Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Blood color the battlefield red. And it flowed. The hard ground turns mushy and muddy

The blood flow as fast as rain flow in a bad rainy day. Body is strewn about all over the battlefield.

The stench of blood, sweat, piss and shit all melded

The clanging of swords can still be heard ringing in his ears.

Shattered swords, broken shield, hundreds and hundreds of spear stuck on the ground, on some poor soldier face, some has stuck on their chest, some on their throats.

Mound of corpses were piled up as high as the city gate, their faces shows their unwillingness to leave the world.

Holes in their chest and dried blood that is the sign of their death.

Brain matter makes the battlefield slippery while the soldiers stumble and accidentally licked the ground with their comrade brains.

Twenty thousand Vevaian troops die that night. It was a tragic night and a horrifying battle for Veva. All were killed by one man.

That is one hard truth to swallow. Twenty thousand soldiers fought one man and they were decimated

Fear and terror crept in the hearts of Vevaian troops, more and more believing this man in front of them is the God of War himself.

The entire city was shaking when they saw the result of the battle. Twenty thousand men, sons of Veva had their lives cut short that day.

Even though they managed to halt his advance while maintaining the circle formation many have lost their lives.

Too many to justify capturing one man

This dragon could not be contained or stopped. His presence instead of weakening, become more overwhelming as he keeps killing and mowing down enemies.

He roars and people are blown away by the gust of wind he produces.

He punches and it was like the world shakes around them.

Every time the man tries to jump the people from the wall will shoot stones and giant boulders to stop him from running away.

And every time he would fall. With the fragments of those boulders turning into dust when they collide with the man body

But even so, when he jumps it was almost like he could fly to Olympus itself.

The boulders prevent him from jumping away from the encirclement. So he had to battle all the troops that is sent his way

But miraculously even after all that he is still unscathed. There is not one cut in his body. But he looks tired now.

Stamina 3/ 99999

Aero is panting and trying to take his breath. His entire body is caked with blood.

His stamina is almost at its limit and his body is buckling under all this exhaustion

At least he had save Deria. And Amy.

Now it is nighttime. Aero fought from afternoon to night. That must be a new record some how

And Amy must be far away from here now.

The smell of blood and the stench of the corpse deter the new attacker and only increase the troops fear of Aero.

There are forty thousand troops and counting.

Severed limbs filled the battlefield, the brown earth is torn, blasted, the background of this restless battlefield, filled with broken souls.

And he keeps fighting and killing, ripping people to shred with his bare hands.

And Aero could feel it as the time goes on. He is beginning to lose his balance.

He stands there on the middle of the a battlefield, his body seems to create heat as smoke could be seen rising from his muscle.

He is at his limits now.

Yet he still can kill about two people.

His sword has already shattered. He was forced to use it as the battle keep getting intense.

His armor also shattered but thankfully his boot is not yet shattered.

The battlefield bores the torturing image of Hell on Earth, with mountains of corpses and rotting flesh.

Stamina 2/ 99999


'Hah' his breath is beginning to getting slowed.

Seeing an opportunity, a soldier charge towards him and he strike the soldiers with his feet, breaking the soldier bones as the soldier flew and drop to the ground laying lifelessly, blood splurging out from his mouth before he takes his last breath.

And with his last strike Aero fall down of exhaustion.

He breathes hardly now and then it slow as his eyes closed

Then he is carried away.

He didn't know where but he could feel the movement.

'I guess I'm still not dead?' Aero thought to himself as he let himself be carried away


He opens his eyes groggily. He feels a little dizzy like his head was hit by a hammer. But he could that his stamina is returning.

Strength is coursing back through his body, roaring and energizing him as each second passes. He could not see it but all the labor of his hardship is slowly being erased as his muscle returned back to its most optimum condition.

He could feel he is lying on something hard. He got up and look at his bed. It is a bed of rock. He stands and look at where he is.

He chuckles. His stamina has recovered and his eye sis wide open so he finally realized where he is

He is in a prison. And it is probably the most highly guarded prison Aero have ever seen in this world.

Outside his prison is about fifty guards. Not to mention there is a ledge where there are many more guards stationed there and outside this area, there is even more guards stationed.

Then outside the prison at the entrance of prison all manner of weapons of destruction is aimed at this prison.

 If Aero ever managed to escape they would fire all of it to destroy Aero and the prison he is in.

Of course Aero did not know this but he could hear them even when he is in this prison.

The prison for him was specially constructed for him. When the soldiers of Veva pass this prison they could feel the fear.

Not awe. Not shock. Only fear. Because the person incarcerated here is a man capable of fighting ten of thousands of men by his lonesome before falling unconscious.

The prison has a wall as high as thirty feet and the thickness of the wall is 15 feet and if that is not enough, the entire wall is made of iron.

And the iron bars of his prison has a bluish light. His hand and feet are chained by a golden chain that emits some kind of divine power.

Why Divine Power and why he is so sure about that? Because when Aero tries to shatter the chain, it simply won't budge at all.

But his movement is not entirely restricted. His hand can still move as the chain is placed on his wrist.

Not to mention the chain is long so at least he can strangle anyone that tries to kill him. Aero could guess why this chain could restrain him

Another relic of the Gods, he deduced.

Gods and Kings. The relic of Gods to restrain him and the prison for Kings

Aero could not help but admire again at the prison

A special prison just for him. Aero approach the iron bars and tries to end it. But just like the golden chain, it does not budge.

Aero is flattered to be treated so importantly like this.

A prison befits for a God. Aero thought thus prison might be the handiwork of Olympus. What an irony it would be if this prison is crafted by Hephaestus

This is kind of a tower to keep him in.

Aero sit back down on his stone bed and he focus his earring, and he could hear the streams outside.

Now…..there is even a moat?

Then his ears could hear more details. He could hear the footsteps of soldiers outside the prison towers.

fifty or more troops, he guessed. He listens as his closes his eyes and the he could hear footsteps approaching his cell

Aero opens his eyes and he grins. He got up of his stone bed and come closer to the cell bar and just as he expected it he could see two person coming to his cell.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


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