Age of Adventure
209 A QUEST 1
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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209 A QUEST 1

The moment the cold voice sounded, it gave him an intrduction.


I am the voice of Heavens.

I will be giving an introduction to your new life

You are one of the many spirit from another realm that has been transported to this world from a great calamity. Your memories are returning but you have no roots or family in this new world. The Heaven will evaluate your past deed and help you in your assimilation with the people of this world

Then a few words displayed itself in front of him

-Determining origins-

-Origins determined-


'Western Heaven?' Aero asked himself.

Then after that the cold voice sounded once again in his head.

-There are thousands of noble houses to choose from someone who come from Western Heaven-

Then another display of words appears in front of Aero eyes.

-Evaluating past deeds-

-Evaluation finished-


After evaluating past deed, Aero is a famous person in this world.

Possessing the legacy of the Divine Strategist Lizhu Gerard, Aero has made his name in this word.

Assisting the righteous monarch, saving the people of the world, promoting peace and pacifying the regions of Vanheim. Desiring to unite the world and bring harmony to all.

Aero is titled he General Who pacified the North by the King of Vanheim, granted the position of Chancellors and the Nereid Thetis adopted him as her son.

Respected by the common people and regarded as the teacher of King George, he is also known as Aero of the East.

Afflicted by the curse of Styx Aero possessed an invulnerable body, and could not be killed by mortal weapon unless they targeted his ankle.

Result of the evaluation is that this character is worthy to choose out of the ten kingly noble houses and could claim descent from these line of Kings

Then after that long introduction, Aero saw a display

-Please choose one out of the ten house that you could pick. Be careful you could not change your house once you decided on it unless you apply for a Destiny Quest from the Heavens-

Aero instinctively tap the invisible status display and then it expands down showing ten name of kingly noble houses.

Why did he know how to do that? It was like he was familiar with it?

He put the thought on the back of his head as he looks at the ten names of the noble houses.

He saw the first one.


-          One of the oldest but extinct noble houses in the Western Heaven. It is a prestigious house of Old nobility. Choosing it would give you the ability to claim ancestry from this lineage and will be granted three skill points all at once to level up your mastery given by the Heavens -

He then checks out below it.


-          It is an ancient ruling family of one of the largest kingdoms in the Western Heaven. They united their people and conquered their enemies with great tenacity. They extended their rule extensively and known to be very brutal. You could claim yourself as the Sons of Merovech and gain the Seal of Kings enabling you to create your own kingdom and empire and attracting talents from other people from Western Heaven. By choosing this noble house, the character will get one skill points and the Seal of Kings -


-          The Romanovs is an ancient family on the Western Heaven that ruled in a land covered with snow and eternal winter. By choosing one would get immunity from the cold of winter, hardness of body, two skill points and a large Warhorse that did not need to eat or drink-


-          The House of Oldenburg is one of the most influential Western Heaven noble house in ancient times. By choosing this use the character will get one skill points and a favor from the Heavens.

Not far away from him that person who is looking at the display is hesitating as he wanted to quickly go to Aero. But he sighed as he need to finish choosing first.

After Aero check all ten of the noble houses it was more of the same.  There is the Bourbon, the Stuarts, the Capet, Hapsburg and two others.

No matter which he chooses he would get a skill points and a few perks and abilities. But what is skill points and where would he use it?

The moment he thought about this, that cold voice asked

-The synchronization has been completed-

-Some of redundant skill was removed as it hinders with the synchronization of host with the new world. Do you want to check your status window right now? -

Aero think of it in his mind and then his status window is displayed in his mind.




Grand Strategist


Western Heaven


General Who Pacified the North


Son of Thetis


Nobleman (Vanheim)


Curse of the Styx





A skill that could increase your strength or paralyze weaker monster and men by only looking at their eyes. Emanated an aura of fighting that is helpful in helping allies to gain morale in battle and weaken enemy morale when hit by such powerful aura.

-Need to undergo a destiny fated quest to gain the opportunity to reach the Master rank



It will enable the character to retain stamina longer. The skill has reached Supreme level. It is a godly endurance that could even endure the weight of the world in one shoulder. The Endurance skill morphed into Divine Endurance because of the Curse of the Styx. If you lost the curse of the Styx, the Divine part will be stripped from the evaluation of the skill.



