Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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 Today Vanheim is festive and a feast was thrown to commemorate the victory of Vanheim against Niovar.

King George was jubilant in mood and he got up from his seat, raise his cup and then he declared to all the people present

"I have decided to mark my son service to the military as Vanheim Glory"

Bradheim, his stepbrother bellowed in agreement

"I agree wholeheartedly" And the whole court erupted to a deafening cheer. The other courtiers nodded but a proud expression is clear on their faces

The military commanders that have return to the capital all agreed at this declaration. George look at his son proudly

His son has achieved great military victory against Niovar, slaying their King and making sure that Vanheim are now, the sole power in the East.

George never had thought that this day would come under his reign

James battle has gained his son fame, as famous as the Chancellor himself among the people of the Vanheim

But while the Chancellor Aero is viewed as many as both gentleman and accomplished statesman, an able commander, and genius strategist, his son is regarded as a force that kill anyone who disobey him and he could be ruthless in his execution.

That sometimes worries him as the King

His son military laws are strict which explains their discipline but also make them very efficient in killing.

 The Massacre in Lowtown is prove of this fact.

Lowtown is one of the towns in Niovar.

When a young man who is found guilty of providing military secrets to Niovar officials, his son, his heir decided that to make sure such act never happens again, decide to massacre the whole town.

The other town that is conquered never did dare disobey his order again. It works but it paints a different light to his son personality.

And while the Niovar look favorably on Bradheim and even the Great Orc Gruk who treated those who surrender with dignity, they fear his son.

'It is better to be feared than to be loved' his son once said to him.

'I hope you're right. I hope you're right, son' he whispered to himself. For some reason the jovial mood in his heart was dampened as he was reminded why he was hesitant on giving James his throne.

That night after the feast was over he called a meeting of the court. They came to him and kneel before him as he ordered them

Bradheim and the other lords were all here.

'Tell the report of how my son had won the battle at Aved."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The courtiers seem excited to hear the story as the messenger is about to read the report.

After all, Vanheim did win the battle and Niovar is no more. Hearing about their own glory of course excites them

All there is, is Vanheim.

"Then I will begin" the messengers cleared his throats

"Following their success, on occupying Rulia, Prince James army moved north east to attack the Capital, Niovar, while the other commanders pacified the other regions." The messenger relays the report

'It was Marquis Dan suggestion. He said if they kill the king then everything, their power, their morale will crumble. He said it was Aero tactics when dealing with such enemy'

'Then wouldn't that make it Aero ideas?' George chuckle hearing this and he remembers something that Dan said to him

 "Aero said to him that, "I am more afraid of an army of one hundred sheep led by a lion than an army of one hundred lions led by a sheep" 

And how true the words of the Chancellor.

The moment the other generals of the Niovar army learn of their King demise, they surrender.

Their King is truly strong, a lion. So remove the King from the board, Dan said relaying Aero plan.

Kill the lion and the sheep's will run away.

He was thousand miles away, yet it was almost he was here himself, strategizing the victory of Vanheim.

Of course since the war is over he intends to commit his cause on saving his Chancellor.

Full cause. No matter the burden it takes on the Kingdom treasury he had to save Aero. He is the only one in his Court that truly share his vision and one person he could call a friend.

Even though his health is deteriorating, it is only right he save the very man that has given so much to this Kingdom.

"Then" And he was brought back to the present. He forgot that he had not heard the repot until the end

The other courtiers are also hearing the battle report intently. He too began paying attention

"Prince James leading the vanguard reached Lilybridge, the crossing for the River Avar, and just seven miles north east, the Niovarians army encamped and preparing for battle. The vanguard is full with Knights, Paladins, magicians, druids, fighters and so many adventurers all eager to claim glory for our Kingdom" he said dramatically

The courtier nodded and they could imagine how tense the situation would be at that time

Then the messenger takes a breath and began recounting the story again

"The bridge was badly damaged on previous skirmish between the two armies trying to find weak spot against each other, but Daryl Van Zur and his lieutenants repair the bridge and crossed and made camp with his large host. On the early morning Prince James" he stopped and squinted his eyes

"AND!" the courtiers bellowed clearly excited.

"lead a …. surprise attack. Yes, a surprise attack. The Niovarians army was driven back across the river, his lieutenant, Saram was killed, spear in his chest, charged by a brave Knights. General Bujama one of the integral figure of Niovar army was killed by fire magician, his corpse charred beyond recognition. Marquis Dan on the other hand chased the Niovar King and scatter his forces with his cavalry, while Prince James moved his cavalry secretly and hides its army on the woods waiting to meet the King and when the brave King was in range of sight Prince James ordered the arrows and fireballs to be released. They have to fight under the raining arrows aided by the wind that the Druids provide.'

"How about the melee battle?' Duke Bradheim asked

The messenger looks at the repot and then he finally found the passages.

"The clash between the armies is intense, the fighting was hand to hand, swords, pike, spears and an array of weapons, and the whole battle filed bathed with blood. Then Arili, another general of Prince James arrived at the battlefield after gaining the fealty of the officials in Latalia. Gradually under the intense battle and the assistance of General Arili, Niovar army gave away, and it eventually broke and the troop fled, while Prince James cavalry chased and slaughter them.

The river was in full flood, and thousands were drowned. And so ended the war, when finally, Prince James killed the King in one on one battle where Prince James managed to cut off his head and the war was decided." He releases his breath.

The court clapped their hands and cheer can be heard

The report doesn't mention the subsequent massacre and extermination of the Line of Kings.

Well, the winners make the history. While people are clapping and cheering, George frowned.

What it does not say in the report is after his son entered the capital, he executed every descendant of the Niovar King, his wife, sons, relatives, uncles and aunt, anyone even remotely close to the King, even children.

He then killed every one that is employed under the castle as all of them were buried alive under his instruction.

Some were burned at the stake.

No one will claim a pretender or claimant to the throne not when his son has effectively destroyed them and ended their line all in one day.

Even now, his spy is scouring the Kingdom searching for any one related to the King, to execute.

Able and brutal. It is a terrifying combination.

"You have been blessed by a great heir brother" Bradheim said offering his congratulations.

George do not know whether to treat that as an insult or compliment

"Yes, brother'

Right now his son is returning back from war and the entire Kingdom is preparing for his arrival.

The attendants all put to works, criers going to the major cities to relay the news of the victory.

His son will be the first in a thousand years to receive this honor.

Vanheim Glory

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