A QUEST 2

Only then he knows how amazing he really is.

Chancellor of Vanheim, hero of Vanheim, the General Who pacified the North, Son of Thetis, possessing invulnerable body

He did not immediately pick his noble house though he does have an idea of which one to pick. He first need to make sense a few things, he knows he come from Western Heaven.

And maybe the people around here he sees also come from Western Heaven.

He did not think about that for long as he thinks it is better if he tries to understand what more the statue display could tell him

He checks about items. It was then he understands something.

Item is divided by Ranks.

There is Weak, Strong, Hero rank, Rare rank, Unique rank, legendary rank and Godly rank. And there is also rank of mastery

The rank of mastery started with Basic (I). Then it is followed by Beginner (II), Adept (III), Advanced (IV), Superior (V), Master (VI) and Supreme (VII)

From basic to Advanced it all could be rank up by using skill points. But once you wanted to rank up to Superior rank, you must solve a destiny fated quest.

And the items rank also correspond to mastery rank.

For example, Repair skill that is in the Advanced rank could repair all items below rare rank and even repair rare rank.

But those who have repair skill in Advanced rank could not repair Unique rank items unless they rank up their repair skill.

In other words, rank of mastery also affect how you would do with your own items.

For example, using a Unique rank weapon while using a skill in the Advanced rank would affect how that skill come out.

There needs to be balance.

For example, if Aero uses a Supreme rank skill while wielding a Basic rank items, the basic rank item probably could not bear the pressure of the skill and broke down.

Aero nodding to himself as he is understanding the terms and the status window, swipe the status window away.

He then checks his items windows.



-It is a legendary sword use by Alain IV, the ancestor of King George. Myths had said that when Alain IV hold the saber, the roar of dragon could be heard in the sky. By holding this sword, fire damage would lessen on one body and could eve heal burns and scar caused by fire. To unseal the sword, one had to seek clues by oneself-


- It is Lizhu Gerard robe during the Hegemony War. It had a certain magic that make it durable even under any weather. Only those who have the legacy of Lizhu Gerard could wear the robe and assume that disposition of looking down upon the mortal world with disdain. To unseal the robe one had to find more legacy of Lizhu Gerard-


- It is a mystical fan that Lizhu Gerard stole from Princess of Wind Valley to surpass the Fire Mountain. Right now it has nothing of its former ability. Other than calming one heart when nervous and bring cool air to oneself, it has no other use. In its unsealed state it could summon winds and storms, calm the seas and change the weather. To unseal the robe one had to find more legacy of Lizhu Gerard-

Aero then swipe the item window away and when he summons the items, it come out. When he thinks about the fan, the fan appears in his hand.

He opens it up with a swish and he waves the phoenix feather on his face as he could feel the breeze that is cooler than even the plains wind.

And no wonder he was dressed in white robe.

He then looks back at the noble houses and he pick the only one he had his eyes on. The Carlingian.

Then he could feel there is a subtle change in his body. He looks at his skill points and saw three skill points unused.

He looks at all his skills and he did not hesitate to want to use his skill points to rank up his skills.

'But which one?' He asked himself.

Since he already has an almost unkillable body except the weakness of his heel, there is not many things he needed to level up.

Truth is, Aero think this skill point is not easily given. This skill points are also only given to him because he has chosen a kingly noble houses.

How about the lesser noble houses? They might only get one skill points and an inferior ability.

But as he was about to choose one his skill to rank up its level the cold voice sounded once agin in his mind.

Right now he felt accustomed to hearing that voice in his mind.


You are one of the many spirit from another realm that has been transported to this world from a great calamity.

This place you are standing now is Purgatory. This is the Plain of Peace area

For the people of this world their time has stopped when the mass exodus of the people of Western Heaven deserted them

Heaven is merciful and will send you all to return to that world from that time when you all have deserted them in their time of need.

Find the Gates that will lead you all to the mortal world.

Be careful since there is the monster and dangerous beast. If you died in here, you will be resurrected back but there will be a penalty of losing your skills.

(Warning: You will be spawned back at this Plain of Peace)

But in danger lies opportunity.

Travel around this Purgatory world and find the exit and if you are resourceful you will be able to trigger a quest from Heaven and have the chance to find legacy items of old forgotten legends

If you become the first person to found the Gate you will be rewarded with five skill points. If you find it with another person, the Heavens will calculate you achievement to find the Gate

Then the voice ended. Aero sighed. Then slowly he looks around him, his eyes concentrating on the other people near him.