It enables the character to recruit people easily and give one an aura of approachability. The people of this world would be attracted to join you. You could even persuade them to choose their own legacy if your influence over them is strong. The ranking evaluation was adjusted because of the influence the character possesses in the world. However, for those who are affected negatively by you, this skill would prove ineffective.

-Require five skill points to rank up the skill-




Enables the character to be proficient in handicraft.

-Require four skill points to rank up the skill-



Enables the character to be proficient in tailoring. Could sew own clothes and repair clothes at this rank. However, the quality would leave much to be desired.

-Require four skill points to rank up the skill-



Enables the character to be proficient in blacksmithing. Could only hammer the metal but do not know how to forge any Hero rank item. Could only forge Strong rank items and repair Weak rank items. Could only smelted low rank ore.

-Require three skill points to rank up the skill-



Enables the character to be proficient in repairing mechanical stuff. To learn how to repair armor increased the rank of blacksmithing or learn forging metals. Could only repair low level machinery.

-Require three skill points to rank up the skill-




This skill would enable the character to produce a roar from their mouth that could break morale and deafen the ears.

The skill has reached Supreme level. It is a godly roaring that could reach Olympus.

However, the character is not recommended to use it always since it could only be used three times a day before the character throat would be parched and the divine part of the roar would be unusable for that day. However, when one had use the Divine Roar ability three times in one day, the skill would revert back to the skill Roar. The Roar skill morphed into Divine Roar because of the Curse of the Styx. If you lost the curse of the Styx, the Divine part will be stripped from the evaluation of the skill.



Killing intent is produced from killing people and monster. To rank up the skill one had to kill and experience bloodshed. At current rank, you could produce a baleful aura that could disrupt one mind and made them instantly fear you. Very useful in intimidating people and would even give you more energy when fighting and killing while enveloping oneself with killing intent.

However, do be careful to not be swallowed by the negative emotion that could make one to do regrettable things.

-Require more killing to rank up the skill-



Able to disguise to be a monster and people that you have encountered or defeated. As the ranks increase you can learn to disguise to other thing even lifeless things. It would be better if you train using this regularly to accustom yourself with the transformation.

Restriction: Must defeated the monster that you want to disguise. Helps if you can focus the feature of the thing you wanted to disguise.

-Require two skill points to rank up the skill-



This skill helps you to attract monster to attack you. It could even affect people if the taunt is close to their complex and the weakness in their hearts. If uses correctly could even induce manic rage on other people, thus rendering him incapable of thinking logical thoughts

-Require three skill points to rank up the skill-



Ability to use complex systems of communication and learning other languages easily and without effort. With this skill you can understand complex symbols and divine meaning by spending some time looking at it and deriving its meaning from your own understanding. This ability also enables you to speak with spirits and Divine Beast.

-Require three skill points to rank up the skill-



 The legacy skill of Lizhu Gerard it enables you to drain the life force and energy of the people and uses it to rejuvenate your body, heals your injuries. Lizhu Gerard learn this technique after he had retreated from the court life and become a powerful warrior (mxxxial axxist) [ Did not yet meet the requirement to view the info]

However, be careful since you could have your energy tied up in knot if you did not digest it carefully which would only bring more harm than good

-Need to undergo a destiny fated quest to gain the opportunity to reach the Master rank-



With this skill you could Analyze unknown object from this world and gain assistance. The higher the level of Analyzing, you could even use it to analyze the weakness of one attack, and weapons. Right now at Adept rank, you could analyze the weakness of any skill or weapon below your rank

-Require four skill point to rank up the skill-



With this skill, you could shoot out invisible force of energy from your finger. It is form from concentrated energy that is focused at one point in the finger and released. This skill is deadly, lethal and emphasize swiftness. It is one of Lizhu Gerard finger technique. With your current rank, the sharpness of your finger attack is like the sharpness of a baled that could cut a tree into two.

-Require four skill points to rank up the skill-



One of Lizhu Gerard legacy skills. Lizhu Gerard learned many styles of attack that are foreign for the part of the world he is inhabiting. It is a sword technique that could break any attack if it is ranked up until its most consummate rank. This technique emphasized internal energy and self-reflection. This technique is rarely seen in Vilajeri Continent. You have learned five of its moves from the Manual of the White Sword Technique. Find the other volumes to learn all the sword moves of the Divine Sword technique.

