Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The TV is on.

The noise blaring with the chatter of the reporters reporting on the current news. The news is all about the meteor. And of course humanity impending doom.

No entertainment is on. Only news. All day, all night, every time of every second.

The news describes the movement of the meteor with each news station reporting the same thing.

They do not know the exact time of contact will be. Some already even stopped their broadcast and went home.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Well, it is the end of the world. Daniel guess even reporters want to spend some time with their family.

Some of the segment is focused on the speculation of where the meteor will hit, speculation and guesses.

Those reports all look listless and depressed.

But one fact is reported. A lot of people would die. Millions if not more, billions, Daniel corrected himself.

The world leaders some have already hide themselves in bunkers, secret shelter leaving their people to fend off for themselves.

If that will even work.

Michael and his family all went to their village meting their family, grandmothers and their grandfather meeting them for the last time.

Jessica too.

Both of them have solved their misunderstanding and she did apologize. It was never fault. It was that he was too stubborn.


There will always be that feeling. Daniel, even though he does try to hide it…he did…. once…a long time ago…felt something for her.

But he hates her for telling him who Amanda really is. But it's not her fault like the past was never really her fault.

It is always so simple, and so complicating, to accept an apology

It is true what people say. Ignorance is bliss.

'Do you really think you should be here?' A voice startles Daniel. He turned back to see his mother

'What do you mean, Mom?'

'Amanda. How about her?' she asks, with an understanding smile

'She… You know who she is' His mother just shakes her head, pitying her son

'Yes. I know. Doesn't mean you have to feel guilty about it. What happens between you and Amelia is a long time ago.'

His mother lectured him heavily that night.

The world is ending. The news of the impending doom has been broadcasted. Every one sits in their house praying.

Yet my mother still thinks that nagging him is her duty even when impending apocalypse is about to begin.

"They're saying the meteor can no longer be stopped. The exploratory mission the space shuttle that was supposed to stop the meteoroid has failed... The—"Daniel shut down the television.

Julia look at his son and then she said

"You should go meet her"

"She is her sister' he said regretfully

And his mother smile.

'This is not the end' she smiles like she knew something. Daniel sighed and then said

'This is the end, mother' Daniel stopped playing Brave World the moment they broadcast the story.

Money and games seems to be a trifle, now that the end of the world is near. No one is offering any workable solution

Apocalypse. This is it. This is the end. This is how humanity goes out. The same as the dinosaurs.

'I should spend the time I have left with you' he said. But his mother shakes her head

'No, tell her, Daniel. Tell her you love her' Daniel look at his mother and then closes his eyes before opening it back it up again. There is a struggle in his mind.

Then he said

'I can't'

'Can't or won't?'

'You're here' Daniel said

She chuckled

'I'm just your excuse Daniel. Airport is still operational at this stage. Go to New York. Meet her. Tell her. Before it's too late'

'How about you?'

His mother looks at her laptop and smile.

'I will be fine. I have some old friends I need to contact. To prepare.'

'Prepare for what?'

She smiled again

'Someday, you'll understand. I believe this is just the beginning'

Then she brings something out from her pocket

'Ticket to New York for one. You have her number right?'

Daniel nodded

'Call her. Tell her you need to meet her. Make her understand and leave no regrets'

'I don't know if I love her.' Daniel suddenly said hesitating. Right now Daniel is feeling like his mother seems to want him get out of the way somehow.

This is the last moment. He should spend it with his mother.

But his mother just rubs his hair and then said

'You love her dear. I know what you went through after Amelia death. Your pain. Your regret. Now it is the end of the world. At least this regret I don't want you to have. I see it in your eyes when you speak about this Amanda girl. You love her. Guilt prevents you from seeing that. That's all.


'You're my son. Mother knows best'

'I should spend it with you mother'

'I know you love me dear, but trust me, we'll meet again'

We won't meet again, he wanted to say. But that is too cruel. But then his mother started pushing him outside with her wheelchair.

'Now telecommunication and power is still active. Who knows before you have the chance to speak to her again? Go.'

He then chuckles and took his mother car to the airport. It was already chaos.

The bustle of the airport is like a market

There were screen showing the arrival and departure times, unknown faces rushing and running, all wanting to go home, see their family, spend time with their loved ones, some were lined up at the check in desk, yelling and screaming to be the one in the next flight.

Some sit quietly, waiting. Look of acceptance can be seen

His flight is in the morning.

