Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Veva is at a state of alert after Aero daring attack. The entire city is nervous and scarfed. And amidst all their fear, two hooded people silently boarded a ship.

These two women is Tatiana and Amy.

Amy and Tatiana has boarded the Silent Song.

Tatiana at first just wanted to accompany Amy but when she returns to her hut she could see the Kingsman have come to her hut examining, searching for her trace.

She is no longer hidden. She heard the story of what the Kingdom do to the other assassins especially to the assassin that belong with the Blood Brotherhood.

They will be boiled to death.

King Zeus has decreed that punishment because of one of the event that happened between him and an assassin.

The story goes that before when Zeus is still weak, he was killed by a Blood Brotherhood assassin hired by his rival

After he rose to fame and glory and even when he was duke he would hunt assassins as a sport and killed them.

The King hold his grudges deep and long

When he became King he ordered to kill any of The Blood Brotherhood assassins by boiling them in hot oil until they die.

Tatiana believe there is an exaggeration in there somewhere but she will not try to test the truth.

Tatiana does not want to share the same fate as her other fellow brothers and sisters in arms

Because that is a terrible way to go. The Blood brotherhood is an assassin organization. They are not torturer. They killed people swiftly and silently in the night.

What Zeus had done to them is inhumane. And she would not want to be one of those assassins.

So, she quickly returns back to Port Verda with Amy on tow and boarded the ship without hesitation.

Amy pays for her own passage. After all, she is not poor. If there is one thing she lacks, it is not gold and silvers.

The ship is big; grand and majestic and the cabin can fit two people which she shares with Amy. Amy is a kind and generous girl in Tatiana eyes

She was happy that Tatiana could join her. But it is their destination that gives Tatiana a slight pause when she boarded the ship with her

Amy wanted to return to her home. And her home is Vanheim. She fought so hard to escape Vanheim to only once again returning back to that place.

She has many memories there. Many of them is not a good memory. And there is still the towering presence of Aero, the Chancellor of Vanheim looming over her.

After consulting with her mentor, she is sure that Aero has bathed in the Styx. Which makes him almost practically invulnerable to anything.

Now, that is a terrifying enemy to have. An enemy that is invulnerable to every weapon in existence

The wave lapped against the Silent Song and Tatiana was broke out of her thoughts. The ship rocked right and left as Amy tries to find her balance by holding onto something

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The ship also imported fur from the North, bear fur, mountain white lion fur, silk and beautiful fabric from the South, the hard, the gentle and the beautiful clothes, the elegant, the ostentatious, and this ship is going to Vanheim.

Vanheim, the mighty Vanheim, is a nation that is at war but is alos a trove of treasure for supplies.

With its abundance of lands and the trade items from exotic meats and bones from Nairhell where Shine Harbor trade with the other people in the Continent to the southern region produces, they have a lot to offer.

They are also the metal in Nairhell that makes Vanheim to be able to produce many armaments, swords by the thousands, spears by the thousand, design to wage war.

Add that Vetten have many metal mines, the output of metal weapons in Vanheim far exceed the other kingdom neighboring it.

If no one still could not see the intention of Vanheim they would be stupid. Vanheim is preparing to embark on the long life ambition of uniting the Continent.

Even at war, because of the efficient management of the Kingdom economy and trade, the treasury is not empty.

Tatiana take a deep breath as the waves keep striking the ship

They will stop at Shine Harbor for a while. Tatiana knew who ruled Shine Harbor.

It is ruled by Marquis Thornleaf, a man known as a vicious merchant but nowadays his image becomes a bit nice after becoming part of the nobility.

Maybe because of the need to appease the populace of Vettennian now Vanheimneian, or maybe he really did change for the better of the realm who knows?

'The games of noble and Kings and Queens, and we're all pawn in their game, a piece in their grand plan for supremacy' Tatiana thought to herself as she sneered

Tatiana is going above deck

"Where are you going?" Amy said just finishing her conversation with Dan

"Above deck. I heard they have wine of many varieties from the North of Veva to the South of the Holy Zun Empire. Want to join me for a drink?" she said her feet already moving upstairs.

Amy nodded and she follows.

'Too many bloods, too many problems and damn, too many wars' she mused as she climb the stairs

'Akko Ammemat' she mused

War and bloodshed seems common these day, Tatiana muttered riding up the stairs

Amy hears it and smiles bitterly. Wherever she goes she saw the tragic reality of war. Players could log out and be released from it and return back to this world vigorous and happy.

But what about the people of this world? How do they live with it? Amy for some reason could not see these character just like a byte of data.

