Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Right now the Vilajeri Continent is in a state of upheaval and chaos. War and unrest everywhere.

Niovar and Vanheim is at war.

The war has already sacrificed hundreds of thousands of their soldier and still counting with the players from each side raise their arm and join the battle.

It is a war between two superpower nations that will decide the true ruler of the Eastern part of the continent

Whoever won will emerge to be one of the candidate kingdom that will rule the world

Veranis is also just got out of their own war.

Prince Alexander Veran, the young prince of Greater Veranis has conquered Gerad Stratocracy and has now began stabilizing his new domain and began resting his troops.

The Prince chases General Theolonius and hack his head, presenting it to the other commander of Gerad and they all surrender in unison, bowing to the Prince of Greater Veranis

Meanwhile on the southern battlefield Niovar reinforcement army came to fortify their own kingdom while Supreme Commander James attacked vigorously.

And his approach seems to work as day by day they marched closer and closer to Niovar Capital City.

And the other nation did not just watch and wait. They are beginning to take sides in this large games of war.

Karak has begun sending supplies to Vanheim frontlines and two of the Four Nobles Houses of Karak has also joined the war.

House of Gerhardt and House of Vlad is bringing three hundred thousand each, of their troops to help the frontline and fortify their position

While Vanheim is still fighting Prince Alexander has now returned to his father Palace and began helping his father to govern while learning politics from his father.

It is clear to anyone that Philip is grooming his son to become his successor. His recent victory has guaranteed him the spot over Philip brother

On the North, it is also becoming a mess and shadows of war still loom overhead.

Leon Kingdom makes an alliance with Veva becoming a vassal state of Veva and fortifying Veva borders.

On the South, instead of war for territory and wealth, the people of the South is fighting a war of faith.

The Holy Zun Empire has worsened the peace that once filled the South.

Everyone has expected that the emergence of a new faith would not be accepted so easily by the people of the South.

Well it is expected.

Their cultures and their Gods is different.

The leader of their revolution of faith, Ariana of Zun is now attacking Nero republic vigorously and victorious with each city fallen down under her sword.

Her army of peasants marches on while at the same time preaches their strange religion to the people of the continent

As all of this happened in Duvar someone is sighing as he looks outside the window of his Palace.

In Duvar, the Holy Lands for those who believes in the Seven Celestials, King Vrandeus is at a precarious position as the leader of a Holy Land.

Dreams has been sent to him in his dreams. Omen and signs shown in his waking moments. The Gods are demanding war and blood.

'This year our family face many problems' he mused

There is the news that his daughter is killed by Niovar which makes Pollux and Castor so angry that upon hearing the news they wanted to ride to Niovar and exact justice by assassinating their Prince and Princesses.

It took an entire squadron of soldiers to restrain them.

He, himself was overcome by grief and pray to Hera and the Fates. His prayers were granted

in a few weeks after the initial news of the death and murder of his daughter, word reached them again.

She is safe, rescued by Aero, the Champion of Athena. Vrandeus as the leader of Duvar sometime hears the words of Gods.

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Niovar is still to blame for the attack and the assassination attempt but Vrandeus suspect there is a larger plot there.

This is not his first time being schemed upon. Someone is casting a dark gaze upon his daughter

But his daughter has sent letter to him not to worry about her. She is safe thanks to Chancellor Aero and in her letter implies that he has matured and will not forget the lesson that she had learned after the attack.

Vrandeus could not help but think his speculation is correct. There is someone that is scheming against his daughter.

It is fortunate that Aero is there.

That man helps him in more way than one. He is the one who solve Vrandeus problem the first time, now Aero even saved his daughter.

He doesn't know how to repay such gratitude. But one day, he would surely pay such great deeds

But even though his daughter is safe the attack on the daughter in law of the King of Vanheim pushed Vanheim to declare war against Niovar.

Blood has been spilled and soldiers have marches, fought and die for their Kingdom.