Five more hours. In the background music were played, Pachelbel, but it doesn't suit the mood for the airport. Yelling and screaming. That is the mood of the airport. It should be Brahms.

He sits and wait and as he waited he is thinking about a lot of things.

Did she love me? Stupid! I know she love me. Aero, she loves Aero. But can she love Daniel, the man who is her sister lover?

The man who she believes to be the cause of death of her sister? Can she love that man? Anxiety and nervousness fill his heart.

Amidst the yelling, there are some people that are still waiting while the world outside began descending to anarchy.

eight billion people running scared.

Sea of faces, unknown faces past by him.

And all he wanted right now is seeing her.

He calls her on the phone.

Her voice is weak but she said she'll be there. Waiting for him. She agreed to hear him out.

As he waited he could hear news of people killing themselves

Suicide skyrocketed in the past month. Some people don't like it very much, death by meteor, so they choose their own way to die.

It is a depressing thought. And then after five hours of waiting finally he took his seat. First class. He never rides first class before. It seems his mother chooses quite the seat for him.

The last hurrah

He could see people are praying before they enter the plane.

And then the plane flies through the air. Leaving his friend, his memory while he looked down.

'This will be the last time I will be seeing this.'

And with one last look, memories surge.


They met at the nearby park.

Standing, waiting while she looks at him and he is silent, looking at her. He misses her. He didn't say it but he felt it and now even when he is in front of her, he still misses her.

Her eyes are red, he on the other hand had a regretful expression.

He should not have been so stupid. But he should tell her.

The truth. What he felt when she's not there. He got to tell her all of those feelings and emotions.

Because this time, there will not be a next time.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking Amanda' he said as he mustered his courage

'So?' She said her tone hardened

'I love you' I declared

'What!' She said startled by the sudden confession

'I love you'

 "Wait… Can you just shut your mouth right now?' She looks angry as she approached him, her eyes red, and tears welling in her eyes

Then he felt it. He saw it first and he could have dodge it but he did not.

She slapped him and it does hurt.  But for some reason he could not get angry with her. He thinks he deserves this slap. And a hundred more.

Because he remembers she was hurt more than him. She has the right and this pain is what he deserved for the hurt he had given her.

Then tears started flowing from her eyes,

"You can hit me more' Daniel said.

For some reason seeing her like this make his heart break a thousand pieces.

Then she breakdown and shouted at him

'You just can't come here, tell me you love me, and expecting everything going to be alright. The world is ending, Daniel. Is that why? You're lonely and you want to ease your heart? Your guilt? Is that it?" she yelled in the park

Then she approached him again

"You..Fool. You're so full of crap. Bad man. Bastard. Rotten bastard. Idiot!' She said while hitting his chest repeatedly

'Hit me. Curse me. I'll let you hit me until you are satisfied' Daniel stand there taking the beating.

While it looks like he was the one that should feel hurt, he sees that with each hit, Amanda is the one who is feeling the pain

'WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?' she yelled while hitting his chest, her tears falling down from her face.

For the first time he felt that her tears are beautiful.

'You said you don't like me. You said that looking at me remind you of my sister'

He smiles bitterly and then he confesses

'I was stupid. I lied and I lied every time I speak to you and see you. Every time I see you, the memory I have of your sister fades. And I was afraid of that. With every touch, with every smile, I forgot her bit by bit. I love a ghost and you pull me back to the land of the living'

And his voice is breaking down as he said his true honest feeling

And then he hugged her. Feeling the same pain. And then she wailed in the park. That's the only thing he can do now. Hug her and felt her pain.

He did not understand why he lie before when he longs for her this much. And he heard her weeps

He never heard weeping like that before; not from a child, not from anyone he knows. It is a sound of tortured soul, much like his.

But he did not cry nor did he wail. Why? Because if he did, it makes it so real and I fear the pain.

Her tears are the sign of strength. Strength to let it go. To let go of the grief and pain, to let go of the past and braving her first step to an unknown world. Her weeping continues. And his heart ache.

If you heard the woman you most hate in the world weep so, you would go to comfort her. You would fight your way through everything to reach her. And he knew who wept, and what had been done to her, and who had done it.

He has done this to her. With every word he spoke, with every kiss, with every touch and every glance. He did this to her.

And that crush his heart knowing that, as he hugs her tighter.

"I don't need you, leave!" she suddenly said as she tried to let go from his hug. But Daniel did not budge this time. It won't matter if she slapped him again or punch him.

