Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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She… believe that if she met him in the game then maybe, just maybe their misunderstanding and their quarrel of the past will end.

And maybe they can reconcile on what happened in the past. She had a long time to think about what happened that day.

And she used to blame herself for what happen but she has accepted that it is not her fault.

So days and weeks passed as she keeps playing the game, strengthening her character. She wanted to be strong enough and then travel to Vanheim to meet him.

Every day she trained until one day an encounter with a young boy change her fate in this game forever.

The young boy was a boy of ten, which she knew later, and he always got bullied by the warrior class.

He is a priest.

The players would make fun of him by stealing his potion bag and he would cry on the streets.

Mostly veteran players would rob him.

Of course there are some people who help him but it's not like the people is his guard and they can't help him every day.

Everyone has places to be and something to do. So the boy kept getting bullied. She saw this and it reminded something in her past so she helps the boy.

Day after day, she keeps helping the young boy. It felt like she was atoning for something by helping the boy.

Then they got to know each other. His name is Jack in the real world but here he calls himself Alex.

There is like a comraderies and a bond forming between her and the boy

One day during her training in the training hall intermediate level she got a whisper from him, asking her to help him with a quest.

Because she knows not many people would want to party with him because of his pushover reputation, she accompanied him.

They travelled through caves and secret passage, quest after quest, and it is getting clear to her that the quest that the boy activated is a chain quest

She almost regretted following the boy, but to leave him in the middle of the quest would be to pitiful.

So, she keeps following him and slowly solving quest after quest.

It also good training for her as it raises her level with each quest solved. There are zombies to kill, monster to slay.

So she marches on until finally they reach their final destination and after a grueling battle of wits and strength they solved this almost never-ending quest

The boy was given a relic, a relic that gives him almost unlimited health, and mana though it would take time to replenish.

It was a cup of blood. He also got the activation for a secret class. And that secret class was the Pope.

Yes, the young boy become the Pope of a new religion in Brave World.

It was a secret class, no doubt. At that time, she was shocked beyond belief at the young boy luck

She heard of people called priest or even Druid class but Pope? Surely that is a secret class that will affect the game in a big manner.

She was happy for him. Then something else happens too that changed her class.

The fact that she accompanied the boy also gives her the chance to change my class to secret class.

Of course how could she reject?

She accepted the secret class because one of its ability is the more people believe in the Church of Light, the stronger she became.

You could say their faith fuels her energy. So, she turned into the Holy Maiden and one of her duty is to protect the faith.

Then the boy proselytizes the people in the surrounding village around the cave. It was easy to do since they live in poverty and hardship most of it imparted by the Temple

And then began their journey. Because of his secret class, Alex has high charisma and persuasion stat.

And she was his bodyguard. Then they became even stronger, and have many more people.

It was then that the God of Light appeared unto her.

God of Light will whisper to her, telling her what to do, usually in the form of a quest, for example the destruction of the temple of the pagan God King, Zeus.

So she destroys it and weaken the faith that people have for him. The quest itself was satisfying.

It gives her good rewards and it was an easy quest. She just burns the whole place down and looted the Temple of their gold and jewelries

And Alex was not slouching either. He enthusiastically spread the Fait and more and more came and believe in the new faith.

So she became stronger with all this new people believing in the new faith. And the stronger she is, the more they believe.

She then began conquering other village, then cities and then Kingdom, most of it with the help of divine revelation from the system.

So, now here she, the Supreme Commander of the Holy Zun Empire, the Holy Maiden of Armagnac, and the Maid of Arleans.

She rose to be so great as this persona of Ariana the South that now she could be compared to her friend, (formerly crush, now not sure what our relationship is person) one of the Great Pillars.

She heard of his imprisonment. And see his video and replay it back.

And she noticed something. And she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw it. Amelia younger sister.

Ariana of the South…her real name is Jessica. She is friend with Daniel and Amelia. And that incident in their senior year changed all of their lives.

Daniel never saw Amelia family but she did. And she met Amelia younger sister, Amanda.

She was contemplating how she should tell Daniel this. She knows Aero is Daniel, but she doesn't think Daniel knows who that girl is.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If he did…...just imagine the breakdown, he would have

She thought this is her chance for redemption. She would go there and rescue him, and he might forgive her.

But then as she was planning this rescue mission the other Kingdoms came declaring their Holy War on her and the Church.

And then there is the fact that Daniel just saves Amelia sister which she thinks, from the videos he seemed to like. And she means like, like

This is tragic. This is simply a tragedy in the making. How could he fall for the younger sister of his dead ex-girlfriend?


Now she has to deal with them. Daniel and Amelia younger sister.

She doesn't want to open old wounds so she thought maybe now is not yet the right time to meet and tell him about all of this

And then there is Zeus.

This Zeus is really getting on her nerve.

She long to just charge him and spear him to death, but she knows he might be stronger than her and such fantasy would never come to pass.

She need to be cautious. Her commanders and her officers have all warn her not to engage in direct battle with the tiger.

Not when they have the advantage right now. She sighed as she looks at the rain outside her tent, listening to the sound of the rain.

She is alone in this tent as all of her generals are busy with their own meeting. She sighed.

'That's enough for today right?' she asks herself this question and she nodded.

She wants to log off for a while. Maybe after she log in there would be an improvement in the situation.


End of the chapter
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