Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The smell of the sea wafted through the air as its breeze blows by them. The two woman have finally arrived at Vanheim.

Tatiana step out from the deck of Silent Song and breathe once again Vanheim air.

She exhales and inhale.

'The salty air once again' she mused. Beside her is Amy looking at this place with longing.

"Fish and crab"

"Cockles and clam" Tatiana look around and saw the men of the sea around. Those men that made their living through the creatures of the sea.

Everywhere she could hear people selling their wares and fish, cockles, clam and crab. Poseidon seems to be in a good mood nowadays as many sailors got a lot of fishes.

Calm before the Storm she mused. She never believed the Gods that much but after meeting Aero she deiced to change that mind view.

It certainly didn't hold true anymore.

A man that has bathed in River Styx. She once thought the stories of Hades and his two brothers are juts stories told to instruct or to put the fear into the hearts of the people.

But just because she believed in the Gods didn't mean she become a devout all of a sudden. The Gods might exist but they certainly didn't care about people.

As Tatiana minds wanders, Amy on the other hand has a look of determination in her face as she balled her fist.

She wanted to save Aero. Tatiana knows this now. She could kill her but she has done her kindness.

And she didn't nothing wrong to her. This is probably destiny that they would meet each other. And she also could not do such thing to her.

But neither can she stay here in Vanheim. She knows that if she stays sooner or later Aero private armies will find her.

Not to mention that Julian that keep on hunting her.

And being around this girl will only make it more dangerous for her since she is Aero acquaintance and probably his trusted confidante

But where should she go?

Veva are in chaos and is doing inspection every day in the city while they scour the forest for any signs of rebellion armies.

Vanheim is never a good place for Tatiana considering she did try to kill their Chancellor.

At other kingdoms her own organization tries to kill her. Everywhere look like a dead end, a trap.

Is there nowhere safe in this world that could shelter her?

"What are you thinking about Tatiana? Let's go!" Amy almost shouted in excitement as her voice startled Tatiana

"Where are you going?" Tatiana asked

"The Palace. Surely the King would reward you for helping me reach here. The King has already known the story of Aero capture because one of my friends has sent other adventurers to inform the King. But Zeus still refuse to release him" She said her tone frustrated.

Tatiana sighed. She could not stay here.

Let the lords play their game. she must leave.

"Sorry my lady. I guess this is where we must part" she said bowing a little

Amy looked shocked at these words. This few days she has enjoyed the company of Tatiana. Maybe because she is a woman like her. Or maybe because she has helped her.

Either way, she was quite comfortable with Tatiana. Other than Raina she doesn't have that many girlfriends.

So she felt really comfortable with her.

"I thought you had nowhere else to go?" Amy asked. Tatiana smiles bitterly

"Yes" then she looked right and left and said "but not here. This is not where I belong"

Amy stares at her for a while and then she nodded. She understands. A strong woman like her, if she decides on something that means it's decided

"Then take this" she handed Tatiana a bag of gold coins.

"You don—"

"I insist" Because of Amy insistence Tatiana finally accept the bag of gold coins.

"I have to go now Tatiana but wherever you go I hope you'll be fine. I will pray to the Gods for it" Amy said as she nodded.

"Thank you my lady. It has been a pleasure to know you" Tatiana reply

Amy smile and said

'Call me, Amy' She sighed and then said

"Vrakara, Tatiana"

"Vrakara, Amy" Then Amy left her feet began moving to the Palace.

And Tatiana is left alone in the sea of people in the harbor thinking her next planFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The wind blows. And a small ship coming to the Port caught her eye.


The waves lapped against Water Cat. The small ship sail across the Sorrow Sea and began entering Winter Breath Sea.

The so called Winter breath is because the wind around here is as cold as winter. Some sailor that falls here would certainly die because of the cold or get frozen to death

The ship is small, her cabin is smaller, and the rocking of the ship sometimes made her feel like she had to hurl.

This will be her life now she thought to herself. Somehow that thought depress her even more. She drank again.

Four bottles of wines and ale littered her room.

The room is dank with foul smell. She decided that she will clean it up later when she reached other ports.

Night and day passes as the ship keep on moving through the chilly wind of the sea. Sometimes she didn't even know where night begins and morning comes.

The sailor she hires brings her meal every time she is hungry

Sometimes she went out of her room just to threaten the other sailor and Vasco, the cartographer she kidnapped in one of the ports.

Since he's weak and was fearful for his life Tatiana kidnapped her and forces him to work on the ship.