"It because I felt like I am dying. Not seeing you." He said as he hugged her tighter. She tries to push him of before she slowly stopped struggling. But then she broke into a yell and said to me

"So you shun me? - you shut yourself up and grieve alone! You don't think I too was grieving! The emotion that I felt meant nothing to you?"

'I was…stupid'

'Yes, you are. I would rather you had come and upbraided me with vehemence and anger. You are passionate: so you might be yelling and screaming, throwing hurtful words, argue at least, I expected a scene of some kind. I was prepared to hear your lustrous voice persuading, consoling, because I know you are a smooth talker, so you might try to cajole me with sweet words. At least I expect a tear. But I was wrong, you have not wept at all! I see a white cheek and faded eye, but no trace of tears. I suppose, then, that your heart has been weeping blood? Did you?"

Daniel shake his head. Letting her vent out. He deserves every words, every beating.

'You…you haven't changed at all. You always do whatever you want. Arrogant as ever'

'I'm here, Amanda. I'm here because I understand finally. I love you; I have always loved you from the moment I open my heart to you and every moment then. I like bickering with you, arguing with you, talking with you. I love you when you kissed me, I love you when you whisper words into my ears, I love you when you wink at me every time when you want me to do something for you. I love that every time you smile, you make my day better. I fell for you and I fell for you hard. I miss you so much that it pains my heart every time I think of you. And I love you, every part and every trace of you. And I'm sorry. For every word that hurts you, for every broken promise. But know this. I love you. You're not your sister, not her substitute. It takes me a lot of time, to accept that, to recognize that. You are not your sister. You're better'

Her eyes welled up again. But he is not done. He will tell her everything, say everything.

'You said the only reason that I like you in the first place was because you resemble your sister. At first I too thought the same thing. You have so many resemblances to your sister. But after we break up, I understand. I try to project your sister to you. But you're not her. You've never been her. You…are entirely; totally; altogether; wholly you. It took me a lot of time to recognize that. You said I did not shed a tear? I will not shed a tear. Never again, and certainly not for loving you. I have guilt enough to last me for a lifetime, but this, this I refuse to take. And therefore I forbid my tears. If my tears shall fall, it will be about you. Do you hate that?'

'No, I don't'. she said

'And I'm not going to lose you again' And this time he loosed his hug and stare right at her beautiful eyes, and he stroke her red hair with his fingers, demanding an answer.

"I… what should I said then?' she said stammering. And Daniel smirks

'Say you love me to. Whisper it to me, say it every day, every morning. I love you Amanda and it will make me the happiest man in the world right now, to gain your heart.'

'The world is ending.' She said stating the obvious.

Daniel chuckles

'Yes. It does. What does it matter? We're all going to die someday. My mother taught me, that regret exists. There is no life without regret, but it's best that you kept your regret little. The stars will come, Amanda. And just like that we're gone forever. And I have dreams. Dreams I've forgotten long ago. Ignited by you. I want to grow old with you. But… We will not grow old together.' And he chuckled again

'But I want to. God, you don't know how much I wanted that. I wanted to live with you on a beach by the sea, our hair turns white while you're reading a book in the front porch, our grandkids playing in the yard, and when night came we will be dancing in our living room to our song, and I want to spend every day talking to you, learning about you. But that doesn't matter. Dreams are dreams. I'm done worrying. For now, I will live for now. I love you and I yearned to know your answer. Say you love me'

Daniel looked into her blue eyes. She whispers slowly

"I love you. But we have too little time"

He smiled and then said

 'With you, it will never be enough time, Amanda. I am sure of that. I want to be with you Amanda. That is what I know and what I want'

She blushed while the trace of tears can be seen clearly

"I have something to say" she said

Then she looks back at Daniel and then said

'I…love you too. No matter how angry I was, no matter how I hate you' and she glared at me before her eyes soften up and she said "I can't deny this feeling. You are a cruel man. The moment you caught my heart, you never let go. When you trip over love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again. I see you in my dreams, even during my waking moment. I love you…that is what I know. Regardless…regardless of everything'

Hearing this Daniel could not help but smile

'Do you hate it?' He asked showing a faint smile

She leaned in and kissed him in the lips

'No, I don't'

And his heart bloomed with happiness. Right now he is giggling, euphoria struck him, his muscles are shaking and tears stream from his eyes because of how happy he is.

Could someone die of happiness because right now he felt like he would die because of happiness.

Daniel hold his breath behind pursed lips. And the laughter came and then the smiles. They always do.

And he looks at her. The angry face, the sullen expression is replaced by the most beautiful smile.  