She played this game vigorously because she wanted to escape from reality. Who would have thought she become stronger in this game…both emotionally and mentally.

She treasures this game. She likes exploring places, seeing people being happy and enjoy seeing the development of this world.

She would run the hills, gaze at the stars, and jump down from the highest peak of a cavern as she jump down into the seawater

But war…...and power has change this world that she had loved. She did not say anything to Tatiana question. She could only smiles bitterly

As they arrived at the upper deck they could see the cabin boy moving many crate up and down the deck

This ship reminds her of Storm Start.

That big and mighty ship that sails the sea like a shark, it sail is as big as her hut maybe even bigger.

Fast and mighty that ship, Tatiana is reminded of that ship. After she showed the coins, she boarded the ship.

The captain dropped her at Veva and went back sailing to the New World.

From the stories she heard in taverns and the information brokers of the city, the New World is an untapped treasure of supplies, resources and riches.

But it is not populated.

There are no cities there only indigenous people who live in jungles and forest, nomadic tribes that put up tents, and some of them are living in caves, in the wilds, one with nature.

Though Tatiana heard about one interesting thing from the sailor's tall story.

She heard of something called the city of gold.

A city that is said from its road to their houses to their palace even to their ditch is coated with gold.

Shining and golden beacon of fucking gold.

Whispers and stories. And she heard all of it in her journey

No, false whispers false stories, she mused.

They did not spend too long at the upper deck. Amy bought some wine from the crate and the captain is happy that their occupants seems to be very loaded.

They went back to their cabin room and began trying the drink they bought

 "How does it taste?" Tatiana asked Amy after seeing she makes a contorted face after taking a sip of one of the drink.

"It's a little sour" Tatiana chuckles as she explains

"Duvar wine always is a little sour band take time to get used to it. The red is a little smooth while the white is hard and the feeling of its in your tongue can quite be an experience" she giggled.

She might be an assassin but she has taste many wines. Usually after killing.

Which is why she always do her killings before dinner.

Noble had many wines in their cellar from every corner of the continent and since they are dead, she thought it would be a waste if no one drink all of those wines

"So what will you do after you reached Vanheim?" Tatiana asked casually

"I need to inform the King what happened." Amy said with determination

"Hmm. You're close with the King?" Tatiana asked puzzled

She did say she is a lady but Tatiana didn't think she has connection with royalty. After all there are many ladies of the noble family

The rich and the poor, the smart and the fool. But not many of them is acquainted with the royalty.

"Yeah. You see I was rescued by my friend and now I just got word from my friend Dan that my friend is in captivity"

Dan? Tatiana seems to be thinking of something. That name ...

She heard that name before. She is sure of it. It sounds familiar to her.

And at that moment she somehow felt it. That tugging sensation in her heart. They will reach Vanheim in two more days and it wasn't until now that Tatiana finally realized that she didn't know much about this lady that has been traveling with her.

The waves lapped again and the ship rocked as Amy grab a hold of something. But she is still calm.

Then Tatiana ask again

"A friend that is strong enough to break you out of prison? Out of Veva prison?" she asked more to herself than Amy.

"Yes." And the girl smiles.

She smiles when Tatiana talk about her friend. There is something there. Some emotions. Then lightning struck her mind and realization dawn on her.

she somehow thinks she knows who Amy is talking about. It is an instinct.

And with dread, Tatiana asked

"Who is your friend name?"

"I shouldn't tell you this but after spending these days with you, I think I can trust you. His name is Aero"

It was like thunder struck, the wine cup from Tatiana hand dropped to the ship floor. Thankfully it is a metal cup and only the wine is spilled on the ship floor

She quickly grabbed the cup and set it at the table.

"The.e.e Chancellor?" she asked stuttering

"Chancellor? Yes. I heard Dan tell me Aero is promoted to Chancellor" puzzled by how Tatiana knew that

Tatiana looked to the sun rising from the window inside her cabin and she sighed internally.

No matter how much she ran it seems fate has a different plan for her. And the Fates is not mild mannered.

She likes to snicker and she's rude.

And when you just thought that you have escape its grasp, then somehow you realize that all the time the Fates are behind you snickering and laughing.

"Are you alright, Tatiana?" Amy asked seeing the pale expression on Tatiana face

"I'm shocked"

"Shocked at what?"

"Destiny" she said trying to appears as calm as possible and she looks again as the sun begins showing it's face.

Somehow the sun looks like its snickering and giggling.

Snickering at her.

Giggling at her.

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