Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Daniel certainly didn't expect this reaction out of Mike.

The battles, the thunder, the scorched earth, the mountain of corpse and that is what he interested in?

That was a cinematic adventure of high paced action and what he cares about is the girl?

"What are you talking about Mike?' Daniel said and he unintentionally raises his voice a bit. Mike frowned and then he sighed.

'Amy. Her name is fucking Amy. Don't you see the connection or are you that blind? Amy. Amelia. Even her name is similar"

"It's nothing" Daniel said. But Mike is not having it.

"It's not nothing! I'm worried about you, man." Daniel moved around the room taking his jacket off from the sofa, trying to pretend he did not understand.

"What are you worried about?" he said nonchalantly

Mike then come closer to him and said

"I hope it is not what I am thinking. I hope you are not treating her like she is her. She's not a substitute, Daniel. I hope you understand that" he said this time his word is a little bit stern.

He began taking a seat at the chair as he waiting for me to finish dressing up. He is worried about him once again spiraling out of control.

He knows that Mike have good intentions. There was silence in the living room as he finishes wearing his jacket. He then said.

 "She is not a substitute" Mike look back at him and slowly asked

"You're sure?"

"...Yes, I'm sure"

"You hesitated" he said

"It's fine." Daniel said.  Mike frowned. Daniel always said he is fine when most of the time he is not fine at all.

On the other hand, Daniel thought that Mike is worrying about nothing.

 "I hope so" he said.

Then they gone out of the house and Daniel sit beside Mike as he started the engine.

Daniel look at his friend and he look dashing and handsome. He is also quite popular in school.

Today he sports a checked shirt, with his favorite blue denim jeans. And one could see his bulging muscles.

 "I guess the training at the gym paid off" Daniel complimented

He grinned


But there is still the softness in his eyes and that comforting gentleness in his smile.

A friend that is too good for him…..but Daniel guess that is why he was saved. Because Mike could never give up.

And after what happens with Amelia, probably he felt a little bit responsible for that, he could never give up on him.

And Mike is the only friend that Daniel doesn't want to lose. And he has lost a lot.

"If you said you're fine then it's ok. Ready?"

 "Let's go" And they ride through the streets like those old day during high school.

Today is going to be a long day. Daniel mused



The sound of slow music playing in the back as Daniel take a sip of his coffee. He was kinda tired after all of that shopping.

He bought a lot of things today. He bought a few jersey pants, some loose cardigan, a sweater (his old sweater had holes all over the place) and he even ordered a new bed

He has bene thinking of replacing that old bed in his room for many months now.

But before he got no money, so he has been putting up with it by buying some earbuds to cancel the noise.

That old bed has always made creaking noise. And he bought all the grocery stuff and put it in the trunk. There is a lot of eggs, some pasta sauce, chicken and some meat.

Now, that he is done he went to this café again.

He looks around him and he smiles a bit.

There is an artist playing a guitar on the stage, playing a slow song and Daniel could not help but remember about his old memories.

He used to come here a lot.

And he wanted to treat Michael. Smoothies are expensive as shit. He is surprised rapper did not make a rap about smoothies considering how expensive it is.

Now, he at least has some money to treat his friend

"Order what you want, Mike. This time it is my treat"

"Seriously" he smiles "I guess that contract with ETV3 land you a lot of money" Daniel just smiles and nodded.

Mike smiles.

It has been a long time since his friend look like this. Relaxed. Misfortune after misfortune come to him.

It is good that he could smile like this after all that have happened. He called the server and ordered his usual favorite coffee and bread


"It's ok. It's not like I treat you like a debtor, Daniel"

"But I want to tre—"

But Mike hold up his hand and said

"And you will never be satisfied until you settle that imaginary debt, don't you? I know. You look upon favor as a debt even among friends. That is just who you are. How long I have known you, Daniel?"

He asked more like a statement than a question. Then he shakes his head

"You don't like to be in a debt towards other people. You hate owing anything to people" Sighing he added

'You still don't get people do you? Especially if that person is the closest to you'

Daniel nodded weakly

Mike look around him as he leans back on his chair listening to the music on the background and relaxed himself.

Then he said

"It is one of your redeeming qualities, Daniel but it also one of the most annoying qualities you have. You believe that you have to compensate the favor. No matter how small. I'm your friend Daniel, not a debtor asking for money. I lend you the money because you're my friend and to be honest it's not that much"

Mike then chuckled a bit after seeing Daniel face

"Don't mistake me. I'm not an extreme altruist. If you owe me ten thousand bucks maybe I would ask you to sign a contract before I lend you the money and I would chase you to the end of the world if you don't pay that back' he said laughing at his own joke.

Though, he doesn't know that it is not that funny of a joke.

'But the occasional treats and a few bucks doesn't qualify for you to go this far"

"You lecture heavily for a friend" Daniel said as he waves his hand around

"That is what friend are for. If I don't lecture you, who would?" Daniel chuckles and nodded in agreement.

 "This time it's a bit long" he said as the server put down his coffee on the table. He took a sip and let the taste settle in his mouth.

It has been a long time since he tastes any drinks on this café.

Each time he come here, he is afraid that he would be reminded of the mess he makes in the past.

As Mike was about to continue, the server brought his coffee. Mike then said.

 'Yeah. I rehearse it on the way here."

"In the car?" Daniel asked.

He nodded. And Daniel crack a laugh and he too find it a funny situation laughed together.

How long has it bene that these two guys laugh together after what happened those few years ago?

It's been a long time since they met each other and talk about this kind of things. Mundane things.

With the song and the sound of guitar strumming on the background, they both talk about a lot of things.

The talked about old memories.  Story of old acquaintances. What are they doing? How are they doing?

Did they got married? To whom? Who's still single? Who's working, who's not? That kind of stuff.

Michael asked about Daniel mother, and Daniel asked about his family. It reminds Daniel of a simpler times.

Then finally their topic comes to Brave World. Mike was surprised when he first knew that Daniel was Aero but he had gotten over that feeling now.

They both play this game so it is not a surprise that both are passionately talking about it. Only gamers know this kind of feeling

Since Mike is playing this game Daniel also wonder about something else.

 "Do Michaela also play Brave World?" Michaele is Mike sister. When Daniel visited his house sometime he saw her either playing piano or the violin.

 "She is" He said a she takes a sip of coffee.

'Oh' Daniel was a little bit of shocked. Considering how Mike sister was brought up he is shocked to know that Michaela would ever show interest in games.

So he asks Mike

"What profession did she choose?"

"She is a painter"

"A painter and a builder" Daniel said shaking his head.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Michael and his sister both are weird people.

Of all the things he chose----but thinking about it, Michael family has a construction company so maybe building is his thing, while he has always known that his sister has quite the appreciation for the art.

But he thought she would be one of those Bards or probably any job regarding music. Maybe she wanted to do something different now that she in the virtual world.

A perfect job for their personality. Mike always like building things even when it is broken and his sister like to observe things and people.

Mike then said

"She's quite famous among the painter community in the game. She joins some Artisan Guilds if I am not mistaken"

Daniel nodded and then he said

"Is she? Then tell her to come to Vanheim. I will be her patron" And then Mike eyebrow rises up and then he smiles.

He finally remembers who Daniel is in the Brave World.

Here he is his friend but inside Brave World, his friend is the Hero of Vanheim, their Chancellor and the most powerful person below the King.


The next part will coem tomorrow because I am swamped right now with two novels. But, I will  try not to distuirb the release rate.


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