Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Today, everyone is running around in the broadcasting room. The editing room is in chaos and work tirelessly since the day they got the footage.

The editing team was the first one to seen the footage. And after seeing it they couldn't control their excitement.

They knew that this footage would blow up and buying it for seventy thousand is not a waste.

The editing team are now editing the footage to make it more impactful with music, captions and powerful images.

they wanted to also added commentary in the beginning but when they see the video in full they all agree even if this footage is release just as it is it will be epic.

So they decided not to alter it that much and just added the music and some explanation at the top of the screen.

They have a narrative to follow and they edited the video to fit that narrative

They wanted to portray Aero as a brave warrior and as a loyal companion.

And the reason why this narrative is easy to create, is because there is no denying the fact that Aero traveled far to the North, to the heartland of Veva itself, to save Amy.

And then there is Amy and her role in all of this. The team already know what a goldmine this is. They know so many stories can be spin from this.

So, they decided to add some more layer and depth to Aero of the East character.

In the middle of his battle with Zeus ETV3 decided to portray him as a romantic hero, enduring all that hardship just to save his woman.

And at the end when they parted…., Aero ultimately sacrificing himself so he could save the woman he loves and the friend he cherishes…the scene was powerful scene and it highlight his character as not just a hero, but a tragic hero.

He could have escaped if he abandoned Deria but he didn't. he could have escaped if he just stopped trying g to protect Amy but he didn't.

Instead he fought them all and never gives up and would rather sacrifices himself rather than let tow to people get caught.

It is more than just a battle story between two of the Great Pillars in Brave World. It is a love storyFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But what's more interesting about this love story is that it is…a tragic love story

The masses will love this. This battle had it all. Action, battle, drama, betrayal, self-sacrifice, and love

There are so many ways to portray Aero, as a brave and gallant knight, or a prince or a hopeless romantic.

And then of course since ETV3 is the competitor with VMS Zeus will not get off with this

ETV3 decide to portray Zeus as an oath breaker in the part two of that video after he renege on his promise of releasing them both.

Of course, if you think about it, it was Eric that ordered Aero capture. But potahto, potayto

The scene where Aero choosing to save his friend and let her lover escapes while he fought a horde of enemies all screaming for his head…the editing team could already predict the reaction of the viewers.

Probably there will be people retaking it on Mytube reactors channel.

That scene will surely tug at the heartstring of the viewers and will once again shot up Aero reputations

Finally, Amy and Aero is together, Sarah mused as she watched the footage in the editing room.

She knew that urging and stimulating the feeling of jealousy in Amy during the victory ceremony will force Amy to act.

Sarah smiles proudly

She knows that Amy like Aero but she's too afraid to take that first move. So, she needed a little push.

So, Sarah just gives her a little push. A little nudge.

"What do you think the title should be?" the promotion staff began racking their brains to give a title to the new footage

"Battle of North and East?" one of the editing staff offered

" about Aero of the East and Zeus of the North" one of the guys in Promotion team suggested.

Then Sarah come in to the room. She has just watched the footage last night, her hair is still a mess, her lips have a trace of saliva drooling.

She has seen the footage.

She smiles proudly.

Finally, she knows where Aero went to.

She is rarely online right now, busy with her work.

But seeing the battle make her yearn to enter Brave World again. Going on adventure, fighting and scheming especially if the adventure is with Aero.

And he always has the craziest adventure when he is alone.

She also likes going around helping Builders. She has earned quite the reputation on the Builders community and Druids.

Maybe she will go online tomorrow after finishing the work for this footage. Sarah also heard the cost for the videos.

It is pricey, but she thinks it will be worth it.

No, she is sure that it is worth it. There is already a millions of revenue and there is call for ads from sponsors when they told them that they have the footage of Aero fighting Zeus.

And they need to publicize this more so they all could join the fun. Sarah could just imagine the money being thrown right now at their station.

"No, no" she said to the promotion team.

