Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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From the kitchen, one could smell something pleasant is being cooked right now. the smell is good and aromatic that could awoke one sense of appetite.

You could hear two people are having a conversation, laughing and giggling.

The house looks empty. In the living room the TV is on showing some news and the occasional advertisement and a new breakthrough by a Japanese scientist.

No one is on the living rom. He walked to the kitchen slowly and he hugged her from behind.

"What are you doing?" Amelia slightly had a high pitch voice as she is shocked by his sudden hug. She then smiles

"My parents are not here today" Daniel smiles mischievously.

And while Daniel could not see her face, he could see her face through the reflection of the lid. And she is smirking

"So? What are you thinking about?" Amelia could not help but smirk as she could read Daniel thoughts

And there is also a bit of excitement

"Oh, nothing" he said like it is truly nothing. Amelia could not help but giggle. When Daniels aid nothing, rarely it truly means it is nothing.

Nothing always means something.

The smell is pleasant. Daniel thought to himself.

"I didn't know you could make bread" Daniel said

"There is a lot you didn't know about me. I am a woman with many secrets'

Daniel laugh a bit as his hand keep holding her from behind, loving every minute of it.

But then she said

'I learned it when I was in Italy. A lot of food and a lot of bread" Daniel nodded and then he asked

"You have gone to a lot of places don't you?"


Then she ponders for a moment and then she added

'When I think about it I really did go to a lot of countries. Advantage of having a rich parent' she said as she smiles again

Daniel could watch that smile every day and never got tired of it. She then talks about her little sister but Daniel didn't quiet hear about that.

"Are you going to keep hugging me?" She said as she turned around and looked at Daniel

"Just make your bread. I'll give you support from behind"

Amelia chuckled a little hearing that. Now that's a good sign. Daniel thought

He always liked seeing her smile. They keep standing in that pose as she keep kneading the dough.

Then Daniel said something

"I get annoyed sometimes, Amelia."

"Hmm. Why? Annoyed of what?" She asked back

"What are we, really?"

"What do you mean?" Amelia ask, as her head tilt a bit.

"What are we? Friends? Boyfriend girlfriend? Or a casual lover?"

Amelia smiles again. That cute and beautiful smile.

"Hmm…I don't know?" she said but she chuckles while doing it, making him to not be able to get angry at her.

"Make it clear to me" Daniel said as he come close to her ears and whispers the words to her ears.

Amelia shudders. And she felt tingles all over her body.

Her hands that are rolling the dough stopped. Her hearts beating like she just bungee jump from the tallest building in the world.

She turns her face to look at Daniel once again. Their eyes locked. And they both could see it in each other eyes.

There is passion, hunger and longing. He felt it and he is sure she felt it too. He moves his hand away from her waist as his hand goes to her hair

Her red hair is caressed gently by Daniel and she is liking it.

"Why do we always keep holding back?" Daniel said to Amelia.

She smiles like a snake, like she is tempting him.

"I'm tired of the games" Daniel continued. She giggles and then smile.

"I thought you like playing" Amelia reply her eyes still fixed intently at Daniel.

Daniel turn her body to face him and he pull her close to her that he could even smell her scent

"Well, I'm done playing. Now I want to win" She smile like everything is according to plan.

"Do you love me Daniel?" she said waiting on Daniel answer. Thinking maybe he will hesitate.

This is their game. Their never-ending games of vague words and vague answers. Now he doesn't want to play anymore.

This is what he wants.

He is sure of that now

He wants her. He wants her everything. And he would like her to have his everything. It sounds corny when he thinks about it but who doesn't get a little corny when being in love

"I love you." he answer

"I love you desperately, violently, tenderly, and with a passion that I think would burn me. It is a problem. I want to hold your white skin and touch it all over the place and I want to kiss your soft cheeks"

Amelia smiles

"Go on. I'm liking what I'm hearing" she said as she is closing her distance. Daniel face become red.

Her eyes look like she having fun. Well, it is fun for him too.

"I want to kiss you in a way that you never kissed before, in every place in your body, make you blush red and faint, and I want to pleasure you in a way you never knew you could be pleasured. If you only knew how I crave the taste of you. I want to take you in my hands and mouth and feast on you. I want you under me, over me, on top of me."

He said and this time and its Amelia turn to blush.

"When you look me like that I can't stop thinking of it. Your arms and legs around me. Your lips, for me to kiss and taste like some kind of exotic food that could satisfy me with just one bite. Your eyes for me to see every day when I open my eyes in the morning, your hand that touches me that gives me shiver and bout of excitement. I am obsessive. And not once I've met a girl that made me more obsessive than you. I need too much of you like some kind of drug that I couldn't get off. "

"Don't you think it's too soo—" she said

"It's not" Daniel said

I know it's not. I never felt such intense feeling before. If this isn't love, I don't know what is. He thought to himself.

"You ask how I could be so certain of this. I just know. I feel it. I have many doubts about many things but this, this is one thing that I'm certain of. If I hesitate I might lose you. And I never wanted to lose you. So right now I'm going craz----"

Amelia kissed him right there.

She always knows how to end the conversation. And she always knows how to end it pleasantly.

Both of them kiss with passion and burning desire. This is right, he mused. He took every moment of every second of it savoring every part of her kiss.

'This is right' he thought to himself.

Then in between kisses Amelia said "I don't have your words. I've never been good with words. But I do" she reply

He smiles and they continued

And they kept kissing like they could not stop. He couldn't stop smiling that day.

They laughed as he almost stumbles through the stairs as he is carrying her off to her bedroom on the second stairs.

He ignores the pain as he hurled her onto her bedroom and she slowly and sexily remove he clothes, one piece of clothing at a time.

Well, he was young. And he was excited. So he finishes removing his clothe and his jeans in fifteen seconds

He then jumped into the bed and begun savoring her as she moans.

"We're here, Daniel"

"Oh" Daniel is startled and he was brought back to the present

"What are you thinking about?" Mike asked, looking at the expression of his friend.

Daniel just shakes his head and then looked at his house and the lightless kitchen from the car windows and some memories surfaces.

He thought to himself that he would probably never forget her and he doesn't think he ever will.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Happy memories" he replies to Mike. Mike look at Daniel house and then back at Daniel and nodded

He smiles and said

'Well, hope we have a lot of those' And Daniel chuckles.

Michael looked at him and just smiles a comforting smile.


A little past moment of Daniel. Anyone notice the hint about the Japanese scientist. These means this event happen before the creation of Brave World.
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