Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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King Vrandeus summons have reached all the Kingdoms by now and it created an uproar.

Vanheim and Niovar both could not spare their troops right now since both of them are preoccupied with their own private war with each other and express their regret for not being able to embark on the protection of their faith

Though both of them promise to send troops after the war is over. When the war is over it will also settle the true ruler of the Eastern Continent.

Alfhaim, most of them are elves agreed to join the Holy War. Loth and Nero Republic also agreed. Nero after all is being attacked so the Holy War Proclamation is like helping them.

But what worries King Vrandeus is Zeus.

The King of United Kingdom of Veva also offer their assistance. Zeus already sent five hundred thousand soldiers to attack and terrorize Holy Zun Empire in an assistance to the Faith.

King Vrandeus worry if the Northern King has other objectives by sending his troops. After all his reputation is not that good among the other Kings

But he also knows that he needs all the help he can get. So even though he has his doubts, he accepts the assistance.

Gods and Kings, prickly beings. He thoughts as he stamp the final letter to proclaim the beginning of the Holy War.

So began the first Holy War in the Continent.

With the might of five Kingdoms bearing on Holy Zun Empire bringing the wrath of the Gods, their battle shakes the world




it full of excitement….It was epic battle and i luv how he drag Zeus in front evrybody..and at the end the kiss and the sweet-talk...Is he a fighter or is he a lover….? Just like it. I'm your fan Aero!! Vanheim FTW




Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see you battle O strong Aero of the East. You got me in the first half


nice...that was epic...Vanheim Glory


HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! EPIC and legendary fight. Always hated that smug Zeus. He looted me and my teammate when he was Duke. He got his just dessert




That was one of the best bad ass moments I've seen in a very long time! Go Aero of the East. The East will rise.


That battle!!! And Amy..NO!!!


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Hell yeah! 

Honestly idk who would still try to fuck with Aero after seeing this battle. He fights like a God


Please, please, please don't die…ETV3 Broadcast it please!!!!


Dear Viewers Why don't we make this video watchable to all…Tell Your Friends to Switch To Etv3 Right Now!!!... This Is Awesome



The response on the internet is overwhelming and positive for Aero.

The battle itself is the selling point of the footage. It is why people watch it. The comments are coming in more and more and in real time as the video was streamed worldwide.

The website and forums are flooded with people trying to post about the battle.

And everyone agreed unanimously Aero was badass in the battle.

The fights were exhilarating, the moves they showed was out of this world as they move so fast that some people could even feel dizziness just by watching them and trying to keep up with their moves, and the lightning at the end.

Aero is crowned by the players of Brave World as the Strongest.

That day, the day of that battle between two of the Great Pillars signify the end of a legend.

And a new legend was born. And the impact from that battle reverberated through all the players community and even for the forces in Vilajeri continent

Zeus streak of winning and his image of invincibility was torn down by Aero. God had bleed and now shark is circling.

Once Aero shows that Zeus can be defeated old enemies stir, slowly coming out of the woodwork, and whispers began to echoes in dark alleys.

And there is also a new poem that is catching fire in the Continent right now.

The Strongest

Aero of the East

Pillar of his Kingdom,

With wisdom and might

He reigns supreme

In the vast four corner of the land

Who can be his match?

But that's not all that got the entire internet abuzz. It was the scene at the end that immortalized the footageFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The scene at the end when Aero sacrificed himself so that he could save Amy.

It was poignant and heartbreaking and some even said they tears up when they saw that.

And many people cried even though they don't know why but they can feel the connection of hearts between Aero and Amy and they preoechted those two feeling into themslevs

And then came the betrayal; and that frustration doubles up for the viewers because they wanted a happy ending.

 After all Aero went to all that trouble only to be lied to…. that kind of ending makes all the viewers felt pity, angry, frustrated and most of all they root for him

Many people in the forum voice out their dissatisfaction towards Zeus and his conduct.

His invincible image now is shattered and he is regarded as someone who is dishonorable and someone who could not be trusted

Inside the station, Sarah is proud to see that the ratings soar high and even surpassed their initial prediction.

"Love" she muttered to herself.

When she got the footage, she knows what she wants to do with it. She already has a plan at that time on how to present her narrative

And the production, editing and the music department seconded her decision.

The footage they shown to the audience is not only is an action story that they wanted to present, they also wanted to present the viewers with a love story enhancing Aero image as the character for their broadcasting station.

Aero was everyone romantic hero, their knight in shining armor for that three-hour long footage. And the viewers for that three-hour long footage knowing that he travels with Deria to Veva to get the girl he likes…all wanted him to win….and save the girl

And that is why the ending of that footage is even more poignant and even more heartbreaking.

Because Sarah knows that the most unforgettable stories and characters spring from crushing opposition.

Darkness, despair and anguish drives the story.

People want the couple to earn their happy ending. They want the characters to deserve it.

Misery, tragedies, and great war accompany a great love story. It always has and it will always be

The pain will drag the viewer's again and again, hoping that this time the characters would find a way out of the dark.

And when they do…. that catharsis is what makes them keep on coming. Sarah then called someone. That someone is Dan.

Dan is at the first floor readying for an interview. Sarah could only give him pointers and after talking with Dan for five minutes they both hang up the phone.

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