Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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And now Dan interview with Emilia one of the host in ETV3 will be aired

"Dan, this is your fist time interview right?" the lady host asked sitting in the chair for the host

"Yes" Dan answered nervously

The host nodded and began introducing Dan to the audience.

"Your real name is Derek Connor and in Brave World you are right now are leading an army against Niovar. You are also one of their commanders and a great friend of Aero of the East, right?"

Said the host confirming the information and when Dan nodded the audience gasp. The audience is mostly consisted of players in Brave World and Aero is considered by many as a new legend making his mark on the game history.

Dan is not that well known in the internet other than his fan club but everyone knows Aero of the East. That guy practically has his finger dipped in every kingdom in Vilajeri Continent.

Aero don't like to show himself on TV so he contacted Dan to help him.

Of course people must not know that he requests it from Dan so he tell Dan not to tell it to the viewers

"Yes, I am" 

Dan is almost the same as his appearance and personality on Brave World.

He has spiky hair and his demeanor is also the same. Today he is wearing a casual t-shirt and denim short, while looking relaxed and he even have time to joke around with the staff and the audience before the recording.

 "So, we're here today because it seems that you wanted to announce something. Is that right? The host asked as they practiced. 

Dan noddedFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The host gestured for Dan to send his message; the camera zoomed on his face. His expressions turn serious

Then he spoke

"Aero of The East as many all of you know, is imprisoned in Veva, betrayed by Zeus of the North even after my friend defeated him in a fair one on one match and Zeus himself promised that he would let go of Amy" He said.

Dan shows his angriest face he could do and then he said to the viewers and the player that is watching him now

"I called him Zeus the Oathbreaker. My friend Aero wins the battle fair and square in front of everyone. Zeus was supposed to be honorable and true to his word. But he throws my friend to the dungeon. Is that right? Can such thing be ignored?

"No" some of the audience member in the studio yelled. Dan almost smile but he restrain himself and continue

"Right. It should not be ignored'

Then he sighed and said

'I will cut to the chase."

Then he takes a breath and spoke again

"I could not go to Veva not without sparking an international conflict in Brave World. King George has even sent a letter to the delegation of Veva asking them to release Aero but his request was ignored by the King of Veva and his advisor. Zeus ignore my King pleas. I said to all the players that are watching this broadcast, rescue Aero no matter the country you hail from. I am requesting the help of all of you.'

Then he smiles bitterly and said.

'I know; you might say why should we? I can plea saying that is the right thing to do, for such injustice has occurred to him, but a lot of you are a practical person. I will offer seven hundred thousand gold and a position in the Court of Vanheim to anyone that managed to free the Chancellor"

The host suddenly said

"How will you do such thing?"

"Hahaha' Dan laughed and then he said

Obviously I do not have such clout and influence in the Court but the Chancellor has many influence and believe me when I said this he has a lot of money, more than he could ever spend on"

Dan is following what Aero has instructed him to say. Aero said to him that promises are words, and words are winds.

Then after that shocking announcement Dan and the host began talking about other things that is happening in Brave World right now.

They touched upon the situation with the South, the plea for the Holy War from Duvar, the latest development in Niovar military and many other issues

The forum is beginning to be flooded again with discussion. Many harbors intention to save the illustrious Aero and forge a name in Brave World history.

And many are forming groups and warriors to band together to save the Chancellor from his prison

Zeus is no longer the strongest and the wind of change is blowing against him

And there are also people that wanted to curry favors with Aero and there are some people who is Aero fan and wanted to rescue Aero because of that

Most of them become a fan after that end scene showing himself sacrificing himself to save his friend and his woman

Players that fear Zeus in the past rise up in Veva and is raring to settle old score.

And the impact of that battle began to influence even the states in Veva.

Rebellion from Arwin and Berrick calling themselves Bloodrain Clan rises up and began terrorize the North citing Zeus oppression against them to be their cause of rebellion.

They employed Guerilla attack, destroying the Kingdom properties, and began assassinating Veva officials left and right.

And it seems to be working in inflicting temporary damage to Veva and that temporary damage might become permanent if Zeus and his official could not pacified his dominion.

Leon Kingdom is standing still at their border and not moving an inch

They will wait.

They always wait. They need to see who will emerge victorious. Their support is vague and unreliable

They do not want to be seen offending either Zeus or Aero both of them who is two influential players.

Both of them have tremendous influence and power that could level their small kingdom into dust

Meanwhile while all of this is happening, Aero is still in his cell. Waiting and waiting. And as he is waiting thousands of players is marching to the North and that number is increasing

Destiny is calling.

All of this players, whether they were strong or weak all began earnestly playing the game, and war became the new fad.

Killings and unrest begins with blood being spilled from the East to the North while the South march to spread their religion killing the infidels.

A Holy War, A Supremacy War and a Unification War.

Too many damn wars for a lifetime

From the East to the North band of heroes rise up to save Aero believing Aero would reward them.

Aero decided to wait for Amy but he have to have a plan B. he would feel unease if he didn't have one

And Aero must know that to have an army to come to the North is akin declaring war and Vanheim does not need another war right now.

But if volunteer from all of the Continent come to the North wanting to save him, Zeus couldn't fight all of the Kingdoms without himself being ruin.

Even he couldn't be that idiot right?

Aero is betting on that fact.

Zeus on the other hand is busy fighting the Holy War with the other Kingdom in the south. But everyone knows it's just an excuse for Zeus to gain territory on the South.

So the players believe by saving Aero it would be detrimental to Zeus plan. The Southern player is the first player that rises up answering the call to save Aero from Zeus as they march from the Church to the North

Heroes have risen up all over the Vilajeri Continent. Brave World is in a stage of turmoil.

A brand new world is emerging

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