It might have started because of her daughter but he knows that this is actually a war to determine the true hegemonic ruler of the East.

'Is this that war?' he asked himself

He was reminded of the prophecy that is levied upon her daughter when she was brought into the world.

Aphrodite descended down from her Lands of Desire and prophesized that her daughter will lead a war of so great in scale that corpses will piled up so tall that it will reach the footstep of Mount Olympus, and a war with so much blood spilled that it will block river from flowing.

It was a war of unprecedented bloodshed, carnage and devastation. Villages will be burned, cities would fall and kingdoms would be sacked.

Leaving only dust and ash of the remnants of people and places, a war that might even destroy the Gods themselves.

Vrandeus was of course spooked when he heard the prophecy.

But Helena is her daughter as much as she is mine, he mused. People always says that Helena is the incarnation of the Goddess of Love herself.

Most Gods would despise being compared to a mortal. There are many stories where a mortal who was compared to the Gods or Goddesses got a bad ending.

Like Arachne and Athena. But for some reason, Aphrodite never punishes the woman who was considered as beautiful as her.

Of course, she would not be angry at that comparison. Helena is her daughter. How could she be mad when people say she looks like her?

Aphrodite knows the prophecy that comes out from her mouth would made her daughter a target for the other Gods.

So, in an act of love, she hides this from the other Gods. This is why Vrandeus said those words to his daughter all; those years ago.

'Beauty is a curse' Vrandeus muttered

He walks outside from his Palace throne room as he went to the garden and look at the statue in silence.

He is marveling the statue of Zeus and Hera sitting side by side and lament his own fate with Aphrodite.

"Father, what are you doing here?" Vrandeus were broken from his contemplation of what could be as he turns his head and see that his son Castor just returning from the hunt

He smiles and ask him

"How is the hunt?"

"Good there is many game in the forest, though Pollux win this time" Vrandeus noticed some blood on the clothes

It must be from their hunting. He sighs. For some reason Castor and Pollux did not inherit his penchant for cleanliness.

"So father what are you thinking about?" Castor asked seeing that his father is deep in thoughts.

There must be something in his mind seeing this expression of his father.

Castor and Pollux while they did not inherit their father personality, their relation with each other is close and both brother are kind and united with each other.

Vrandeus sighed and began sharing what he has to do

"The Gods have sent me messages in my dreams. They sent omen and signs when I am awake. Olympus are angry"

"Of what?" Castor asked as he look cautiously at the sky. It is never too god to speak about the Gods so openly

"Of the new Gods, Church of Light, of men and woman who by the day, dare defy them" Castor nodded. He hears the news of what is happening in the South.

"So, what are the dreams? The omen and signs?" Castor said curious. Vrandeus look at his son and od not how to describe the dreams.

Sometimes it is an image of people dying and screaming, sometime it is the image of a city burning down, other times it is a river of blood where he must swim through.

For omens, he saw ravens flying about and owl and eagles flying down from the sky with thunder and lightning accompanied it.

It was nothing good.

So he only said

"Dark dreams. Dark omen, dark signs, my son"

He sighed again as he remembers what he did yesterday

He has sent the letters to all the rulers and Kings of Vilajeri Continue. It was a letter to rise up

The situation with the Holy Zun Empire can no longer be ignored. It is getting stronger by the day.

He has sent a letter to call for arms of all the Kingdom to vanquish Holy Zun Empire in a Holy War for the Gods of Olympus.

He now walked around in his gardens waiting for their responses. He couldn't fight alone and truthfully this is not a fight he wants to fight for.

The Gods is a fearsome being, worthy to be feared and respected. But loving them is another matter altogether.

Vrandeus learns that the hard way. The moment you fall in love with the Gods or Goddesses, you are screwed.

But he has to fight because he is the leader of Duvar and its King. The King of the Holy Land.

He needs the help of the great kingdom big or small to achieve what the Gods has expected him to do.

The messenger has already sent the letters.

Now he prays as he walks around the garden surrounded by beauty.

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