She found him on the Port asking to board any ship that dares sail to New World. And since she thought there is no place for her in the Vilajeri Continent, Vasco words gave her an idea.

To explore the sea and search for the New World the Southern Holy Maiden keep talking about.

She kidnapped him and stuffed him inside her ship. She bought this ship with the bag of gold that Amy gave her

This ship is small and dank, with in need of repair. Who would think that she would be a captain of a ship?

She couldn't stay anywhere in the Vilajeri Continent so she would sail the world and seek a place where she could hide from all the forces that wanted to kill her

As she was reminded of the past few days she heard a knock on her door.

"Who's there?" Tatiana asked, her voice tone was not inviting in the least and her mood is foul

"Derrick the washer boy. I came to clean up your room mistress" he said his tone polite.

"Come in" the boy comes in with his brush, smiles at her, then he began scrubbing the floor, brush the dirt and cleaning up the place.

The boy must be sixteen of age. His face is normal with little freckles and mark of a beating.

The boy offered himself to work on her ship when she is searching for a crew. Tatiana then asked

"Where do you hail from, washer boy?"

The boy still scrubbing the floor answered

"I'm from Asgaro, mistress. Born and raised until the evil King came and kill my family so I ran, mistress, yes I ran."

That perks Tatiana interest

"How did you come to Vanheim then?"

The boy scrubbing still while answering Tatiana question

"There is a healer that came to our village, offer us food, heal the sick and treat me very kindly mistress. She helps me and my other friend's outside, smuggle us out of Asgaro so we will not be forced to enter the military. And we sail the Sorrow Sea and the ship bring us to Vanheim. I've been doing odd jobs so when I heard some captain is searching for a crew I volunteered."

"Why?" Tatiana asked.

"It is the Warring Kingdom, mistress. No one is safe. Me and my friends heard you're sailing across the Giants Throats to sail beyond the Spinning Mouth to go to the New World."

"So, that why?" Tatiana finally understands.

The boy scrubbed and scrubbed the floor.

"Yes mistress that is why" Then he wet his brush and begin scrubbing again.

Then he finished scrubbing.

He bows to Tatiana and went out of the room, Tatiana still sits on her chair with the wine bottle already picked up by the washer boy.

Then the ship rocked hard almost making Tatiana lose her balance. She could hear the lightning and thunder outside and she clicked her tongue

A storm? Really? She sighed at her own fate. The Fates always have something in store for her and most of them are not good at all.

Why not a storm this time? She smirked. She went out of the captain room and look at the approaching storm and she laughed but the wind drowns her laughter.

The wind is howling stronger than a wolf howl. Thunder and lightning reverberates and roars through the nights.

The waves were unforgiving like Poseidon is smashing hi strident on the bottom of the sea.

The sailors, they are all stay awake that night as they fear the storm would take them away to the sea when they are asleep

Tatiana helps the sailors, ease their fears as some of them will work on shift that night and then she went to Vasco room.

The cartographer room. She wanted to ask him about his estimation.

"How much longer?" she said after entering the room. Her hair shriveled and she is shivering.

"One more week before we reach Winter Breath and two more weeks after that to reach Giant Throats."

Tatiana nodded and then said

"We should stop and port somewhere then"

"Yes, Miss"

"Veva?" she asked

"Veva" he agreed

She was about to go out of the cabin room when she becomes curious for some reason and she turned back and ask him

"I threaten you to come into my ship didn't I?"

"Yes that you did miss" he said smiling

"Why aren't you scared then? Why are you so eager to go help me find the New World?"

"How can I not Miss? I'm a cartographer. It may not happen the way I wanted to but I had a chance to embark a journey to the New World and being an explorer myself, I could not hide the excitement of finding a new continent to sail to.

"Your point?"

"It's my dream, miss."

"Your dream?

"Yes my dream. Of an adventure of my own, seeing the sea, exploring new lands, interacting with the indigenous people and---"

He went on and on but Tatiana felt the boy is quite cute. Outside, the storm is still roaring and the wind is still strong.

She scanned him.

Even though he is weak, he is tall and have broad shoulder, his blond hair is wavy giving him the look of an adventurous man, and his solemn brow offset his boyish appearance.

A pair of green eyes gleamed when he is excited and his skin is a little tan probably the result of exploring hot and sunny region

And she felt hot all of a sudden. She look at Vasco and thought to herself.

She has long not been fucked

Being tortured, running from the Chancellor, and then she also running from the Blood Brotherhood, ran from Veva, ran from Vanheim.

All she did was run. She fears death even though it is her job bringing death.

