Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The trumpets were blaring and the sun travel through the skies. The petals of flowers are released by the many minor gods and goddesses of springs and fertility.

Rainbow formed itself in a clear day.

The sun gives a warm light to anyone who attends the festive wedding with all the Gods coming from the major Gods to the minor ones save but...…. one.

It was the wedding of the century but they did not invite one particular goddess.

Eris, the Goddess of Discord is not invited to the wedding.

'I mean who would invite her to a wedding when she will bring discord with her?' Zeus once said when they were discussing the wedding arrangement.

Zeus held this banquet to honor and appeases Thetis anger after his children disregard of the Old Law had anger the Nereid.

Also he hopes that Thetis will not rage and began a war with the Council.

Everyone knows that Aero is her son and he is also Athena Champion.

If not for the laws constraining them, these two Goddesses will fly down as fast as lightning to save Aero and wreak destruction to Veva.

And Apollo and Artemis and anyone else who supported Zeus child, which also mean Ares that child of his who likes war, will also participate.

And if that happens, then it means war. And not just some war like mortals against other mortals.

This will mean it is the beginning of the War of the Gods. Somehow Nestor words rings with truth.

It is also at this time Zeus once again reconfirmed the loyalty of the minor Gods. He is anxious and worried these days.

The Church of Light has gained a foothold in the Continent.

And with Gabriel and Michael, the lackey of the God of Church of Light keep killing the minor Gods some are thinking to change sides and bend their knee to this new upstart God.

In the South those tow lackey and the warrior of their faith is known as Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel.

Zeus and Olympus did try to use their divine power to kill their champion Ariana.

Yet, none of their magic on her, Ariana the apostles of the Church.  She didn't believe in them, so their magic does not work on her.

There is also because of the divine protection of her God on her. Zeus shakes his head as he tries to forget this past couple of week problem by focusing on the joys of today.

Hera is looking joyful. After she birthed Ares, she always looks sullen. However, she is always happy at weddings.

Goddess of Marriage, Zeus thought to himself

On the other side of the large and expansive hall Demeter is using her powers to make beautiful plants to sprout, plants with beautiful flowers and petals, beautifying the halls and the wedding.

Hades, Lord of the Underworld sit on his throne made of skull while looking boringly at the occasion.

His appearance was the most dramatic in the banquet and his intimidating aura seeps out of him.

He is even more dramatic than him Zeus mused.

Zeus came here with lighting thundering all over the skies to the rhythm of the skies shaking and rumbling after all the major God arrived.

At that time, he thought that was dramatic enough

They held this wedding at an island, which is a gift from Poseidon who came here with his weird looking horse

But Hades?

When he came to the island there are smokes and shadows enveloping the entire island, making the entire island felt gloomy and suffocating, and emerging from the shadows was Hades with his intimidating four black sable horses with his terrifying chariot and for a moment they could hear scream of the tortured soul from the darkness of the mist of darkness behind him.

Then when he was led to his seat by the nymph he refused to sit at the chair and with the twist of his hand skull formed from the sand and a throne of skull is formed.

Sometimes even he himself felt intimidated by his presence.

Which is why the other Gods rarely invite him to Olympus, though to be honest Zeus think Hades like it down there.

He also brought out his puppy.

Athena warned Hades not to let the puppy breath fire or plaque in this wedding. She will take no nonsense at this wedding.

Athena smiles a lot today at Thetis.

She rarely smiles. The relationship between her and Thetis is good since after all it was Athena that releases her from her prison. Hera also has forgiven Thetis.

Thinking about it the affairs was hundreds of years ago. Thinking that his wife could hold quite a grudge Zeus reminded himself that he need to be careful of his own wife.

Hephaestus also has good relations with Athena but today he looked sullen. Zeus is observing all the Gods today.

Olympus is threatened from an outside influence and he need to make sure all the Gods is loyal to Olympus…loyal to him

He hope that Eris will not be mad because she was not invited to this wedding. But what of it if she is mad? She is a minor God? What can she do?



"WHAT!" she screams in anger as her eyes turns red when she heard the news. She burned Vengeance and Jealousy her attendants with fire from her hands.

She did not felt pity for them since they will form back later.

She gritted her teeth and she shouted in madness as she stand up from her throne.

'Zeus, you old codger. How dare you!' She is angry and jealous right now.

She felt belittled and humiliated. Even the Goodes of rainbows were invited. What kind of deity supervises rainbows?

Her eyes are burning with anger.

Then she laughed

'So you think you would not invite me and nothing would happen?'Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She laughed again this time with a kind of manic laugh.

'I am DISCORD! And for the price of belittling me I will make sure that this wedding will mark all of your end. I have always hated the arrogant! Fine!'

She did not wait for her attendant to form back as she flies out of her Palace and went into her Garden.

She picked up a golden apple, plucking it from her garden and with a mischievous smile she flies out and headed to the island

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