His eyes narrowed.

he noticed he was not the only one that is looking around. The other people in here is also looking at other people.

It seems they too got the same quest as him.

Many of them have stand up and they too slowly recovering their memories. Aero eyes narrowed.

He sighed like he felt tired and his head is thinking many things right now. That headache is also still present.

'Hmm' He said to himself.

This is a large plain without anything obstructing his sight. There is not a gate in the distance. There are not even any signs of settlement around here.

Then they must travel more and further than this. He also remembers that the quest mentioned of monsters and beast.

With his strength he did not have to worry that much about best ambush. Unless of course he gets bitten in his ankle. That would be a pretty funny way to die.

Bitten by a snake, the great hero of Vanheim, the Chancellor and Aero of the East died with white froth splurging from his mouth

Just thinking about it made Aero felt he needs to take more precaution.

He looks down at his ankle area opening his boot and saw there is a shining golden metal covering the area around his ankle.

He struggles to remember who gave him this metal sheet but he could not for the life of him remember who.

He shakes his head and then decided that since he could not remember right now it is better not to force it.

'In time it will come' he said to himself, consoling his uncertain heart. Then he focused himself again. He is now ready to face this new world that has presented itself in front of him.

He is also curios of how all of the people here could hear the voice of heaven.

He did not know why he did not feel fear or even weird hearing the cold voice that called itself heaven speaking to his mind.

It was like he was familiar with it.

There is not even a hint of fear or awe when he heard the voice. It was more like heard it and felt indifferent about it.

'Hmm. I should see whether there is someone I know among the crowd'

Aero had quickly set his own objective. He need to leave this Plain and find the gate. They at least need to get out of this place before making any other plans.

They come from Western Heaven and its seem they have suffered a calamity, as the Heavens transported them into a new world.

But it seems, the people of the Western heaven has once set foot into this new world since he is famous in this world.

'Let that matter lie for a bit.' Aero look in front of him and his eyesight is very good. Maybe it is because of the Curse of Styx or maybe because he is a powerful person, his eyesight is extremely good.

He did not saw anyone he knows.

But it is a sea of people. And there is still other people in the distance. Maybe if he walked there he would see some face that he recognizes.

There is a sea of people and they might not all have good intention. Especially considering the quest hints.

If you died, then your skills would be weakened.

Inside this crowd of people, there must be some ambitious one that wanted to find the gate and claimed that five skill points for themselves.

If that is the case, there is one other way to make sure that you would be the one that found the gate

Kill anyone that could be seen as a threat.

If they are a strong people, then gang up against him and kill him.

Each time that person would resurrect, he would become weaker and weaker until he had no chance to fight and resist at all

That is one way going about this quest. Thought Aero could not yet confirm that the quest he received is the same as those people, he had quite an intuition of thing like this

But Aero was not afraid. Instead he was smiling

He was ready to bring out his saber out of the sheathe if there is anyone stupid enough to fight against him right now

He even wonders whether he even needs to use the saber since he is already powerful in terms of his body ability.

'First, I need to get out of this Plain area. The quest hinted that this Plain is called the Plain of Peace. It specified it as an area. Then if there is a Plain area, it also means that there must be another area. And that is where I think I will find the clue' Aero thought to himself.

As Aero was engrossed in his thought suddenly someone hold his shoulder.

The moment he felt that sensation on his shoulder, suddenly everything slowed down around him.

It was not that time is moving slowly, it was his instinct powering up his perception as everything seems slow

But he just got his memories so he is not accustomed feeling this sensation yet so his next action was something that is purely reflexive.

Aero responded through muscle memory. The next action of his is an action he had always done before.

He holds that hand and with his power that akin to a God of Olympus, grab it forward over his head as he slams that person into the ground before him

Aero then look at the person, ready to finish him off before he went still and his eyes widened. That person is looking dumbfounded at him and he too widened his eyes in shock

'You!' Aero exclaimed

This chaos is not noticed by other people in the Plain because right now everyone is also thinking about the quest.

On the other hand, as the quest is being announced into the minds of these people, dark eyes seem to glow in the darkness of the Forest Area.


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