Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The crowd that was cheering for Veva new conquest stood silent, bereft. The other courtiers and ministers did not want to interfere with these two arguments.

Zeus look down at his two subordinate arguing with each other passionately

Kyle and Eric is duking it out about the matter of releasing Aero. They both are standing on opposite side, Kyle on the left, Eric on the right

he called them to assemble after the rebellion around the Kingdom did not stop and the revolt in the city worsen. He immediately presides the court after he return.

There is a lot of problem in his Kingdom right now and Aero is more of a headache than he had ever expected

'There is no other way. We have to release him' Kyle shouted

'NO! We don't have to' Eric shouted back.

Kyle sneered and then pointed to the door of the Palace

'Oh…you mean we just let all those people come here to the north and let them wreck the buildings. Is that what you mean?'


Flashes of anger, jeers and shouting fill the court. It was a riot. The minister and the court is divided.

Release Aero of the East or kept him captive? They traded slur for slur, insult for insult, dig for dig.

Then suddenly Kyle turns to Zeus

"Your Majesty, Prime Minister Eric suggest that we keep Aero in the prison when we first capture him and now look what happens. We have housed a calamity in our cell, a calamity that is dragging us down. Your Majesty may catch one person, and solve one problems but now we have a thousand problems in our hands.'

He then continues

'Revolt, rebellion and everyday new adventurers came here trying to gain fame by releasing one of the Pillars. Derrick an NPC character even managed to carve a Kingdom after convincing former Asgaroian to revolt. Your Kingdom, my lord. Your empire.' He said stressing it to the other ministers in the court

"I beg of you, Your Majesty. See reason. Release Aero of the East and let us repair relations with the East" he said

"What do you mean?' Zeus ask

"Surely if you release Aero we could mend back our relations with Vanheim."

"Why should we mend relation with Vanheim? They are not big as us" barked Bart standing among his generals while his generals all nodding

Kyle shakes his head and then look at Bart with disdain and said

"Because Supreme Commander Bart, Vanheim is the sole power in the East and it would be stupid of us to court so many enemies when we are already trying to cope with Saville and the Holy Zun Empire" Kyle said and Zeus could see Bart is angry.

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'There is Niovar' Eric said smugly

'Niovar has fallen.' And Kyle seemed to enjoyed Eric face expression that contorted into something that looked like he is going to puke.

Is there some malcontent between those two? The court gasped

'Is this true?'

'How can it be? '

The minister whispers among each other

'Like I said, if we do not mend relations with them, our trade to the East might be cut off and then the economic repercussion would be disastrous….' he let his word hang

Silence filled the court. Each of the ministers is thinking about this matter since it is not easy to decide such things.

Then one minister approached the throne and said to Zeus

'I believe that what General Kyle is saying is right. Why should we insist in holding Aero of the East prisoner? When it gives us this much problem?'

The other ministers nodded, agreeing with Kyle suggestion

'AERO MUST NOT BE RELEASED!' Eric yelled his face mottled crimson, his eyes popped, his tree trunk neck strained and the minister shrinked

'Eric, they all give compelling reason'

'Zeus, do you really think that? Aero is your opponent. HE will always be your opponent. Release him now, and one day, he will claim your head.'

'Surely not' Zeus said but Eric didn't hear Zeus words as he continues

'And he will do that gladly. I have told you before that you should not have made him as your enemy. But now it is too late. So we should keep him captive until we find a way to kill him!'

'Until when!' Kyle yelled back at Eric

'For eternity? Someday sooner than later, Vanheim army will march here. And they surely will bring ten, no hundreds thousands of their army. All armed and full with anger. King George favor this man. He will bring his army, now that the invasion in Niovar ended. Release him Your Majesty. I beg of you, for the sake of your Kingdom' Kyle pleads

'And releasing him would suddenly mend our relationship in the East?' Bart said sarcastically

'It will be a start. Aero is their Chancellor, their hero. Release him and surely the Vanheimneian will not be marching here.'

'You must not Zeus. He will be your end' Eric tries to persuade Zeus as he approached the throne. Bart also nodded in support of Eric.

Zeus held his palms in the air and the court quieted

'I have made my decision'

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