Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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This couple of week's rebels has risen up all across the Kingdom and some of them become bigger and bigger.

There is a surge of discontent spreading through the kingdom with the harsh treatment that King Zeus has imposed upon them.

He is now here on the northern side of kingdom.

He was ordered by Zeus to contain the rebellion while Zeus went to the South with Bart bringing five hundred thousand soldiers to wreak destruction to the new faith, answering the call of the Holy Kingdom of Duvar

Though from the news the Holy War is not that successful as the enemy is not some rabble bunch many Kings believes.

From the news he has heard that Ariana of the South main force of two hundred thousand soldiers turn back to fought off the expedition of the Kings while her commanders Gustav continue attacking Nero republic.

Santi another one of her general also a woman in her army is tasked to stop the march of Alfhaim and Duvar encroaching on the South.

She was entrusted with six hundred thousand troops to stop their march. She is a capable general and also bloodthirsty and she successfully halts Alfhaim and Duvar troops.

But that is not even the most shocking part of this continuing Holy War of the Southern region and the rest of the continent.

The most shocking news is that Ariana of the South had managed to trap Zeus and Bart in a marsh and began killing Zeus troops.

It was more like she was massacring Zeus soldiers.

Even though Ariana of Zun is also known as one of the pillars never once she asked Zeus to challenge her, one on one just like Aero.

Aero stunt wins him eternal fame and his reputation skyrocketed after he defeated Zeus in one on one battle.

He might be imprisoned but his reputation in the hearts of the viewers and other players is very high.

On the other hand, Ariana while she is not capable of killing Zeus in one on one battle that does not mean she could not defeat him in other ways

Probably she knows she could not defeat Zeus strength so she just kills Zeus troops, giving him the rare military defeat he ever experienced since starting his journey in brave World.

No matter how strong Zeus is even he could not manage to kill all of Zun Empire troops.

Even Aero fall to this mob tactic. Zeus has got his priorities wrong and he ignores the advice of his military generals like they were spouting nonsense.

He wanted to conquer the South but here at home, Veva is filled with rebellions and with almost hundred thousands of players that day by day coming here and destroying villages and terrorizing cities he should have delay his ambitions

Players are marching to Zeus palace asking the release of Aero which he and Eric has to deal with every day.

The checkpoints of the bordered are destroyed by some players, the guards killed and hang to send a message to the Kingdom.

Just today he had to kill a lot of people that somehow managed to break through the palace defense and almost entering the Tower Prison.

Kyle could not help but sighed internally. The rebellion started with Alwin and Berrick. Now another rebel group rises up.

Derrick. This man is the new wave of leader of a rebellion that is slowing growing in the Kingdom.

People say he is strong and unbeatable in battle. He fought like monsters and yet he treated his men generously and kindly.

His cause is the release of Aero. People flock to his banner and many players joins his faction as he distributes their loot fairly.

The NPCs that joins his banner is mostly Asgaroian who had a grudge to settle with the United Kingdom of Veva

Kyle himself was shocked when he read the report on Derrick.

Derrick uses guerilla tactics and are always attacking at nights and he and his band of rebels are destroying Veva supply lines, exploding government buildings and sabotaging the kingdom facilities.

Kyle is clear than anyone about the state of the Kingdom. Veva is in trouble.

Did he choose wrong again in picking sides? He wondered this question when he is alone.

And Aero words rang again in his ears.

After he was lectured by Aero, instead of ignoring it like he usually does he listen this time. And he truly looked at the Kingdom and the King and the men he chooses to align himself with.

And he reached his conclusion

Zeus possessed the might of a tiger, but he lacked the planning skills of a talented person.

Not like Aero. It took him a hard time of admitting it, but he knows he had chosen the wrong side to back.

Though if there is one mistake he did is because of a woman. But he was confident he could win, that he could bested Zeus.

And maybe this is Aero plan all along.

He maybe not a chess master who looks at the whole board and plan from then on. He belongs to another type.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He makes good with the cards he's been dealt with.

He moved according to flow and maybe that is the most terrifying thing about him. A chess master when their plan is straying off from the path they will get concerned.

But someone who goes with the flow and changes their plan to suit the situation is a terrifying man.

Did he see all this?

Or did he plan this after he got caught? Kyle pondered this matter seriously

Zeus… he is frivolous and temperamental, and was only concerned about the gains he could make.

His attack to the South proved this. For some lands in the South he led his armies in a terrain that is so different from the North which is why Ariana easily trap them right now.

He did not know military tactics and usually get by with his strength and his confidence that he could break through anything.

But his defeat under the hands of Aero clearly bothered him more than he cares to admit. Other people might not see it but Kyle could see that the tactic Zeus uses this time on the South is timid that before.

Unless you are in his army and saw him uses his usual tactic which mostly offensive, the current Zeus seems to be timid.

And he is once again defeated. Kyle could feel that Zeus era has truly ended.

It is her terrain, her territory and Ariana make use of that brilliantly, trapping the northern soldiers of Veva with the terrain and capitalizing on her strength and keep picking at her enemy's weakness.

She of course knew every nook and cranny of her own territory. Zeus on the other hand charged headlong, stubborn in receiving advice and at times to sentimental.

Throughout history, there had never been such person like him who did not end up being destroyed.

Kyle also looked at the men under the services of Zeus. His men all had their personal motives and were very disunited.

They are fragile union and it is so easy to crumble.

And now with the story and videos of Zeus losing to Aero streamed and become a viral video even some of the officers in the military is thinking of defecting to other power.

It's not like Kyle is deaf and not hear the chatter around the Court. He heard the whispers when the officers thought no one is listening.

Zeus is a ship. It used to be a large and titanic ship, so large that no one thought anything could sink it.

But that ship just hit an iceberg.

Surely the news that he falls under Arianna troops will erode the people trust towards him even more.

Kyle have learned greatly from the mishap and mistake he make the first time

He received a lesson that he would never forget.

Master the art of timing. It is critical to recognize the spirit of the time. And patience. And where the wind blows and where it takes you

he has learned patience. He knows he must not strike out rashly or being emotional about this. He need to keep his cool.

Zeus is falling and sinking deeper and deeper.

And he surely doesn't want to be in a sinking ship. And right now the wind is blowing to Aero.

He is not only the Chancellor of one of the greatest nation in Brave World he is also loved and respected by the people of his Kingdom.

How could the people not love him?

He is considered a peace advocate (even when he is not), a war hero, a savior and liberator.

How could the people not respect him?

He started his journey doing extraordinary things, and his generosity and reputation of kindness is widespread through the Continent.

If he is not loved why is so many NPCs rise for him from the East to the North? If he is not respected why do so many players raise their banners and march here?

Kyle knew Aero is not truly like that. That snake, a peace advocate?

No! he is the farthest from a peace advocate. He knew that.

Every move he makes in the end benefited himself. A generous man? Ptui! What a joke!

But the game of appearance must be played. And Aero play the game perfectly. To the populace he is their hero, someone they strive towards to be.

However, recognizing the prevailing winds does not mean he have to side with him. Kyle sighed.

The only thing he will do right now is betting on the reaction that is brewing and putting himself in the vanguard of it.

You must guide time, or be its merciless victim.

This does not mean he suddenly forgives Aero, but he knew nothing good will come of trying to kill him, not when so many people supported him.

For now, he will be patient and see where the wind is blowing and he will think whether to flow along with the wind or trying to fan it to other direction

Tomorrow he will tell Aero his answer.

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