-Require five skill points to rank up the skill-





-The first move of the Divine Sword technique. With this move, you will cause your adversary's sword to drop through a strike from your sword, and then bring yourself immediately back to a readiness to strike. This method is combined with (Not learned yet), in which you will always strike with true force by swinging your sword toward the ground when your opponent's sword is about to drop.

Break those that is in your way without hesitation with one slash of the sword.



-The second move of the Divine Sword technique. With this sword move, you are to start off by assuming a posture in which you are not to use your hands. You are to think of getting your body close to your opponent before striking him. However, if you think of reaching out both of your hands, your body will remain distant. This is why you must always think of quickly getting your body close to the enemy. When you are distant, you will exchange blows of the sword, and it will be rather easy to move closer to your opponent.

Be like the changings of season, invoking all emotions of the human heart



-Third move of the Divine Sword technique. If you are currently within a situation in which you and your opponent's swords are to clash, you must strike extremely hard without raising your sword to any extent. This is Blowing Fire technique. If you are to perform this technique, you must first strike quickly with the three combined forces of your legs, your hands, and your body. This blow will be rather difficult to perform if you do not train it at frequent times. If you diligently train yourself, you will be able to increase the overall force of the technique's impact.

Be like the fire, strong and dangerous.



-The fourth move of the Divine Sword technique. With this technique, one's objective is to get close to the opponent and stick to him.

When one is to do this, one must first behave as though one had been strongly glued to him with one's feet, head, and body.

It is generally known that during combat, most fighters will have a tendency to have their body hang back while their heads and feet are extended forward.

One must attempt to paste one's body against the opponent's without leaving any area in which the bodies are not touching.

Slash the unvirtuous to uphold good and righteousness.



-The fifth move of the Divine Sword technique. When you first start off by striking, your opponent will try to parry by hitting or by blocking your sword.

At this point in time, you need to completely equip yourself into the action of striking with your sword, and strike whenever you may see an opening, whether it may be the legs, arms, or head. Following the single way of the sword and performing a strike such as this is known as the Opening Blow. This technique will be useful at moment while fighting, so it should be trained regularly.

A great opening decides the battle.



+ Have magic resistance for magical elements

+ Dark magic resistance is Supreme rank [ The side effect of the Curse of the Styx]

+ Light magic resistance is Supreme rank [ The side effect of the Curse of the Styx]

+ Fire magic resistance is Supreme rank [ The side effect of the Curse of the Styx]

+ Water magic resistance is Supreme rank [ The side effect of the Curse of the Styx]

+ Earth magic resistance is Supreme rank [ The side effect of the Curse of the Styx]

+ Wind magic resistance is Supreme rank [ The side effect of the Curse of the Styx]

+ King Intent is denser in battle.

+ Speed and fighting intent will increase on the Battlefield because of the Legacy

+ Could use any Godly items without suffering the Heaven quest (Only applicable to some Gods)

+ Decrease energy consumption for Divine sword technique

+ Easier to raise proficiency in any area.

+ Affinity with scholars increased because of the Legacy of Lizhu

+ Affinity with wise men increased because of the Legacy of Lizhu

+ Easier to influence statesmen and scholars.

+ Gained ability to learn secret skills based on your rank in Language.

+ Can talk to spirit and understand divine meaning

+ In battle your action could increase the morale of your soldiers

+ Your reputation enables you to establish rapport with townspeople quickly

+ You have heard about Order of Letters [ You can join the secret faction]

+ You have heard about the Celestials Scholars [You can join the secret faction]

+ You have heard about Council of Athena [You can join the secret faction]

+ You are the Chancellor of Vanheim

+ You are the General Who pacified the North

+ You are the Grand Strategist, possessing the Legacy of Lizhu Gerard

+ You are a Baron

+ You are a Lord

+ You are a Nobleman

+ You came from a kingly noble houses

+ You have majesty of the Old Nobility around you.

+ Curse of the Styx inflicted upon you.

+ One of Western Heaven famous people and in the List of Legendary Characters [ gain the Wishing Card]

+ Posses Enhanced senses and Supreme rank in some of the skill because of Son of Thetis title.

+ Known to the Gods of Olympus as son of Thetis

Aero look at this and read it slowly.


This is the new status. better familiarize yourself with it. Anywya, if you like the story please vote and leave some comments
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