While her job is about death, she knows how to celebrate life. And she knows just the right way on how to celebrate life

And to be honest she is bored and the cabin room looks comfy. She sits down on his bed inching closer to him.

"—and the green Sea with—'

She rests her hand at the adventurer thighs. He immediately stopped talking.


"Tonight I'm Tatiana"

He gulped as he could kind of guess what is going to happen next. She inches closer to him as her hand come closer to her cock and she could hear the man rasped breathing.

She almost chuckle.

"I thought—you're NPCs--- so I thought" he seems to stuttered. There are some words that Tatiana couldn't understand.

NPC. She once heard an adventurer refer to her that way and she killed him. Maybe that is a term of insult from adventurers to the native of this world.

Fuck it as she let that thought flew away. She bent her head and trailed her lips over the side of his neck.

He tilted his head and let her kiss lower. He likes it and she is aroused right now. She began to march all over his body.

Over his collarbone. Across his chest. Tasting everywhere and everything. Her breath hot against his skin as she kissed where it had been.

"Why?" The question uttered from the boy mouth

"I want to fuck you, boy. Because I am is bored and you are the only one in this ship that has a redeeming feature and quite the cute face. The washer boy is too young, the other sailor too ugly and will reduce their respect towards me" she answered still kissing the boy

Her body felt hot.

"Do you not afraid I will tell the others?" he asked

"Tell and I will cut your tongue and throw you out to the ocean to be eaten by sharks and sea dragon, Water snakes and maybe if you're lucky you meet the Lernean Hydra, the beast with many head" she warned

The man nodded, chuckles and he too began to move. That is his answer and Tatiana giggles.

He began kissing Tatiana sloppily at first and Tatiana guided him. She caught her breath as he trailed his index finger over her breastbone, his touch light and hot.

Then he pinched her nipples and Tatiana produced some weird sound before she could stop herself.

"And I thought you are inexperienced" she asks, looking straight at Vasco eyes.

He paused and then said

"It's been a long time but never with a woman as beautiful like you" Vasco confess

"Ah, flattery, you do know women, Mr Vasco" he smirks and then he sucked her throat. At leats that is what she felt like

Tatiana felt weak on her knees.


She kissed him again, his breath mingling with her as he took over the kiss.

His arms locked behind her as he bent his head, his tongue hot and wet and… oh, God. "Right there. Kiss me lower."

He giggled

Tatiana deepened the kiss, More, more she seems to whispered her hands frantic in his hair, her hips moving against his, grinding, taking control, demanding his response.

And Vasco is happy to oblige.

She is her captain, sailing the open seas and even though he did not think sex with NPCs is possible he will know in a moment.

He knows this is just a onetime thing. She makes that clear. She wants pleasure and he likes it. She wants to enjoy herself, and he too wanted to enjoy himself

He let his hands roam, taking in every curve of her back. He felt the scars, old scars and new scars.

He massaged her shoulder blades, ran his fingers down her spine, dug into the muscles of her lower back, cupped her bottom, relishing the softness under his touch.

She is petite in a way that is beautiful and there is this dangerous glint in her eyes. Soft, yet firm.

"I wish this last forever, Captain" he said

"Nothing last forever. Everything dies. The only thing that matters is this moment"

Tatiana undressed him, she gets his robe free and shoved it upwards and then she attacked him, kissing on his bare chest, feasting on it with that alluring gaze.

"Remove your trousers" she ordered

And that he did. Quickly, impatiently

They tangled together into a mess of limbs, heavy breathing, naked, his member enters her and he could hear her moan.

And her moan only excites Vasco more.

"Faster" she said

And faster he did.

His hips move faster, hard and strong and she moans even louder.

"You are a good lover" she whispers to his ears. Vasco looked at her.

Her hair was a disheveled mess, her naked body is glistening with sweats, with many old scars and tattoos, and he thought he had met the most beautiful woman of all.

"You look beautiful" he whispered to her ear

She smiles and said "Every woman is beautiful when they are being fucked"

They continued to kiss each other, their hips back and forth and her moan and his hard breathing with the smell of sweats and their smell mixed with each other while the storm rages on outside.

Take that, Fates, Tatiana mused while still moaning

The ship rocked and that only add to their excitement.

By the morning, Tatiana has already regained herself and returns to her cabin room and drank again while Vasco just shuts his mouth.

She has been pleasured. Now she wants to be excited. She will sail to the New World and no one will dare chase her so far from the Vilajeri Continent.

Freedom at last

Not the Brotherhood, not the Vevaian soldiers, not even the Chancellor will find her

Hope, she muttered and new adventure.



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