Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The wedding is joyous and everyone was happy.

The atmosphere was good with the sound of music that could enchant even the weariest hearts to dance and sing in revelry, the wind was blowing gently like it could soothe one troubled souls and it seems like the entire world celebrated the wedding of Thetis and Peleus.

The ceremony is about to begin and Thetis and Peleus look at each other with smile on their faces.

All the Major Gods have given their blessing in either artifact or some protection and wishes.

Hephaestus gifted an armor to Thetis. Thetis thought to herself that she might give this armor to her son.

As they laugh and drinking wine and dancing to song is about to end and as the Gods is about to start the ceremony, they sense something

Some of the Gods frowned as they knew the source of this feeling.

 A feeling of unease attacked the hearts of all the Gods in the weddings, whether it was the minor Gods or the major Gods

There is a thick mist that appeared out of nowhere and then a cold wind blows.

The mist dissipated and from the wind, emerged a beautiful woman yet at the same time the aura she emitted told everyone that she is dangerous.

She is wearing a normal ceremonial garb for weddings, her hair is curly and her eyes red.

She looked beautiful as most Goddess do, but they could felt that behind that beautiful face there is chaos and hatred.

Some of them narrowed their eyes. Zeus frowned and Thetis guarded herself. They look at this uninvited Goddess and some of them sighed.

They all know this Goddess. She was the only Goddess that was not invited to the wedding.

Eris, The Goddess of Discord. She has came

" you came" Zeus said stuttering at this sudden development. He himself did not know how to explain this to Theist who is glaring at him right now.

Eris just smiles, showing no hint of displeasure. The more she acted like this the more the Gods feel chills in their hearts.

"Yes, I have arrived. I didn't think I was not invited" she said smiling pretending like she was invited after all.

"Maybe the naiads or the nymph forget to send you the letters. You know how they get giddy at weddings and sometimes forget." Zeus said trying to make an excuse

Eris smiles and nodded like she was satisfied with the explanation.

Hades who is still sitting at his throne of bones and skulls opens his eyes and look at this sudden event with interest

Since the beginning of the wedding he had shown no interest at all but now with the appearance of Eris he is suddenly showing some interest.

Eris look at Zeus and she is amused at his behavior. She will let him play that game

She then said

"Is that so? I'm lucky then to at least watch the bride and the groom before they take their oaths" she said and taking a seat at one of the empty seat.

"Eris" a deep voice called her that almost shake her to her soul. She looked and then she almost gulped out of instinctive fear and quickly she bowed

"Lord Hades" she greeted. Hades did not say anything for a few second, his eyes seems to see through Eris intention and there is a slight smirk on his face.

Eris was uncomfortable as Hades look at her and then he asks

"So it seems you were not invited" She take a few second, nodded and confess the truth

"I was not, my lord" she looked at Hades face, trying to gauge his reaction or emotions. He looks bored. And somehow fear strikes her heart suddenly. She shakes it off.

Hades then said


Then he added

"Gods like us" he paused a little then said "make people uncomfortable. But yet…. we are a part of nature." He said and Eris nodded in agreement.

She will not disobey. Not the Lord of Death, the Unseen One.

"Do you come in peace?" he asked and that question startled Eris

"Of course I've come in peace" Eris said stuttering. Hades smirk and then he asks

"Then what is that golden apple doing hiding under your sleeve?" Hades said, his voice is calm and show no sign of emotions as his eyes piercing her concealment

How did he know? She thought to herself. Hades then chuckles a bit before asking another question

"Are you Intending to start a discord at a wedding? That is quite petty." his accusation stung. But also true

Eris then frown. Then she musters her courage and ask

"And if I am. Will you stop me my lord?" Hades look at Eris with that cold hard look and Eris hold her courage from breaking own and then he smirks.

And that terrifies her more than his expressionless face. His answer was contrary to her expectation

"Why should I? It's your job to bring discord right? It is why you were made. And unlike the Gods in this wedding and even on Olympus, I, and I alone understand your worth and value. It is a pity but you will found no acknowledgement in Olympus. But I understand. I understand it too much. Sometimes without conflict nothing can be achieved…...and without conflict sometimes, things could never end. So Eris… your thing. You do you. I will not interfere"

Eris hearing Hades answer felt like something heavy was lifted out of her chest.

She takes a deep breath of relief as Hades went back to his throne and once again close back his eyes.

Eris look at that Death God and was grateful and fortunate that he found no quarrels with her.

Of all the Gods, the only one she fears is Hades.

And there is a valid reason why.

Of all the Gods, He always seems to know something the other Gods did not.

And of all the Gods he is the most mysterious and the oldest. He is calm and he has dominion over the death.

He is the Ender of all Things, the Unseen One.

She only defers to Hades.

If somehow Hades instructs her to stop, she will stop.

She does not want to know what happen when one of the oldest being in the Universe is angry at her.


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