Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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That is the only thing he saw. Though he doesn't know how he perceive it since he didn't think he had eyes in this state of existence of a void existence

And he was in that darkness for so long that he could swear he could even feel the darkness around him.

In that darkness sometimes there is this flashes of light. It took him a long time to figure out that it was his memory.

But it felt like his memory is altered and fragmented.

He doesn't know why he felt that way but he felt that deep in his soul. He did not remember who he was but for some reason he knew he exist…before…then and even now.

Time have no meaning in this void of Darkness that shrouded his every being.

So, he didn't know whether he was here for a long time or whether this is just a millisecond of time that passes around him.

Yet, he did not feel bored, scared or even excited.

He just knows that he is there. He doesn't know why or how or even when but he knew he existed.

It was a weird existence to cut off from everything yet at the same time acknowledging tat you exist.

The flashes of light and memories come more frequently. Then he heard a cold voice ringing inside his mind.

He didn't remember what it said but then he opens his eyes

He felt his own existence, felt that he has now physical features the moment he tries to opens his eyes. He felt the weight of his body, the wind caressing his cheeks as he opens his eyes.

The wind blows by his white robe and his hair fluttered with the wind.

'What is this place?' he thought inwardly. He was sitting up, his butt on the grassy ground as he looks at the vast expanse in front of him

In front of him is a large expanse of a grassy lands.

Hills could be seen dotting the horizons. Spring rides in a gentle breeze, unhindered by the will as it caresses him like trying to console him from the Darkness of that Void of nothingness.

He looks up and he saw a great blue sky. He could see blue in every direction to the horizon. Long strand of clouds is being dragged across the sky by the breezy wind.

There is nothing to block the view as he could see all. He also sees all the people here. He frowned.

'I need to figure out where I am' he said to himself. He felt that he is putting up a plan in his mind right now.

He doesn't know why but he felt confidence in his voice, like this was his habit to be calm and that calmness pacified his nervousness right now.

He didn't remember anything about himself. And seeing so many people in this large expanse of green grass did not ease him at all.

It felt like he was calculating their threat to him.

The moment he raises his knees, he felt a stinging pain all over his body and he felt like he was being sliced to his infinitesimal part by some splicer.

He even felt like his body is distorted, making him appear translucent for a while.

'Argh' he shouted in pain as hold his head. It was like someone is breaking open his skulls and meddling around inside it.

It is not a pleasant feeling and add that to the stinging pain he felt all over his body, he felt sensation of pain he never experienced before

But then fragment of memories started flowing into his mind. He remembers that his name is Aero.

That was the first memory that he got.

But he does not remember the name of his family. He tried hard to think of his origin. If he has his name then he must be born.

Then who is his mother? Who si his father? Who is his family? Did he have siblings? What is the name of his noble House?

For some reason he did not know why he thinks of himself as a noble and why he was so sure that he has a noble house

It was like this is the world he lives in and he is slowly remembering his origin. Then as one of his other knees started to rise up another memory come into his mind

The moment that memories replayed itself inside his mind, Aero felt like he was seeing himself in the third person. Like a movie

Then he startled himself. What is a movie? Why did he think that his experience is like watching a movie?

He saw it form a third person view

He remembers that he was released in the incident known as the Feast at Western Gate.

He saw the Western Gate, its pillar s decorated with the painting of heroes and lions, tigers and thunderbolts the symbol of sovereignty for Zeus, the King of the Gods.

The moment he saw that thunderbolt symbol, Aero felt another memories rushing into his mind.

He remembers that this world has the Seven Celestial and Olympus. He remembers the church of Light and his maiden

It rushed inside his mind and the more he sees and remember the more the pain in his mind and body lessened

'I need to know more' he said to himself even while he is clutching his head.

His knees are trembling and sweat are filling his back. The wind of the plains breeze by him but it did him no good.

The moment he tried to get more memories about the matter, he felt a mental block. He takes a sigh as he falls back down.

But he remembers a few details in that brief moment. He remembers he went to war with the King of Veva Zeus of the North.

However, he didn't remember why. He remembers he went there with his sworn brother Deria as they fought against the King and his encirclement but he doesn't remember why

Why would he travel thousands of miles away, alone to fight the King of Veva? What did Zeus have that enable to incite him to leave his home?

There is a shadowy silhouette that he seems to be chasing.

Aero tried to chase this shadowy silhouette and the feeling he felt when he was chasing this silhouette is filled with excitement and love.

'I need to see more to make sense of this' he said to himself. He takes a deep breath. He ignores all of the people in this plain.

They too seem to be like him. Like they were trapped in the painful recollection of memories.

But, Aero felt the pain is worth it. To know oneself one would have strength. To know the enemies, one would never lose in a battle

The moment he thought of this, he felt hundreds of tactical and strategies of warfare entered his mind.

'What is this? He asks himself. He then closes his eyes and tried to focus his mind again.'

The moment he focused his mind, his mind seems to found other memories. Aero felt like his mind is assembling the memories like it is a fragmented data.

Though he himself don't know how he thought of a word called data.

For some reason he did not think when he spoke about data that he is speaking about data the same way he means information. It was like data that he said is something more modern than that.

'Argh' He clenched his head as he felt the pain once again and his entire body is trembling with pain.

He was not the only one like that in this plain.

There are people in the distance that tries to do thing like him. The memory brought him once again to that Western Gate.

He remembers seeing a black robed person looking at him with fear and apprehension. That man has long tied black hair reaching his shoulder, his physique is lean and his demeanor is elegant.

But that man fears him and that fear is apparent in his gaze

Then Aero mind slowly remember who that person is


This is teh first chapter for the month. The second part of the chapter will be psoted tomorrow with a polling vote. You will know what I am talking abiout. Anyway, I will also explain a liitlke about Age of Avdneture on teh after world of the new chapter of LS tomorrow. Hope you like this new chapter and see you tomorrow.
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