Her face lit up and the soft look on her face return.  She still loves him. And he loves her. And that is all that matters.

This is where it all begins. Everything starts here, today. Regardless of the time. Regardless of everything.


The explosion started. At 9.45 at the morning, the first wave of meteor crashed on Earth. It first dropped in Florida, making the state sink under the bottom of the sea.

Amanda and him was spending their time since that evening in the park, in the hotel his mother reserved.

It was at level twenty that shows the view of the city. It might be expensive before. But that doesn't matter now. The hotel is now free. There is a riot outside. Anarchy.

People can just come in and sleep at the hotel. No one is managing anything anymore.

The world is ending. He rouses from his sleep that morning after being awakened at 6 am by the alarm. He felt the humid air of the air conditioner. It still works.

Beside him, Amanda is sleeping peacefully. And even though her hair is frizzy and she looks a little swollen to him she is the most beautiful woman in the world

Then she moved slowly

 'Daniel?" she said feeling his arms

'Yeah. I'm here' He hold her hand, as he lies beside her

'You woke up already?'

He leaned in and kissed her in the forehead


'Morning' she said smiling, naked under the sheet, only the white blanket covers her body

She looked groggy

'Do my face look swollen?' She asked. Daniel chuckles.

 'No, you look beautiful'

She scanned the room

'We really made a mess last night' she exclaimed

He too looked around the room. Pillows were scattered, their room was as wild as the jungle, untamable and unruly and resembled a battle.

 'Yeah' he nodded

'So how was it? Did I improve?' he asked

'You did. A good kisser but maybe tone it down on the hip shaking'

"Thanks for your honest criticism, my lady" he mocked and she laughed

And he laughed. Here he is at the end of the world and he couldn't stop laughing. Then suddenly Amanda looked sad.

'Will today be our last?' Before he had the time to answer he heard the explosion in the distance.


Amanda hugged him, her hands trembling. Daniel is also shaken by the sound but he did not show it on his face.

'Shh, let us go back to sleep' She shakes her head, while he slumped at the bed. The end is near

He pulls her down to bed. And then he stares at her while lying in the bed with her

'I'm scared, Daniel' Her smile wavers

'Don't be.' Daniel take a deep breath and he leaned over and kiss her

'What's that for?' she shows a faint smile

'For everything' he said

BOOM. The noise can be heard again. And not long from now, it will crash here.

'I want to see it' suddenly Amanda said it, her body seem like shaking in fear yet she wants to see it. Daniel shake his head

 'I want to' He sighed and then they moved in front of the window seeing the falling stars wrecking cities hundreds of miles from here.

Matte charcoal black uncontrollably covered in thousands and millions of bright specks. Star, after star, after star, a never ending falling stars spelling our doom.

But he had no regret. No, correction. He doesn't have this regret.

Below, the big city can just be seen, its city shopping malls, skyscraper that touch the sky, dissolving down into fire.

The people running and screaming.

"I'm scared" she said as her hand hold him tighter while seeing the scenery below them



'I love you' She looked puzzled

'You said it yesterday'

Daniel smiled while the stars keep falling    

'I should say it more'

Then one of the meteor hit the building in front of them and it exploded into dust and ashes.

She embraces him. Tears streamed down, fearing what will happen next. He didn't show it but like Amanda he is also afraid.

'It's too little time. I want so much more than this.' She said, trembling in fear, her words stuttering. Daniel look at her and he knows he must be strong

Then he asks her

"Someone once said, "Ask yourself these three questions, and you will know who you are. Ask: What do you believe in? What do you hope for? What do you love?"

"What do you believe in? What do you hope for? What do you love, Amanda?" He said trying to distract her attention.

She took a deep breath, calming herself. She glances outside but Daniel pull her to him and said

"No. Look at me. What is it Amanda?"

"I hope…. I want more morning and noon and nightfall with you."

"Do you?"

"I do. I want that. I want all your tears, all your smiles, all your smell your hair, to feel the taste of your skin against mine, the touch of your breath on my face. More and more of that. I love you" the tears begin to fall.

Then the noise came again. Closer and closer. Daniel close his eyes, thinking that there is nothing like an embrace after an absence.

And thinking how could he always be so stupid. He is late to recognize his own feeling for her. Time is such a precious commodity.

But he has now. And the sound continued. Chaos and disorder. While the stars above fall. And then she looks at him and she glance outside. Not long now the stars will fall upon them

'I wish I met you before you met my sister' she said. But Daniel shakes his head.

