Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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This sequence of event happens before the one that happen in Duvar, in King Vrandeus throne room.

Aero slowly open his eyes. That takes a lot of mana he thinks to himself. He also felt mixed emotions after hearing the news

King George is now dead, and Prince Edward is the new heir he said it to himself muttering it. There is a new development in Vanheim.

A lot of it.

Thanks to Dan and Raina, he was kept informed of the news that is happening in Vanheim.

He sighed a bit. Change is inevitable and change is everywhere these days. With King George death, there will surely be a lot of people moving in the Court.

the Status quo will change now. And Aero doubts that Prince James would accept his father decree obediently. After all, he is the hero of Vanheim right now, defeating Niovar.

He could already imagine the fierce bloodshed that will happen in the Court. That is why he need to return to Vanheim as soon as possible.

Prince James would surely be incensed when hearing his father change of heart. And almost the whole court hears his last decree.

Complicated emotions are swirling inside his heart right.

The relationship between him and the King started because of benefits but as he knows the man, George also share his dream with him and they have been working together to realize that dream

He felt a little sad because of many reason and he also have lost his greatest ally in the court.

The King has always been his supporter, and his shield. And surprising enough, a friend.

They of course try to outsmart each other, but in time they have grown accustomed to each other behavior.

Aero even thought that if he truly had to offer his loyalty to someone, then King George is the only monarch worthy of his loyalty.

He chuckles in the cell. No one would understand whether it was because of his complicated feeling or whether he found something funny.

Now, he is dead and gone and he had to plan for himself right now. He living still had to live.

He is thinking right now. Should he back another person? Should he went to Prince Edward camp? Or should he take the power himself?

Become King? Aero knew he had large influence in Vanheim and his connection is everywhere

And he knew the people of Vanheim love him. As he thinks of this matter he shakes his head. Love of the people could fade easily.

And if he became King it would be restricting his action among others. There would be many quest he couldn't perform.

He is more comfortable being the hand behind the curtain controlling everything rather than being the face of the throne.

And if he truly tries to take the throne, he not only has no just cause, it would besmirch his reputation as a loyal minister.

And those that follow him before might abandon him. They follow him because of his reputation so it is only proper that they will also leave if that reputation changes.

Aero understand how reputation works because he has wielded it wisely

He knows that loyalty, sincerity and kindness could reduce enmity and hatred, but he has never heard that wielding power and authority over others could prevent enmity and hatred from happening.

That is why it is better to be what he is now.

The Chancellor who control the Six Council.

Suddenly the wind blows into his cell and he was reminded of George. It is spring. George once told him that he likes the sprig air because it reminded him of his wife.

And then Aero felt the cold on his body.

He sighed as he thought that at the end of his life he must felt cold. Or would he feel amused dying in his most favorite season.

The cold that is entering his cell right now is biting him.

Probably because of the ventilation or another way of this prison to torture him. The cold seeped into his toes and spread painfully.

For some reason this prison doesn't stop to amaze him. He felt cold here, which he never felt since he took the curse.

He then looks back in front of his cell and sitting on the bar is a man. He snickers and then ask

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 'What do you mean?'

'Your lips. It's blue' he said and chuckled. He clearly is amused by the sight. Aero chuckles because he could believe how his pain amuse this person that much

'Do you like it that much?'

'Yes, I do Aero. Extremely so'

Aero only shakes his head and then said

'Even though we are allies?'

'Allies not friend' he said and then he chuckled again

'Give me a blanket' Aero ask. The man shakes his head and then explain

'I can't. Too many people will ask question. You don't want our partnership to crumble because of one blanket, do you?'

Aero sighed and he nodded. It is not worth it to have their plans discovered because of one blanket.

He looks again around his cell and he is impatient to leave. The prison wall is still as dull as ever but he knows he would not be here for any longer.

Aero smile in his cell because he has already moved all the pieces that he needs. Now he is just waiting it to be put on the board.

There are a lot of things he need to do…He had even call Raina and use her to stop Amy from coming here.

He knew she promised to save him but he did not want her to save him by risking her freedom.

He doesn't want to lose her again; if she gets captured again it would devalue all his effort in rescuing her

Not to mention the rebellion and the revolt help him in his plan. He already also put the rebellion in his calculations.

He also heard about one interesting news.

