Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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While Aero was imprisoned in Veva, in the sea there lies a Goddess. And she is wrathful. Apollo had aided the mortal King of Veva in constructing a prison that could cage her son.

When Zeus and Aero fought, the eyes of Thetis watch over him.

She watches as her son made her proud but she also watched as his son got dragged into that prison

Many eras have passed and the Gods had once made an agreement not to interfere in the mortal affairs. At least not this blatantly.

And she is now full of anger and wrath and the sea trembles and the land quakes as her emotions causes storms to appears in the deep sea and the monster of the deep burrow themselves deeper into the dark waters

Thetis is angered and she would not take this disrespect lying down.

Even Zeus himself did not come into the defense of the mortal king but some greenhorn Gods wanted to pit himself against her.

She is angry but that did not take her rationality away. She alone could not fight the entire pantheon of Gods and Goddesses in Olympus.

"What should I do?" she said, her worries unsettled the dark parts of the sea. But her Nereid of course could sense Thetis feeling.

Her Nereid came to her and waves of sea grew turbulent as they travel through the deep land of water below to reach her.

And when they reach Thetis they kneel in front of her and asks her

"O Great Thetis, silver footed Thetis, the greatest of the sea nymph, what are your worries? Do you want something from the dark sea? Or perhaps the jewel that Poseidon has in his Palaces of the Seas? If that is your desire say it and we will scour the universe and give it to you" one of the Nereid offered.

The others nodded, eager to please her

"Or could it you worried about your husband to be, Peleus. Did he do something to anger you? Should I drag him under the sea?"

Another Nereid chimed in. It was then that she remembers of Peleus.

Peleus is a mortal man. He is also the mortal that has the luck of catching her heart. She and Peleus will get married in a few days.

But that is not what worries her. She turned to her Nereid and spoke as her words create waves on the surface of the ocean

"It is none of that, fellow sisters. My son is imprisoned. And I worried for him. Worried that the mortals would find out his weakness and end his connection with me."

The Nereid looks at each other and then  they frowned. They then turned to Thetis and said.

"Silver footed Thetis, we could not help you in this matter. It is mortal business. The Gods will not interfere in this. It is the Law"

"THE LAW?" she yelled and the undersea creatures could feel her anger, as it echoes in the dark sea, as dark creatures open it eyes.

The giant sea fish, the dark and fearful creature that roam underneath the dark sea under the bottom that not even Poseidon influence reached, trembled and hide in their home.

Thetis is beyond angry now. She is afraid. And when she is afraid, she become terrifying.

"Apollo created a wall and Zeus doesn't even bat an eye. Then Apollo gives the mortal King his shackle imprisoning my son. And if that is not enough Artemis stole the Prison of Zeus and bring it to mortal world. What law? That law?" she challenged the Nereid to defy her word.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Nereid gulped and look below them, not daring to look at the eye of Thetis and her red shining eyes.

Right now, she looks really terrifying as her eyes is emitting red light and her hand is releasing a might aura.

The Nereid prostrated quickly fearing that Thetis anger will wroth unto them.

"Forgive us" they said. Thetis look at the Nereids and sighs. She nearly lost control of her feelings.

Then Thetis calms herself down.

"It is fine" And she waved them away. And in one wave of her hand they were hurl thousands of miles away into the sea.

She thought to herself.

What should she do now?

Should she lift up the veil and tell Athena about Aero current predicament knowing that somehow Athena will use Aero to start a war?

Athena herself is still angry about Zeus and his action of rendering aid to the mortal King of Veva in destroying her Temple in Asgaro.

But Athena…might use her son to start the Great War in the prophecy.

That could not do! She must find another way. Even in their battles the only God that can see Aero right now is Apollo and Artemis.

Ares is drunk at the time. Who knows who he blesses to win?

They are the Gods that are recently birthed and added into Olympus. Thetis then decided to delay for a while.

She need to tell Hecate to cast the Mist again, to hide the action of her son from the eyes of the Gods in Olympus.

Aero need to try to release himself from the prison.

It is hard decision for her but she knows that if Aero can be seen by Athena his fate might be even worse.

'Carry on, my son' she said to no one in particular and the sea seems to calm down as the storms receded and the ocean become calm.


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