"It needs a simple and easy to remember name. Why don't we follow the troops on the wall suggestion?"

"Tiger and dragon?"

"Yes. Tiger and dragon"

They all looked at each other and nodded.

So tiger and dragon becomes the title of the battle that is publicized in the television telling the whole world the greatest battle between Aero of the East and Zeus of the North will be aired on ETV3

All of the players of Brave World that saw the ad are all burning with curiosity and excitement. The battle, between Aero of the East and Zeus of the North is surely a momentous event.

After all, only a little see that battle before and even that footage was not allowed to be released. And Eric threatened the soldiers not to tell

The thing all have been hushed up

But now their battle will finally be shown to all players. The editing teams know who wins but not the viewers.

In three more days they will air the video.

The internet is exploded with so many speculations who win and who lose.

Many of Vanheimneian players that is currently in the battlefield at Niovar is proud that Aero fought Zeus.

Both of them great players and the Great Pillars of the Continent. Their battle has always been dream by many of the players in the Continent.

This would also satisfy the curiosity once and for all. Who is the strongest?

Aero of the East?

Zeus of the North?

The Niovar players speculate that Aero loses mainly to reduce the morale of the attacking army.

Even though Aero does not participate in the war, his name still inspires victory. And in a way he is their hero and the representative of Vanheim.

So, Niovarians believe if they could cast doubt on Aero strength they could then cast doubt on Vanheim own strength.

The Vevaian players who know the results still could not believe that their undefeatable King has lost.

And they don't blab about what happened in front of the entrance gate to anyone. There is gag order on it and no one likes to be on the losing side and decrease their own morale.

Meanwhile, the internet is abuzz as many more speculate in bluedit, Mytube and many other social media platforms.

Their battle is anticipated by the other players of the other kingdom in the Continent. All viewers are waiting for the video to be air to settle the question in everyone mind…. who is the strongest of the two?

VMS is also in chaos after the news broke out. Zeus is their star while Aero is ETV3 star. Everyone in the station knows this. They have been pushing this narrative since day one they contracted Zeus to their station

In a way, when Aero fought Zeus, ETV3 is also fighting VMS.

They try to call Zeus to get some comments but he did not answer the phone.

So, it only made them even more uncomfortable and fueled the belief that Zeus did not fare well in his encounter with Aero of the East.

Did Zeus lose in the battle? This is not the kind of behavior of someone who wins in that battle.

And if Aero loses why would ETV3 aired it?

VMS executives believes that Zeus had lost to Aero.

Their representative even reaches out to ETV3 and trying to schedule a meeting with the Production Director for the Brave World segment to sniff some news

Zeus loses. The more days' passes, the more VMS believes in this. It is the only reason why ETV3 would air the video.

ETV3 would never air a footage that shows their hero get beaten up.

Even before the airing started so many people have come to ETV3 forum to discuss the battle even though no one ever seen yet.

The special segment was also rated high in Rotten Apple even before it is released

VMS is trying to divert the public attention of Brave World community by trying to find something more interesting then Aero and Zeus fight but it's not easy to top that.

It is the most anticipated battle and event in Brave World for many players

VMS is trying to divert the players attention with The Discovery of the New World, the news about the abolishment of factions by the reigning King, and they even as so far goes to list types of plants in Brave World, anything to try to divert the viewers.

Both of the media station is trying to outdo the other but with the biggest battle between two great pillars video the winner of the rating battle has already been decided.

Regarded as the strongest,

Zeus of the North,

Undefeated and Unchallenged,

None stand his way,

If Aero of the East does not come forth,

Who can be his match?

The trailer for the battle was released yestarady and it began with the poem describimng this two men.

Then fire burns the poems and it shows Aero riding on a chariot circling in front of a large gate. The scene changes to Zeus jumping down from the wall and then the scene changes again to both of these men trading blows with strikes that shakes the ground.

Then the trailer ended.

And the internet was broken that day. Zeus and Aero top the real time searches in many countries.

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