Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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"Oh yeah. You're the Chancellor of Vanheim right. Though right now you are imprisoned." He laughs a little thinking about that.

'Friends' Daniel mused.

"Yeah, that was kind of stupid of me to come to the battle without a plan" Daniel said chuckling at himself.

Mike however nodded after he finished laughing and there is a bitter smile on his face.

He then said

"It's normal. In front of love even the smartest man will be a fool"

"Love?" Daniel almost spurted out the coffee on his mouth as he looks at Mike like he was dumbfounded

"That's how they portray you in the videos" he said this time his grin is wider. "Or did you just skip that part?"

"How about you?" Daniel said trying to change the subject

But Mike have been with Daniel for so long that he knows when he is trying to avoid the issue

And he would not be such a friend if he let go Daniel that easily.

"I see what you are doing. But, hey, fine, if you don't want to talk about it. War is everywhere in Brave World these days. Though, I'm sorry I'm still not in Vanheim. I got a contract in Duvar with hundreds of other builders to create the new Temple for the other Gods and Athena believer is also demanding a new temple thought truth be told, since the war began, we builders have never has many contract such as this."

"What do you mean?" Daniel asked

"In former Asgaro rebuilding and renovation is beginning all around. There are thousands of builders there getting many quest to build houses and government facilities. In the South, churches, cathedral, monastery, nunnery is being established all over the Empire and who they turn to when they need something to build?'

'That's easy. Bob the Builder'

Mike glare at Daniel and Daniel smirk as he said

'You must admit you walk into that.'

'Ok, I admit that' Then he sighed and continued.

'And builders are not the only one in high demands in the South. Painters are also being hired, many of them are commissioned to paint frescos and paintings to adorn the Arianna Chapel and builders and painter are working together on the renovation at the Papacy."

Hearing about the South, Daniel remembers one of the other names that has grown prominent these past couple of months.

"Did you take the job for the Papacy? And did you meet Ariana?" Daniel asked.

Of all the Three Pillars she is the most mysterious character. He has been hearing about this woman since a long time ago but have never seen her.

Of course he has a description of how he looks but the South would never reveal information about her and for some reason no one could capture her appearance on their video application.

The moment anyone tries to capture her picture; the picture would turn blurry. Daniels surmise that this might be one of the protection that Her God offer to her.

After all, Zeus himself could cover himself from other by the aid of the Gods of Olympus. Who's to say that the God that Ariana brought to the world of Brave World is fake?

Mike shakes his head and then said

"No, I didn't take that job, though from what I heard she is very beautiful and also talented in battle"

Daniel just nodded as he takes another sip of the coffee.

"Is that so?"

"Are you curious? Probably because she is a Pillar like you" Daniel only show a faint smile and did not say anything else.

'It's just a title that the players give me' Mike smiles and then he asked

'Honestly, doesn't it feel good being referred to as the Great Pillars?' he said grinning. Daniel did not respond and wanted to gloss over it but he doesn't stop grinning.

Daniel finally relent

"Ok, fine. It does feel a little good. Just a little" And Mike chuckles.

'If my sister knows that Aero of the East is you she would be screaming in disbelief. Though I don't know how she could not recognize you in that video" Michael chuckled a bit

"I rarely met your sister remember?" Daniel said

"Yeah, thinking about it you never did really visit her after the incident"

'Lots of thing in my mind at that time' Daniel said giving excuses. Michael just nodded in understanding. He understands. He always understands.

"You mean a lot of grief" Right on the spot. Daniel thought to himself.

"That too" Daniel said sipping another sip of the coffee. Suddenly the coffee felt bitter. He did not recognize the bitterness before.

The memories are bitter not the coffee, Daniel had to remind himself.

They went out of the café after that and then they just drive around the neighborhood while just talking.

A day like this is hard to come by.

At night Mike dropped him off and he went immediately to sleep after he hurl himself to his bed.

He looks once again at the ceiling and saw the fan spinning and as he turn to his left, he saw her.

Smiling at him again and he smiles at her back.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'In love with a ghost' he said to himself as her face just look at him, just like before, as beautiful and as dazzling as in the past.

Daniel is just a loser covered in scars.

'I hope someday…. I could forget you, Amelia'

She keeps smiling and it made him feel even more painful and he closes his eyes and when he opens it back up, she is no longer there.

Yet, it did not make him feel happy. He looks back at the ceiling as the fan keep spinning and he drifts off to his sleep.


If you didnt get a hint what he is suffering from then I just dont know what to do with you all.
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