Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The night has descended upon the area and the tent was set up. Tonight seems to be a cold night and very tent has a brazier lit up.

On the middle of the many hastily put up tent is a large and beautiful tent. The woman inside the tent shivers a bit.

She always wonders how the creator of this game could make even this part of feeling felt so realistic.

She could feel the wind passes by her and could smell the fire of the brazier. She looks around in her tent and she smiles bitterly.

She didn't need such treatment but her band of Knights, the Order of the Rose insisted in putting up this kind of tent for her.

Looking at the structure of the tent, it looks strong and sturdy with the pillar of metal in the middle of the tent fastened with steel vine.

The ropes are tight, and the bottom is just right.

She might not force the Order of the Rose to do this for her but she always likes the finer things in life and she could not hide how pleased she is.

The Order she established seem intent in making her life as easily as possible. Unfortunately, her life in Brave World is not as easy as it seems.

She thought of many things while she is in her tent. She studies the terrain and thinking hard about the matters of her military.

No one is coming to her tent this late at night.

This is her time to think.

She found it easier to think in this virtual reality then in the comfort of her home. Here she felt the urgency and that urgency causes her to think more clearly.

It is like a surge of adrenaline.

If she is at her home right now, all that feeling will disappear and she will be relaxed.

As she was studying the maps of this area, outside her tent, water started falling from the sky

It is raining outside. She has been a t it for hours and now it is raining

The sound of rain only adds to her sleepiness. Slowly and slowly they drip like a hypnotic sound that tempt her to sleep. Each drop lulls her

Rain was beating against the canvas, drips of water running down the sides, the sides ripple in the gusting wind, straining against the rope and pegs, edges flap wildly, as it feels flimsy and inconsequential against the encroaching squall.

As she looks at the rain, she had a bold idea.

A daring and bold idea.

She is reminded of one battle. One of her friend…former friend she corrected was always interested in history.

This would be a great night to attack Zeus unprepared army. She approached the entrance of her tent and look at the soil turning muddy and she smiles.

'Not only that, our tracks will also be hidden' she thought to herself as that smile becomes even wider.

Outside the tent he could see preparation being made, all for tomorrow battle while her general already engaged the Zeus army in a guerilla tactic style in the evening.

Even in the rain such preparation must not be lacking.

They might have a few victories under their belts again Zeus…but this is Zeus they are talking about.

She herself did not fancy fighting that beast masquerading as human in one on one battle.

Unless she is as powerful as Aero she would not wager herself winning that confrontation.

Tomorrow the second wave will hit them.

Zeus will not let yesterday humiliation go.

She knows that they have to take the advantage of their own terrain and their luck to catch him in their encirclement.

Then the wind gust blew and her hair gracefully blows behind her neck. The sound and the atmosphere right now gives her a kind of clarity that help her to think.

She looks at the large host of army in font of her and she laughed at herself. Who would have thoughts she would be such a big deal when she started playing this game?

She is none other than the Third Pillar in Brave World, Ariana of Zun. Aero of the East, Zeus of the North and Ariana of the South.

The Great Pillars of their continent, their name inspires awe and respect.

She is the Apostle of the Church and the supreme commander of the Holy Army of the Church of Light.

She started playing this game because of her friend.

She never had a grand aspiration to become the Ariana of the South.

Her friend recommended to her about this game nonstop, and every time they met, it was either about his adventure here, or he building this, and building that.

Her friend is a builder in Brave World. Thinking about it the builder class suited her friend personality.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Her friend family had a construction company and could be considered rich

First it was this one friend that was quite close to her who she knew was playing the game, then she found out her crush also plays this game.

Her former friend. After what happened in their senior year they did not contact each other.

Then she started researching the game. Brave World. At first she couldn't understand why people like the game so much.

So, she bought the capsule. She enters the game. Without any knowledge or research, she just entered it not expecting anything.

It was…. magnificent. It was like she was truly transported into another world.

Not even five minutes pass in the game and she was already hooked. Now she understands what all those people are talking about

She chose the profession warrior, seeing so many people choose it. The outfit also looks cool to her.

She chose a peaceful Kingdom that doesn't have that many monster and more farmland as her starting point in Brave World.

She plays it casually at first.

She just came to the game every day, leveling up, and then one day she saw her friend in a broadcast.

She knows that face everywhere.

It seems that her friend, (formerly crush, now not sure what our relationship is person) is living pretty well in this world.

And he should have. What happened to him…. that could break a person.

So her determination grew. She wanted to raise her level and meet him as equal.


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