Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He grins as he looks at the two men that is approaching him

'Ah, you've come finally. I was wondering when you would arrive here' The two men bitterly smiles.

The two person is none other than Eric and Zeus. They are standing just outside the prison cell. The other guards tensed and look at the prisoner Aero with trepidation.

They worried that the Chancellor of Vanheim would try to lunge to Zeus and Eric.

Even though, the Prime Minister said that Aero of the East would not be able to break through this prison but before yesterday who would have thought that there is a person who could fought forty thousand people and not get even one injury?

Zeus look at Aero and Aero nodded. He looks around at his prison and chuckles.

 "A tower prison for me? I'm flattered, truly" Aero said

"It is a precaution. You could understand why we are not very keen on letting you escape." Eric reply

Aero nodded but his eyes is only at Zeus.

"So, Zeus this is the way you treat guest that come from far away. I heard Veva is terrible. I didn't think it was this terrible."

"You are not a guest!" Eric shouted.

Aero ignored Eric outburst as he said toward Zeus

"I won fair and square, Zeus. I challenged you and you accepted. I spare your life. Yet you imprisoned me? Strongest in the Continent? You are nothing"

Eric look at Zeus but Zeus say nothing so Eric then said.

"Careful, Aero. He is the one that persuade me to imprison you. I rather suggest you be killed."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Aero had a look of shock for a second and then he bitterly smiles.

"And why would you do that? Imprisoning me, I mean, instead of killing me? There is only one reason isn't there? You want something from me"

Eric nodded. Then he calmly organized his thoughts and the n said as politely as he can to Aero

"Aero. I like to make you an offer. If you promise not to spread Zeus defeat at your hand, we will release you from this prison and give any amount of gold you want and we could even throw in a few national treasure of Veva to you" Eric offered

Eric knew how important reputation is.

Especially Zeus reputation. For those people that recorded the battle from the top of the wall, they were all imprisoned.

For the reporters while they do have an in game player to recorded the battle, they do not know the privilege of a King that is a player possesses.

Zeus only need to send a decree banning the in game player to be distributed and all the in game footage that those reporters recorded were censored.

That is the power of King authority bidding the players. Of course this kind of thing could only be used by a player who hold the title of King and could only work in their kingdom.

Some of the reporter sin the wall did not come from Veva and still have the footage. But they were all hunted and Artemis helped them, when Zeus burn an offering to her.

Most of them were hunted by the Goddess of the Hunt attendants.

Eric sighed

Aero in his cell could understand why Eric made that request. He and Eric both knows the importance of reputation.

Aero guarded his very carefully.

Aero seems to be thinking then he smirks and reply to Eric question with a simple

"No" Eric laughs and then said

"We might kill you" Eric said calmly.

Aero listening to this raised his eyebrows and then he laughs. His laugh reverberates inside this tower prison that some of the guards on the distance tremble in fear.

It was like the laugh of the Devil. At least that is what those guards thinks. The many guards that is stationed here all fought Aero trying to catch him.

They all experience firsthand how brutal and powerful Aero of the East really is. Then he look straight at Eric eyes and said

"So, come inside and try to kill me. I dare you" Aero challenged as he swept his eyes at the guard looking at him from above the railings holding their bows and arrows

Nobody dares to come inside.

They all saw what he did two days ago fighting nonstop against their brothers in arms and by the end of his battle forty thousand troops has die by this man hands.

Even now the blood is still flowing like a stream river water down to the tiled streets of the city and the blood pooled in front of the entrance of the gate

The corpses that heaped into hills began emitting foul smell and odor and some parents of the soldiers are stills searching the remaining parts of their children body after being ripped apart by Aero in his battle.

Because of the bodies and the blood, and the stench there is a plague in the Kingdom right now.

Many departments have been mobilized to contains it. Tragedy after tragedy struck. Too many people have died under the hand of Aero of the East

And now for them to go inside the cell with Aero? Who would dare to spend time with him in his cell.

There is only one ending for anyone brave enough to go inside that cell. They would be torn apart, like a lion ripping apart the meat of a sheep.

So….they do not dare to step even an inch inside his cell.

Eric hated the fact that he seems to shot himself in the foot with that question so he changed the topic.

"I must thank Lord Apollo for lending me the Shackle of Sun to Zeus or maybe we couldn't contain you. And that is high compliments" Eric said

In his cell, Aero finally understand.

No wonder he couldn't break it through the chain. But he already deduced that much.

But Eric word confirmed his suspicion.

"Apollo huh. Maybe I'll teach that God some manner later" Aero said spitting to the ground as he looks at the ceiling.

"You are disrespectful towards the Gods" one of the guards who listen said reproachfully to Aero

Aero smirked and then he said

"I only respect the God who are not stupid. Apollo has make an enemy of me. And I remember my enemy" he warned

Aero could understand the dynamic between the Gods and he knows who his patron is. There is Athena. There is probably Hephaestus if he is being an optimistic person.