 'It couldn't have happened any other way, Amanda.'

And he embraces her and finally the tears fall. And he knew this will be his last tear.

They looked at the outside of their hotel room window, fires and scream under them and soon enough it will be their turn.

Daniel hold her hand conveying both love and reassurance

She holds his hand tightly

'Will it be painful?' She asked, hoping a lie.

'I don't kn-"And then the stars fell.


Finally, the end.

It's been a long journey.

Ok, now the explanation part. The time skip. Many things happen during that. Which I might turn into a side story and how the dynamic change and what Aero did after he was released after the prison will be explained in flashbacks.

One day of course

And thank you for the readers that read my story and leave me comment and encourage me to write it. Really, really a lot of thanks. Here I leave you with a poem.

"I think here I will leave you. It has come to seem

there is no perfect ending.

 Indeed, there are infinite endings.

Or perhaps, once one begins, there are only endings." 

PS: The story is not yet ending. It only end on Earth. And I think a lot of LS fans would find the continuity in this chapter. I probably will not be writing AOA next month since I will be focusing on LS but I will come back with AOA on December.

And now, the Epilogue.



The first thing he hears was screams when he arrived in this world. The first thing he smell was fire. The first thing he felt was chaos

It was clearly morning. About 10am. In front of Azief now is stars. Star falling down from the sky. It falls and wrecks the city, buildings burning and collapsing

Azief could see many Caucasian men running around like headless chicken.

Matte charcoal black uncontrollably covered in thousands and millions of bright specks. Star, after star, after star, a never ending falling stars spelling humanity doom.

Below, the big city can just be seen, its city shopping malls, skyscraper that touches the sky, dissolving down into fire.

The people running and screaming.

Then a notification appears.








It was then that Azief could see a more shocking scene. A few people were sucked into a black hole appearing on the clouds above his head.

'A singularity' Azief said to himself.

Then Azief saw a huge gigantic meteor is hurtling down to this city.

Azief was thinking should he just run away and not accept this quest? After all that meteor is so big that Azief is not confident he could stop it.

As he was contemplating this the gigantic meteor was sucked into the singularity and the only meteor left was the small meteor.

Well, when Azief said it was small, it was small for him. The small meteoroid he said was as big as a football field.

But to Azief this is not that big. Azief look at his surrounding and saw people turned to light and disappear into the portal.

A hotel near him had two naked people who embrace each other and turn into a wisp of light and were also absorbed into that singularity.

But it did not do that to everyone else.

'What is this?' Azief said. All around him people is running and screaming.

Nearby he could see a large building name Vega Corp suddenly disappear into the singularity.

There is also Brave World Virtual Reality center nearby that Vega Corp building also turn into a ball of light and disappeared.

'Yes' Azief said as he agrees with the quest

Then Azief smiles as he launched himself into the air and…. fly to the meteors that is hurtling down to earth.

On the ground, people who was running, people who was screaming, people who was panicking, people who was spreading anarchy all stop and look at this most miraculous and shocking scene.

It is common sense that people do not fly. But now, they see a flying man appeared. One of the people in the crowd then asks.

'Is that a…plane?'

'A bird?' Another asks.

'It is a…. man' one of the women who stumbled and fall because of the chaos said as she stands up.

Those that falls and stumble, they all slowly get up. And then…. they look up. Look up at the back of the flying man and for some reason they feel reassured.

They then watched as the man punch a meteor and the meteor shattered into tiny pieces. No, it turned into dust.

'He….is flying' One of the people in the crowd said

'His punch is like steel.' Another added

'He destroyed the meteor in one punch.' One of them excitedly said

Then a young boy looking at this scene said in gasping breath.

'A superhero.' Slowly, the running stops. The screaming stops. The panicking stop as the crowd look at the flying man destroying the meteor.

Even the anarchy stops.

One of the reporters of the New York Daily News quickly takes a picture while some of the reporter began recording this scene.

One of the director of the program who was running just a few minutes ago after the first meteor fall then said

'What should we call him?'

'Man of Steel?' One of the people nearby suggested.

'No, no.' One of the other people in the crowd said.

'Look at his attire. It was black. Call him the Dark Knight.'

Because of the many suggestions the PD then yelled for them to shut up.

'Just record the damn thing.' Hope was ignited again in the heart of the people in Earth 2.

All the while Azief was flying around in the sky destroying meteor with each punch and smiling as he looked at his reputation and deed section quickly and rapidly increasing.

This was his first day in Earth 2.



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