Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The capsule open and Daniel come out from it looking angry.

He did not show this emotion when he was in the prison because he would never give Eric the satisfaction but now that he logged put and back at his own home, anger slowly rising up in his heart

He didn't like it and it is also a fact that his position right now is quite vulnerable.

He nearly slammed the capsule door but then thinking how expensive it is he slowly close his capsule door and went out from his bedroom

He wanted to calm himself down so he went to the kitchen, open the fridge and drink a bottle of mineral water and he slowly calmed down.

He then finally remembered something. He goes to the living room and search for his phone. After a few minutes of searching he found it and he smiles

He found one way to ease the feeling of anger in his heart right now. He dials a number on his phone. It was the number of ETV3 station

Someone picked up. Since this is the not the first time that Daniel has called the station, the receiver knows that Daniel would like to speak with their production team.

The receiver quickly set up a video conferencing for Daniel. After a few minutes, his call was directed elsewhere and then then video conferencing began

Someone appears sitting in the most prominent seat of the table and Daniel could guess he is the man in charge.

"I'm Andrew, the production Director" An old man said introducing himself and quickly get to the point

"So what is this video?" he asked. Daniel told them he has a video that will make their rating shot up to the sky.

It is why they set up this video conferencing in the first place.

He doesn't know what it is but considering it is Aero of the East, the production team all believe whatever footage he is going to sell would surely attract a lot of advertisers and bring quite the profit for the station

Daniel did not say much as he shows him a snippet of his battle with Zeus.

His team and Andrew look at the video and then they realized something

 "Is that Zeus? King of Veva" Andrew couldn't help being shocked after recognizing the person that Aero was fighting

"The one and only." Daniel reply grinning. Andrew then look at Daniel and said, almost whispering

"Did you won?" he had to ask. Daniel nodded to such an obvious answer and he said

"Why else would I want to publish it?" Andrew eyes brighten and his team all nodded. They could clearly see the potential of this video.

No, it is not potential. This video is guaranteed to be probably one of the most popular footage that ETV3 would ever air regarding the Brave World content

"Fine we'll take it" he said eagerly. But Daniel would not be Daniel if he agreed on this deal easily. After all, he knows that his previous videos netted the station quiet a lot of money.

Since then he knew how valuable his video footage really is.

"I want seventy thousand dollars for this video" Daniel declared

"What?" he said shocked.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"But usually—" one of the staff trying to said. But Daniel is not having it. He waved his hand and said

"Then don't buy it. I sell it to VMS then" And he was about to touch the end button but Daniel gestured for him to wait with his hand

"No, wait, wait….That's not what we are saying Mr. Daniel" Daniel then ask

"Then what are you saying?"

" Can you let me discuss it with my team first?" Daniel shake his head and then put down his foot

"No. Decide now. Either you want it or not" Daniel giving the director an ultimatum. Director Andrew smiles bitterly and sighed

"You drive a hard bargain, Mr. Daniel"

Daniel just remained waiting, not saying anything, waiting for his decision.

He looks at the Director and hope his gamble pays off. He knew that the only competitor that ETV3 have is VMS.

And he knows that ETV3 is building a narrative around him. If he sold his videos to VMS, that narrative is broken.

VMS build a whole narrative on Zeus and ETV3 built a whole narrative on him. In the end, Daniel trusted his instinct. That his request would not be rejected.

Andrew contemplate for a moment, closes his eyes and then sighed. He opens his eyes back and then finally said

"Ok. Fine. We'll agree to it" Daniel smiles and nodded

'Pleasure doing business with you'

'Heh' the Director snorted

"Then can you sent the contract to me?" Daniel said.

"We'll mail it by email"

Daniel ended the video conferencing.

He waited at home, watching TVs, going out for a while buying some groceries in the market and then by the time he got home it as already evening.

He went to his computer which is quiet old and he thought to himself that when he got the money he would buy a larger and more powerful computer.

He opens his mail and when he saw the contract. he digitally signed it and then he sent the footage to ETV3 as he leans back on his computer chair and smiles wide.

'I could be considered at least the lowest level of rich' he muttered to himself.

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