Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He was once again transported to that scene in his mind

He then remembers how he enlisted the help of Kyle to lobbied for him in front of the King.

He even promised him that he would not be treated badly when he returned to Vanheim and will have a place in the military to show off his talent.

A new memory enters Aero mind. He now remembers that he is the Chancellor of Vanheim, the superpower nation of the East.

He remembers how Prime Minster Eric propose a banquet as a sign of reconciliation when he decided to release him.

Aero could see himself in the cell, doubting the gesture.

Fortunately, Kyle told him that King Zeus had burn an offering to Olympus asking for divine intervention to kill him.

Apollo and Artemis hearing the prayers of the mortal King had loan their weapon to King Zeus of Veva.

He got the Sword of the Sun belonging to Apollo and the Shield of Artemis. He got the news and then began planning to scheme in his jail cell.

He knows if he fought off against a Divine Weapon he will surely die

At that time, he did not want to die since dying at that time would then strip him of his invincibility.

He would revive because only his invincible body would be stripped away as the price of his life but that invincibility is the one thing that helped him cope with all the assassination attempts on his life.

If he lost that, then basically he had to hide himself deep in Vanheim territory never going out and that would not be beneficial for him.

But he also knows that such divine weapon could not be loaned indefinitely

When he inquires of this information, Kyle had told him that it could only be loan for one hour. At least that is the limit of time for the Sword of the Sun.

With that, had a plan in his mind.

He accepted the invitation of the Feast because he has no other choice.

If he refuses, then that would show to King Zeus that he had vengeful attitude and Zeus might decide it was better to kill him with the Sword of the Sun.

Aero know when to retreat and when to move forward. And at that time, he had toc conceal his true intention and retreat for a while.

It was better to pretend like he had let bygones be bygones since he knew how the King of Zeus respected warrior and strength.

By accepting the invitation, it shows to the King he is open to reconciliation.

This would make him think twice from killing him. Since that would not only anger him it would also anger Vanheim and its King.

Aero is looking at this from a third person views and he is amazed at himself for thinking like that.

At that time, King Zeus is prepared to kill him if he shows any intention of pursuing the matter of the past.

That is why he arranges the feast. It was to gauge Aero intention. Eric, his Prime Minister however was adamant in killing him.

But since King Zeus had decided to look at Aero intention first, Eric had no choice but to relent to the decision of the King.

But relenting did not men he was giving up. He had set up another scheme to kill Aero in that feast

But since Aero already knows, the first moment he arrived at the banquet, he laid out his intentions.

He didn't remember why he goes to war with the King of Veva in the first place but he remembers that he said that their battle was a battle between warrior that both knows to how appreciate the craft and while their battle is personal, the matter of the hearts could not be contained and had to be expressed and their battle is just two warrior fighting for what they believe is right

He subtly talks about their battle which only made the King remember how he admire Aero as a fellow hero and the only one equal to him.

Aero of the East and Zeus of the North.

Both of them are legendary character in the world of chaos and warfare. He felt pity to kill such a warrior in such underhanded way when he was being praised to the Heavens by Aero.

Aero said bravely, that while he did not like Zeus, he admires his warrior demeanor.

The more he is honest like that without any concern of whether what he said offend the King or not, the harder it is for people not to trust Aero words.

To them, Aero while he displays his hatred to the King of Veva, at the same time he admires Zeus as a great warrior

Aero painted Zeus personality as this. While King Zeus is not being a good king, he is a great warrior in battle.

The more he listens, the more Zeus began to waver in his decision against killing Aero.

After all, if he kills Aero who just extolled his quality as a great warrior, how could he explain to the world that he plans to kill him in his feast?

Who would follow him after that? Wont he be accused as a coward?

Not only that, Aero even mentioned subtly of his position as the Chancellor of Vanheim and the hero of the Vanheimneian people.

Hearing all of this coming out from Aero mouth, how could Zeus not hesitate in killing him? Even some of his minister in the banquet hesitated.

They whispers among themselves and Aero at that time see all of it and pretended he did not notice.

On the other hand, King Zeus was put in a predicament.

If he kills the Chancellor of Vanheim, not only it would damage his reputation further, it would also have made him irreconcilable enemies with Vanheim.

Even then, as they were drinking wine and eating meat, thousands of people are marching to the northern region to free the Chancellor, bearing the banner of justice

Then there is still the rebellion led by a man called Derrick, a refuge from Asgaro turn into a rebellion leader for freedom.

If he really kills Aero in that feast….it might rock the boat so hard, that it would capsize on itself. Aero seeing that Zeus was hesitating, smiles widely and then he offers something

He then promises to not come to the Northern region unless the northern region attacked him and his people.

His meaning was clear. Unless provoked, he would not mind the matters of Veva. Some of the minister seems to be more receptive to the ideas.

He knows that if he feigns being subservient, no one would believe him.

Instead it would only have heightened their suspicion on him if he is suddenly groveling on the feet of the King and acting humbly.


Third part of the chapter. Hope you like it as we are looking a bit at Aero memory. But if you notice the memory seems to be a little altered right? if you remember Kyle actualy was executed to death but in Aero memory right now, Kyle escaped and met him again.

Thta is because....Ok, I am getting ahead of myself. I hope you all could deduce it by yourself. It si not that hard after all. It is a simple plot.

Anyway, don't forget to vote for the story and leave some comments
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