Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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A person looks at the scenery outside his window and sighed.

The Leon kingdom is a kingdom owned by a clan. Just like how Zeus started his own clan and created his powerbase in Veva.

Leo is a proud owner of a clan.

At first he started the clan with only ten people all of them are players who are level 100 or above,

Most of them is his friend and then he even invited his acquaintances and people in his real life.

It was the good times when he thinks about it again.

He remembers those days vividly as he hunts and raided around the dungeons, camping outside on some forest and sharing and sometimes arguing about loot

That is a simpler day than today.

Day after day, there are more people that join his clan and he guess that is where he and his clan started changing.

Then they began doing hard and difficult quest and they become more ambitious.

At that time, he harbors intention of becoming one of the most prestigious clan in Brave World and they occupied a lot of the dungeons territory

 but then Zeus clan came into the picture.

With domineering strength, Zeus rises swiftly to the top.

He might act like a brute and prioritize strength above all else but no one could deny his charisma.

His straightforwardness could either repel people or draw them to him. And Leo himself met Zeus and fought him one on one. And he loses fair and square.

So he set a new goal for himself and his clan. Since he could not be the best at least he could be the second best

And for a while that works. He and Zeus clan was the top two clan in Veva.

But then he was commissioned a quest from the Asgaroian royalty. Conquer one of the Fort in Redat. So they try to complete the quest

But most of the nobles of Asgaroian did not even try to help them so the fight become very long. Then Zeus usurpation begin in Veva when he was still fighting in Redat

At the same time as Zeus is usurping the royal power, Aero of the East emerges after he defeated the Vetten Invasion on the Eastern Continent

Suddenly, the world of Brave World experience great change

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Zeus and Aero. At that time, he felt many mixed emotions to the news of Zeus successfully usurping the royal power and Aero of the East emergence.

He also wanted that kind of influence and he want to be respected by the other players. He knows that unless he did something big no one would pay attention.

Instead of honoring his oath to the king of Asgaro he tries to take advantage of the war fad at that time and instead of returning back he turns back his clan soldiers to try taking Asgaro.

But with his troops already tired and exhausted fighting with Redat troops, they could only weaken Asgaro and then Zeus taking advantage of that lay waste to Asgaro killing almost all of its inhabitant.

He with nowhere to run has no choice but to turn his target once again to Redat Kingdom. The fighting was hard and everyone was tired.

In that moment Eric came like he was waiting for this moment and offer him help but instead if he succeeded in conquering Redat they have to become the vassal state of Veva.

At that time, he looks at his friend, his soldiers and the other players in his clan and he finally agree.

He relented because everyone is tired of fighting. And he was crowned King.

He got nothing in the end other than this petty kingdom. He had been biding his time waiting for the opportune moment to release himself and his clan from Veva influence.

With Veva territory reaching to all the north, he had no choice but to wait and pretending to be subservient to United Kingdom of Veva

Today, was just like any other day. However, the normal days for him is about to end. A letter arrived for him today.

He had expected that the letter came from Veva. He thought it would be from Eric, or from Bart of form Zeus himself.

However, after he opens the letter he was surprised to find out that the person sending him a letter is one of the General in Zeus army.

General Kyle sends him a letter.


"Who is that?" one of his minister had asked before he retreated to his office dismissing his advisors and ministers.

He could feel whatever in this letter it would not be wise to open it with so many witnesses. He never met the man since he had no reason to

But he of course heard about the man himself. From what he knows Kyle is once a Vetten general before being defeated by Aero.

He was humiliated and executed cruelly by the King of Vetten and Eric personally recruited him.

Now he serves Veva as one of Zeus general. He looks at the letter on his hand and he hesitates to open it.

He is thinking about a lot of things right now.

Even though there are many times he goes to Zeus palace to give the tributary gift every month he never did greet Kyle and neither did Kyle even attempt at conversing with him which makes this correspondent very strange and bizarre.

Why suddenly send a letter?

And why the secrecy?

