Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Everyone knows Aero of the East, the Chancellor of one of the most powerful nation on the Eastern region and the hero who devises the strategy to take down Vetten and bring Vanheim to an age of prosperity and power.

Why would Aero of the East debase himself when he himself is a domineering character of the era?

That is why Aero gambled on that reputation to assure Zeus of his sincerity

The more he acted like himself, the less suspicion that other had on him. If he acted too humble, then Eric might have surmised he knew about their secret plot.

If he acted too domineering, Zeus might lose his temper and execute him anyway. There is a fine line he must thread to get out of Veva successfully at that time.

He needs to only wait for one hour.

The moment that Sword lost its effectiveness, he could go away without anyone stopping him unless the Gods of Olympus themselves come down from their godly abode.

Aero then saw himself in the past, drinking more wine and in his pretend tone, he then spoke of their great battle in front of the gate of Veva, and how the world had two great heroes that could protect the peace of the world, extolling his prowess as a warrior and his grace in accepting his defeat.

Aero then said he was impressed that even though he, Aero of the East is his enemies, King Zeus treated him courteously.

Eric at that time had a bad feeling. The more time passes and the more praises that Aero heaped on Zeus, the darker the expression on the Prime Minister of Veva

He saw how the King had lost his will to kill Aero and even reveling in the praises.

At that time Aero who are looking at his memory from an omniscient point of view could notice that the Prime Minister of Veva is gritting his teeth in anger.

Aero in the past must also have noticed this but pretended like he did not see it.

 Knowing that Aero could not be allowed to talk no more lest he dull the King desire to kill him, Prime Minister Eric then suggested General Bart to perform a sword dance.

Aero in his translucent form looking at the memory smiles bitterly

'Eric, Eric' he said shaking his head.

Aero is feeling pain in his head but like he was isolated form that pain in his mind, he kept looking at this memory.

He is curious of how he could escape this feast of Western Gate

At that time Aero knows that the Prime Minister of Veva wanted his head.

As General Bart took the Sword of the Sun from prime Minster Eric hand, he performed his sword dance, his eyes glinting with the desire to kill

Zeus saw it, but he did not say anything. He only sigh.

At that time, Aero pretended to be calm, but his heart was beating fast and if not for his remarkable acting people would know he was scared to death

At that time, Kyle who has already throw his lot with Vanheim, is also in the Feast.

When he saw Bart volunteer himself, Kyle pretended like he could not see the intention of the Prime Minister.

Aero look at him and Kyle only takes a deep breath before nodding slightly. He then got up from his seat and offer to also perform his own sword dance.

Bart and the Prime Minister was shocked. Bart try many times to try to pretend like he was about to fall and yet each time, the sword edges is directed at Aero.

Kyle on the other hand is blocking each attempt of general Bart to kill Aero with the Sword of the Sun.

When the one-hour limit is up, Aero smiles. He then perfunctorily thanking all those that came to the Feats and he is sure to remember the treatment of Veva.

He got up from his seat and then he walked out from the palace of Veva with no one daring to be his obstacle.

Aero did not even try to kill the King of Veva because he knew it would be useless.

The Sword of the Sun may no longer be used by Zeus, but he knew that Zeus also have the Shield of Artemis.

The situation was that without the Sword of the Sun, Zeus could not kill him, but with Shield of Artemis, he couldn't kill him

And he is not sure whether the Shield expiration time is the same as the Sword. If it is not, it would reveal that he knows about the plot of trying to kill him.

And he had enough of gambling with his life for one day

And there is also the possibility of his assassination attempt to fail. If he failed, he would make the King of Veva spare no effort to kill him.

And Veva is his place. He might even go crazy and let go of all hi inhibitions not caring about the pressure form the rebellion and his minister advise and kill him anyway.

That is why Aero decided to wait first.

Aero decided to get back to Vanheim first and be in the safety of his people before repaying them for the humiliation today.

He was never impressed with the King but he is impressed with Eric. It was a pity he serves a muddleheaded king.

Letting Aero go back, is like letting a tiger back to the forest.

Eric shouts of anger could be heard when he was leaving the feast.

Aero saw himself smiling in the memory of his past, his demeanor was like an unrivaled expert of the world, with the ability to scheme against the world.

He then leapt up to the walls of Veva and jump down and leave Veva

When he arrived at a remote village near the border of Veva, he hired a carriage and he went to Duvar.

Aero saw all this and as the carriage move its wheels, Aero felt that pull and he knows that this is the limit of what he can see now.

Suddenly Aero took a deep breath as his mind become even more clear. He smells back the smell of the prairie and felt the breezy winds of the plains around his body

He now remembers a part of who he was. He is Aero, The Chancellor of Vanheim and have an invisible body because of the blessing of Thetis.

But there is still a lot of thing he did not remembers. He shakes his head.

'Let that go for a while' he thought to himself. He wanted to help the woman in front of him when a cold voice sounded in his mind

The voice sounded like it come from his head. And a display statue that only he could see appear in front of his eyes.

Right now, he is not the only one that is looking in front, looking at the display only they could see.

Even the young man that is approaching Aero stop and he too look in front of him


I think you all could guess what that cold voice right? I am setiing up the world right now. But by now you could see there is a slight difference right. The world that they are in now remains a mystery.

And why is there is so many people in the Plains of empty land? I leav ethsi question for later....hehehe. If you like the chapter please vote and leave some comments.
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