Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The sun gracefully graces the people of Vanheim today. It is a clear day, with comforting breeze and a peaceful atmosphere all around.

People of the Capital couldn't feel the war that is being fought on the borders of the Kingdom

For the people of the Capital City, live sin good just like yesterday.

In the Chancellor residence one woman opens her eyes to greet the Sun, her eyes as beautiful and as lively as the Sun itself.

The most beautiful woman in the Continent is inside the Chancellor residence.

Princess Helena is in her room, just woken up from her sleep. The sunlight heat already enters her bedroom window which stirs her from her sleep.

She woke up, her hair waved gracefully off her shoulder. She got up and she looked at the mirror.

Beautiful as ever, she mused. Then her mind went away for second before she bitterly smiles.

No, she reminded herself, beauty is a curse….at least for her. She sighed

She comes out from her room and went to the large bathroom as she is washing herself, bathe and put on perfume and choose her clothes.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

His husband has sent her many gifts persuading her to go back to the Palace and join him at The Peak.

But she ignored every persuasion, content to be remaining here in Aero residence

She looks around her and she could box and boxes of glittering jewel, precious gem, diamonds and golden necklace, golden ring and golden shoes, all neatly packaged and delivered to her.

She ignores him but that doesn't mean she have to ignore his gift.

Helena has heard from the returning carriage driver that the Chancellor has gone to Veva to search for some girl.

The matter raises some discussion between the maids and servants of the residence and even Helena hears it

Helena felt a tinge of jealousy when she hears about this other girl

This is unlike her. People felt jealous of her. Not the other way around. It is a foreign feeling and a feeling that excites her

Then she went to the dining room where the attendants serve her foods. The servants spoke politely to her. Her position in this residence is quite vague and complicated.

She is a princess but she is not really the woman of the house since the relation between her and the Chancellor is not really known by other people other than her as a foreign princess and the Chancellor as her protector after her assassination attempt

She could not order the servants of the Chancellor but she is accorded every privileges of a Princess.

She looks around her as the servants leave the room so she could eat in peace.

Alone in this big house, she mused.

She spent her time either hunting in the back forest behind the Chancellor residence with Alexiniad or Justinian when he's not busy hunting assassins.

Helena heard that Aero is searching for an assassin and as long as she is not found, Justinian is tasked to capture and arrest the other assassins of the Blood Brotherhood.

Justinian is also tasked to train the soldiers in his absence.

She sometimes read the books in the Chancellor studies but some of it bored her.

He has many books from all parts of the Continent.

Too many books, with too many words.

She is fonder of activities like fighting and hunting, the sweat and the effort, stalking and attacking, the games of slash and parry, of clanging shield's and striking and slashing.

But she did not scoff Aero interest instead he admires it

She has her interest and Aero has his.

She knew how to respect that and as someone who is known in the continent as a very smart person she knew to fear a smart man like Aero

Not only is he smart he is also extremely powerful, both literally and figuratively

The snake, people call him, she reminded herself

Thinking about it again, she has never met a person as strong as him. Not even his two brother do not possess the strength to stab into a person chest and yank out their heart

She also admires the grand library that he had in his residence

She doesn't know where he found the time to read all of it, she once mused

Today is like any other day. It is a nice day and a good day to go outside. After she finished her meal she went outside to the gardens

She is in the gardens tending to the flowers and she finished with that she enjoyed the wind as she sits at the swing.

She is truly loved by the Goddess of Love. Everything she did is full of life and imbue life around her.

She could feel the wind blowing at her, caressing her gently. She could feel the ground beneath her foot while the swing rocked slowly.

Up and down.

Up and down the swing moved. She is enjoying this moment when a servant came into the garden and Helena stop the swing. She jumped down form the swing and look at that servant.

The servant kneels and relay a message to her

 "Your Highness, the King seeks an audience with Princess"

The servant announced.

King? Is it George? She thought. Then she almost slapped her own forehead

Of course, who else is the King of Vanheim?

Helena then quickly rushed to the guestroom after cleaning herself up from the dirt and mud.

If it's her husband it's a different story. She could ignore her husband. She couldn't trust him right now.

But the King? Even she is not that stupid to anger King.

Not to mention this is the King that could probably be the first king that in the long lien of Vanheim to rule all over the Eastern Continent

Her father and her brothers always said one thing to her.

"Don't anger these two beings. Kings and Gods. The consequence is always dire."

Helena rushed to the Main Hall and when she saw the King she is about to kneel

"Your Grace" Helena tries to kneel but she was stopped by King George who hold her arms and force her to stand.

"In Vanheim we do not kneel among family, Princess" George inform and he smiles kindly. Helena nodded and she felt calm by such a gesture.

King George gesture her to sit and she slowly sit down beside the King

 "What is your purpose coming here, Father In-Law?" she said. King George sighed. There is no easy way to start this conversation so he said

"I will cut to the chase, Helena." He addressed Princess Helena as Helena meaning he is regarding Helena as his family.

Then he sighed

"It isnot good that husband and wife live separately from each other. My son has persuaded me to console you to coming home. He has reflected on his mistake"

Helena is silence for a while. Then she said as politely as possible

"He left me. If not for the Chancellor, I would already be dead." She said sternly. The King bitterly smiles and then he sighed again

 "There has been rumors" The King said uncomfortably

Helena knows which rumors the King meant

The rumor is that Helena is the Chancellor lover so that's why she is living in his residence.

"I know of the rumor. But those people try to smear my name and the Chancellor name. The Chancellor is not even here. He went into a journey, leaving Sage Nicolas to handle his administrative duties. Everyone in the court knows it."

"But still—" The King said

"I will move to the Palace if Father In-Law is that concerned" Helena relents.

She is also bored sitting in this big mansion alone.

The maid does not approach her because she's royalty and they fear their mistakes would warrant her anger.

The only one who dares is only one man and even that the other tries to make a rumor of it.

Bad intention, bad thoughts.

In her Land, people do not fear beauty; they embrace it, admire it, loved it and worship it.

Here they fear beauty and try as they might to destroy that.

"Trust no one" his word ring truth Helena mused.

So Helena that evening went to the Palace as a new residence is prepared for her. But still she did not return to The Peak.

She will live in the Palace.

'Trust no one' she muttered as she enter the Palace in the carriage that evening


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