He has heard from his messenger that the letter must be handed directly to him and he alone could read the content of the letter.

He took a seat on one of the chairs in his office. He is fiddling with the handle of his chair feeling unease about the letter

He then took a deep breath and nodded to himself and decided fuck it.

He need to read it. He smiles at himself as he now has made his decision. He took the letter opener and open the letter.

The content was extremely shocking


To: King of Leon, Leo, Duke of Ortrane, Count of Ordo

From: General Kyle of the 14th Division

Your Majesty, this letter details a plan…. a great conspiracy. This plan is treason and fill with treasonous thought towards the United Kingdom of Veva. If somehow you feel in your heart the need to remain loyal to Zeus and his Kingdom, then burn this letter and if you so desire turn me in to Zeus.

But if you're interested in gaining more power than you now, rather than being a puppet King of your kingdom, always suppressed under Zeus thumb with no real power then I, urge you to read this letter to the end. Aero has made me and you an offer

You could either serve Zeus and stay his puppet or you could pledge loyalty to him and he promise he would grant you a real Kingdom to rule. You will neither have to pay tributary gift and nothing of sort the treatment you endure now.

Money and power and prestige….and more. If you want this, then help me persuade Zeus to release Aero in the court. Then sent some of your troops to disguise themselves as the rebellion army.

Join any of the rebellion leader. And wreck Veva to a point of destruction. Then and only then can I have something to bargained for with Zeus.  In the end, the choice is up to you. The wind is blowing hard, Leo. And it is blowing towards Aero.

It's alright to maintain your neutrality but there comes a time when you have to make a choice. And that time is now. If you think you're going to be safe if you do not support any cause, then I will tell you how wrong that is.

I know how cautious you are in picking a side. But, by not aligning yourself with anybody, it is true that you have no enemies, but remember, you will also have no allies.

If you agree with the plan send me some sign




Leon finished reading the letter. He did not expect that Kyle is thinking of rebelling. This is a tempting offer. But should he accept it? What if he chooses wrongly?

He looks below his windows and he sees his people.

Most of them are his friend and they have follow him to victory and even follow him when he makes a mistake.

But this is not a mistake he could be making.

If his gamble is wrong, he could cause his entire clan to be disbanded. With Zeus power it is easy to force a clan to destruction.

Most of his friend uses this game to make some money on the real world. And he thought of another terrifying thought

What if Zeus heard of this? Wouldn't all of his people be imprisoned and tortured by Zeus.

He may never torture a player yet but who knows. He is bloodthirsty. At least that is his opinion of Zeus.

He thought deeply and ponder his next action carefully because it might spell his doom or it might be the opportunity he has been waiting for.

He has been waiting for an opportunity to release himself from Veva influence but he never got any chance.

But now a chance has presented itself in front of him. Aero.

'Hmm' he sighed. He could at least understand what Aero is trying to do

Aero wanted to bet on his own self-interest. Aero knows that he hates being a puppet.

And in his defense who would? However, there is another reason to consider accepting the offer.

Aero is still in prison.

A prison tower if the rumors is to be believed. And yet he still has time to do political maneuvering behind prison bars.

'Impressive, impressive.' He thought to himself

Aero act of sending a letter even in such a prison shows that he must be capable. If not how can he persuade Kyle to send the letters? Everyone knew they were enemies.

Self-interest, he mused

Aero can meet his needs and advance his cause but is it worth the risk? Should he wait a little more? Or should he act?

He then comes out of his room. He closes his eyes as he halted his step and then he nodded. He would not hesitate anymore. He made his choice.

" Summon Anteus. I need him to report to me" he shouted to one of the attendants

"General Anteus?" the attendants asked.

"Is there anyone else named Anteus in my court?" he shouted again slightly annoyed. The attendant hurriedly went out of the Palace to invite General Anteus to the palace.

After making the decision, there is only determination in his eyes.

'Fuck it. I live only once. I will take risk for one last time!'

He has made his decision and as he look down from the balcony of his palace he smiles and there is a trace of that bravery once again reigniting

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