But he clearly wouldn't ever get the favor of Apollo. Since he couldn't get it, why bother with pleasantries considering that Apollo already mark him as an enemy.

Then Eric snorted and said

"So you will still be stubborn and release that video?"

Aero scoffed and reply

"Yes, let the world knows that the title of the strongest belongs to Aero of the East" Aero said his chest puffed up.

Eric face contorted into an expression of frustration and shouted

"Then you will spend your time in this dungeon!'

Zeus then come forward and trying to persuade Aero t change his mind

'That is precious time you wasted. You may not get quest or raise your level. You really wanted to forsake that?" Zeus said his tone slightly apologetic

"Even with my current level I still trash you good didn't I?" Aero said grinning

"That's true" Zeus smile bitterly

"You are an Oathbreaker, Zeus. You lied to me and the world will know….And not to mention, the Gods in Olympus knows. If I am not mistaken and I rarely do, those Gods high on Olympus are pretty big on oaths and promises. Mark my words. This will bite you in the ass someday."

Eric could no longer hear his nonsenses

"Enter the cell and Kill him" Eric said ordering the guard to enter. But something shocking happened.

They stand transfixed at their post, looking at Eric like he was the enemy

They shake their head. Entering is tantamount of suicide

"Go inside!" Eric shouted, gesturing them to go inside while at the same time not believing his eyes at this current situation

The troops would not go inside no matter who asked. One of the bravest soldier inside the cell then shouted at Eric

"Prime Minister Eric, why don't you go inside?"

The soldier is trying to prove a point. If even the Prime Minister does not dare to enter inside how could others?

 How could the Prime Minister forget that this man couldn't even be taken down by ten of thousands of men?

How could they a few bands of men could compete. Not to mention the cell is small and narrow. There is nowhere to run there. It is like throwing a meat at a tiger.

Eric gulped while Aero eyes clearly seems like he is interested in the idea as he look at Eric and smiles.

Eric stiffened for a moment

He knows he is no match for Aero strength.

'I mean if he can even defeat Zeus than I will be like a stick in there. A stick for Aero to break.' Eric thought to himself

Even now he still remembers that scene from two days ago when he was observing the battle.

He shudders in fright when he saw Aero destroy a man head just by gripping his skull with his bare hand.

That was terrifying display of strength and brutality.

The Prime Minster orders it once again and the soldier inside the tower prison began murmuring among themselves.

They were debating who will go inside to kill him but no one volunteers.

Zeus does not offer himself not because he is afraid that much towards Aero but because he felt what he did is too dishonorable.

He really wanted to let go of Aero. After all, they have an agreement and it was challenged he voluntarily accepted.

Even though the man has thrashed him, he couldn't help but admire his strength. And even though he likes Amy, he kind of understands why Amy likes Aero.

But Eric insists on killing him.

He proclaimed if there is anyone that will become his enemies, that will thwart his ambition of ruling the continent it will be this man.

Eric declare that if he does not kill Aero, sooner or later he will lose the continent

Surely he's not that dangerous? At least that is what he thought before. Until two days ago. Aero of the East is a dangerous threat more than anyone expected him to be.

His feat of defeating forty thousand troops by his lonesome would surely made him a legend in the game

And then imagine what he could achieve with an army under his order. It is not a secret that he as the Chancellor control the military and the Eight Council.

But still for some reason Zeus didn't want to kill him.

After the initial shock of losing, he was mad of course but Aero did beat him fair and square. And it is an acceptable loss.

He underestimates his enemy and he got his ass whooped because of it. But Eric insists on imprisoning him in this tower, and never letting him out at least until the North is fully taken by Veva.

And now a new problem arises. Who can kill him now?

The prison now becomes his safety place.

They kept him in the prison not letting him out but neither could they enter either.

The prison itself is forged on Olympus so not even a God can break through. It can only be open from the outside.

Zeus thoughts was interrupted with the murmuring of the soldiers

After a ten minutes' discussion the conclusion was nobody dares to enter.

Aero looking at this went to his stone bed lie down and laughs. Eric look at Aero with a complicated expression and then he said to Zeus

"How about this? We imprisoned him here until he decided to cooperate" Eric suggested to Zeus.

Zeus frowned and then asked

"For how long?" Eric look at that smug expression on Aero face and then reply

"However long it takes" They all nodded.

Zeus hesitated for a bit but then with a long sigh he nodded in agreement.

They walk out of the cell area, their footsteps slowly vanishing as the guards resumes their post looking vigilant at Aero cell.

Aero look at the steel ceiling above his head and a face come to his mind.

'Amy he muttered.

'I will believe in your promise. Come get me' and he smiles thinking of her.

Then he sits in a meditation pose and logged out.

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