Derrick one of the many rebel leaders has claim some lands in the United Kingdom of Veva as a new country called Aerosia.

Aero doesn't know who this Derrick is but his devotion to him is quite commendable. Maybe he will give that rebel leader a title when he got out from here.

He also has been thinking about Deria. From the report he got from Dan and Rina, Deria has still not arrived in Vanheim. Could something have been stopping him?

As he was thinking about other matter, the man in front of the cell said.

"So how about it?" He said scratching his chin. The man begins reciting the report, information that he had ask him to gather.

The man outside the cell is none other than Kyle on of the General in Zeus army. He is sitting on a wooden chair.

It took him great persuasion but he had agreed to be his allies if he promise him an important position in Vanheim government.

'He survived' he said nonchalantly

'He did?'

'Yes, one would have thought he would surely die but apparently he did not' he clicked his tongue.

Aero just laughed at Kyle disappointment. The dynamic between them two is clearly very complicated.

'What happen?' Aero asked. Kyle then reported.

'After the Alliance of the Righteous retreated, Ariana went to mount an offensive to Nero Republic leaving the Order of the Rose to make sure that Zeus did not manage to escape the encirclement.'

'Then?' though Aero was already imagining how it happens.

'Then, he broke it…It seems Zeus is not that stupid after all'

Aero nodded and close his eyes for a few seconds.

He is not smart that is one for sure, but he is strong. That is something Aero has always acknowledge.


Kyle look at the report and shakes his head

'He kills the Order of the Rose member, and instead of attacking the Papacy who he can attack he instead attack the capital of Loth. With its main army still in Nero protecting their allied country Zeus victory was easy and effortless'

Hearing this Aero chuckles. He laughed in the empty prison, the laugh echoed and reverberates.

Zeus just got Loth kingdom for free while Ariana got Nero. It looks like Arianna won but in truth it is Zeus that won.

Why? Because Loth is in the North and he is strengthening his hold on the North and making headway to the South.

If he wanted to mount an invasion to the South, it would become easier with Loth in his realm.

That is why he laugh. Such ideas….

'I refuse to believe that it was Zeus that thought of such idea'

Kyle also nodded

'It must be Eric. He is the smart one' Kyle offered. Aero nodded. He agrees. There is only one person in Zeus camp that could suggest the ideas and had Zeus follow it.

Eric is decisive. This could be seen when he throws all the forces he has at that time to trap him.

If not for his dedication and determination to sacrifice forty thousand soldiers, Aero would have surely escaped and be at Vanheim right now.

'Any other information?' Kyle flipped through the reports and then he said

'Ok, hear this. Vanheim has conquered Niovar.'

'I know that'

Aero saw it through the raven eyes

'How did you know?' he asked puzzled

'I have allies in Vanheim, remember?' Aero would not give his most prized secret to one that could backstab him in the future.

He nodded, satisfied with the explanation.

'Ok. Then what about the alliance? Do you know about that?'

'Alliance? What alliance?'

Kyle looked satisfied that he didn't know about the news

'Vor and Saril is now united a new banner and now their Kingdom is called Savilia Kingdom. They merge their kingdom mostly to fight against both the Holy Empire and the fear of Zeus after he manages to once again conquered another Kingdom.' He said smugly

'He wins a nation, but yet lost quite the considerable sum of his land. And not to mention valuable ally' Aero offered all the while shaking his head.

He would rather sacrifice a few lands than incurring so much anger on other Kingdom leaders. That is detrimental to long term planning for prosperity.

Unless Zeus is confident he could take on all the other kingdoms. If he could take them then it is no wonder, he is not that worried about incurring anger.

But Aero also felt this kind of methods will have profound effect on his Empire even if he manages to control all of the Continent.

'You can conquer the world on horseback, but you can't rule it from horseback,' 

'That's true.' Kyle nodded.

'Can I kept reporting?' he said


'Nairhell is now Grukan Kingdom ruled by the Great Orc Gruk' Aero listening to this piece of news smile.

 'When will Zeus arrive then?' Aero suddenly ask

'Evening' Kyle answer

'You know what to do?' Kyle nodded.

'I know; I know…Don't worry. By the evening you will be released from this prison. Don't forget your promise.'

'Don't worry. I won't' And Aero flashed a smile to Kyle.

He gets up from his chair

'I will be leaving now.'


Then he walked away, every step grows fainter while Aero waited

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