Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Daniel open his eyes and look at the ceiling.

Then he sighed. He closes his eyes back for a moment and let the ceiling fan keep spinning and then after taking a deep breath he got up from his bed.

Today, he decided to spend some time for himself. Since he is in Prison in Veva it gave him time to spend some little time in the real world.

He went to the bathroom and take a long bath. After about half an hour he dresses himself and check himself in the mirror

'I don't look bad' he said as he looks at his reflection in the mirror. Daniel have always been kind of a handsome man.

Maybe it is because his mixed gene. He is half Asian half Caucasian. He knew that his father is not his real father but he never asks this of his mother.

There might be some valid reason. Of course it was not that he was never curios but if his mother did not want to tell him about her past, then it is not his place to force it on her.

And they have endured so much together. Maybe later…. when they are all ready, they could talk about it.

He then grabs his phone and scroll down his contact list and then seeing the name he called his friend.

And Daniel only have one friend that have stay with him through thick and thin. Michael. He said that his name is derived from Archangel Michael.

But Daniel knew the truth. His mother told him that his father is a Michael Bolton fan so he gives his son the name Michael.

But Mike always denied it. And he refuses to believe that. Daniel smiles a bit thinking about this matter.

The phone rings and his mind wanders. It has been quite along time since they saw each other.

He has been busy with the game and now that the game is like a job to him he becomes even more busier. But his imprisonment free up his time on the real world.

And he still owes Mike a drink. Mike pick up the phone and he unloaded all the plans for today.

He would cover lunch and accompany him to buy some stuff. Now…that he is not some kind of poor dropout student, he finally could update his wardrobe instead of the usual t-shirt and faded jeans.

And he is in great need of household appliances.

There is a lot on his shopping list.

He need to buy some trousers to replace his old ones, clothes that at least have more variety than t-shirts, a new blanket (the old one is already smelly enough to be categorized as dank) and groceries.

He finished the phone call when Mike finally agreed. Daniel went to the kitchen and open the fridge. He sees only a few things that could be considered food.

Now, that he lived alone these kind of responsibility is his. He used to have quite a depression before thinking about all of the thing he had failed to do.

But now, because of that game, he now had a job, a good paycheck and it had enable him to gain back the confidence he lost.

Thankfully he didn't have to worry about his mother hospital bill anymore.

He is still worried of course about his mother but if there is anything he learns about his mother it is that he is a tough cookie.

Now he just has to collect money for rainy days.

Maybe in a couple of months he could buy a car, and start saving for a house.

He used to sell stuff to the forum with the items he got but now that his video is a hit and with the profit of the TV appearances maybe he will cut down his selling items.

That reminds him of all the items he sees lying around during he killed all those troops.

He should have taken it…but thinking about it again, if he takes it and then get captured there is no difference.

He is also offered many appearances on the television and internet channels but he has already sign the exclusive contract between him and ETV3.

And the paycheck is enough for him to buy a house with the first payment later.

If he can he would do the interview. But he also didn't want his life to become a hassle like some other game celebrity he heard about in the news.

He is ready and then he heard the sound of a car stopping in front of his house. Daniel smiles.

'He's early' he said to himself. He walks to the door but even before he reached the door, he could hear the sound of knocking.

'Wait' He then open the door and Mike strode right in. He then proceeded to the fridge and taking a bottled water.

He put down the water bottle on the kitchen counter and look at him.

 "I watched the video, Daniel" Michael said. But he didn't sound happy. He didn't even sound excited.

He even looks like he is worried for him. Which is odd considering the content of that video

Daniel had a hard time of trying to decipher what his friend is thinking.

"You watched it. Isn't it epic?" Daniel ask. Even when he looks at the vid he felt that he is very cool

Daniel was expecting to see Mike nodding his head and echoes his admiration.

At least that is what Daniel thought Michael would do.

After all, even when he saw it in the television he was kind of awed that he fights such intense battle with the legend himself, Zeus.

He also analyzes what he could do better, what weakness that Zeus show in hindsight. Truth be told in hindsight; he could do better.

He is still imprisoned in that tower wall prison structure. Though he didn't care much about being imprisoned.

What is important is his reputation. He is the guy who defeated King Zeus, the person who all warrior worships.

While he might fight Zeus to save Amy, he also benefited Vanheim. Nobody believe that Zeus could be defeated in one on one battle.

Everyone believed in his invincibility.

And Aero from the very start wanted to prove that Zeus is not invincible. That he could be defeated.

He shows the world that God…. bleed. And he is waiting on the sharks to pounce. And in that chaos, Vanheim would have a chance to rise up.,

After all, borrowing the words of a character in a book he read, "Chaos is a ladder"

And even though he is imprisoned, his level is still rising. But as his level rises up it becomes harder and harder to level up.

But that is not a concern for him.

Unless the Gods of Olympus themselves interfere in this, there would probably be only a few people on Vilajeri Continent that could match him and most of them are legendary NPCs.

Daniel was waiting for Mike reaction and it is nothing like what he expected it to be.

Mike sighed and then shakes his head.

"Daniel. She looks like her. Just like her'

Daniel know what Mike is talking about and his face froze for a second before he said

'She is just similar…a bit'

'She is eerily similar, Daniel and don't you deny it." Michael reply staring at Daniel eyes

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The first chapter for the month. We are getting closer to end of this First Book of Age of Adventure.

Anyway, there will be some backstory and seed I have sowed in this first book and will be reaped in the Second Book later.

This is the Beginning of the End Arc. Hope you are ready for it.

I don't know if I could guarantee to post until the last day of the month because I am also at the same time editing Age of Heroes and Lord Shadow all at the same time. I should make a schedule maybe a poll which book should I focus for each month.

Anyway, enjoy this chapter. Next chapter will come tomorrow. I recommend you not to skip all part of this chapter because it will touch upon many matter that might not seem important right now but would be important down the road.

Anyway, that is a little long but I hope you enjoy reading it. And don't forget to vote and rate the chapter.

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