Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The joyous atmosphere has long faded away from the island as it is now filled with foreboding of ill omens.

And it all started with the Golden Apple.

While all of this is happening in the island, the Three Sister of Fate smiles as they stopped for a second in threading the threads of life and destiny.

They look to the direction of the island, smiles mysteriously and then return back to their work.

On the island, it looks like the Three Goddess agree to heed Hades advice and seek judgment from Zeus.

Zeus was minding his own business when Hades suddenly threw him the problem.

He had hoped that this matter was easily resolved but when he saw that the three Goddess try to claim the Golden Appel he knew the problem is anything but easy.

He frowned as he saw the way the Three Goddesses is looking at him.

Above the island, thunder crackles and broke.

He is glaring at Hades but he himself did not really want this to affect his relationship with Hades.

In the end Hades did the proper thing.

Olympus matter should be adjudicated by him.

Yet when the Underworld does their decision arbitrarily Zeus had to close one of his eyes pretending like nothing is wrong. He is dissatisfied with Hades but he had to swallow it since he is the King of Olympus.

'Hmm' he said as he ponders the question. He actually doesn't know what to do right now. No answer seems like the right answer.

He looks at Athena and it was not pleasant

Athena is glaring at him. Zeus did not really want to anger her. She is after all his strategist and won him many of his wars.

And she could be considered her daughter. To offend her is to deprive himself of the support of his staunchest ally.

He then looks at Aphrodite. She always looks stunning and beautiful. But Zeus shivered every time he saw her.

Aphrodite is looking at him with alluring gaze and look like she is trying to seduce him but Zeus alone knows how dangerous Aphrodite really is.

Hiding behind that lustrous gaze and enchanting smile is danger.

And she is angry.

Other people might not notice but Aphrodite eyes shows her anger.

Love seems weak. Yet, it is one of the most powerful thing under Heaven and Earth.

Men become stronger because of it, rise because of it and even fall because of it.

Hades himself did not like dealing with Aphrodite and Zeus shares that dislike.

That is why even though many Gods expresses their intent to bed the Goddess of Love, the few that didn't show any interest is Hades, him and Poseidon.

Other than when he was young and not know any better, as he grows up, he had no interest at all consorting with the Goddess of Love

He looks on the other side and he saw Hera looking at him with anger in her eyes. There is also a gaze that seems to be accusing him.

She seems to be fuming that Zeus had not make his decision already and crown her to be the fairest.

It was like she was slighted by her husband. Looking at these three angry Goddesses he knows he is screwed.

It is a sensitive judgment to make.

If he chose any other than Athena maybe Athena will really quit her post. She has been threatening that since the matter of the sacking of Her Temple in Asgaro.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

And Zeus knows how important Athena to his rule. She is the one handling his Kingdom of Gods.

But to chooses her would be alienating the other two Goddesses and that doesn't seem like a great alternative too.

There is still Hera and Aphrodite. The Goddess of Marriage and Love.

One would have thought that the two would be compatible joyously but love and marriage is not the same.

One is passion. The other is commitments. And sometimes it is not exclusively the same.

Hera ... is his wife. That alone made this even harder. He has been chasing her for eons for her to return his love.

It would pose many problems if he didn't choose her.

If she chose Aphrodite, Hera might think that he had something with Aphrodite which will not be good considering the jealousy traits that Hera possesses.

To choose Athena instead of favoring her would surely blew her top as she would surely accuse him of favoring Athena, more than his own wife.

She always hated that Athena is always beside him.

It wasn't until recently that their relationship slowly getting better and Eris just had to give this gift of Golden Apple.

And Hera…. her anger and wrath is well known among the inner circle of Olympus.

He did not know if he could be having her breathing down on her neck and hurling insults at him I he did not choose her.

He sighed internally.

It looks like they are arguing about the Golden Apple and the last gift that Eris left but Zeus knows this relates to their reputation.

He thought of Aphrodite and then he shivered

Aphrodite on the other hand has many suitors, mortals and Gods alike. Even his son Ares is said to woo her affection.

To be honest in his youth he also tries to force himself to Aphrodite…...of course that is before he knows how dangerous love really is.

He is truly screwed. Zeus is thinking a lot about this matter pondering seriously as the Three Goddess is looking at him.

And as he is thinking about this matter, a telepathic whispers came to him. He recognized the presence.

This is none other than Hades. Zeus pretending like nothing is happening as he heard each of the Goddess explain to him why they deserve the Golden Apple as he accepted the telepathic connection

"What?' he almost shouted in his mind.

It is clear he is very annoyed with Hades action. Hades then said coldly.

"If you could not choose for them then let other choose." Zeus scrunched up his forehead and then he thought about it for a few seconds and then he sends another telepathic message.

"Who?" Hades is still sitting on his throne and closing his eyes but there is a smirk on his face.

Then he answered

"Faris Desmond. He is the son of the former King of Veva. If the rumor of the mortal world is to be believed, he is the most beautiful men in the world"

Zeus think about this matter for a few second as Hades terminated their telepathic connection.

Zeus made his decision in his heart and then he raises up his hand and the Three Goddesses stop their debate. The Gods in the island all look nervously at Zeus. It seems the King of the Gods have made his judgement.

Hera, Aphrodite and Athena look at Zeus their eyes is burning with anger and desire to do conflict.

"I have made my decision" suddenly Zeus declared and the Gods nodded. They themselves are curious of Zeus decision.

The Goddesses waits for his judgment. Zeus then said

"I declared that Faris, the mortal that reside in Veva will be the judge for this matter for he had recently show his exemplary fairness in which my son in his bull form had bested Paris own prize bull, and the Prince unhesitantly awarded honor to my son and in turn to me" he said.

Ares hearing that his father mentioned Faris nodded and laugh remembering that day.

The Goddesses look at each other nodded and agree with the judgment. Athena agreed because if Zeus pick Hera then he might be doing it because she is his wife.

If he picked Aphrodite it might be because of past affection.

She could accept the judgment if that is truly the case

Aphrodite on the other hand also agree to Zeus suggestion because she fears that Zeus would pick Athena who is his commander in his war or he might choose Hera because of her status as his wife.

Hera on the other hand shares the same fear like Athena that her husband might choose Aphrodite because of his past affection or might be biased and chooses Athena who is thee executor of his ambition.

They then said in unison

"Bring us to him then"

Zeus summoned Hermes and ordered him to guide the Goddesses to Veva.

The other Gods also followed from behind to see who would be crowned the fairest one of all the Gods.


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